​Joke’s on Trump? World leaders react after hot-mic controversy

​Joke’s on Trump? World leaders react after hot-mic controversy

Well, he’s two faced. And honestly, Trudeau he’s a nice guy. I find him to be a very nice guy
but you know, the truth is that I called him out on the fact that
he’s not paying 2% and I guess he’s not very happy about it. Last night, I made a reference to
the fact that there was an unscheduled press conference
before my meeting with president Trump and I was happy to take part of it
but it was certainly notable. I think every different leader has teams
who every now and then have their jaws drop at unscheduled surprises like that
video itself, for example. You’ve been pictured in this Buckingham
Palace reception with prime minister Trudeau and others, apparently having a joke,
maybe at Mr Trump’s expense. Do you not take president Trump seriously? No, that’s complete nonsense and I
don’t know where thats come from.


  1. Trump cuts short Nato summit after fellow leaders' hot-mic video https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/dec/04/trump-describes-trudeau-as-two-faced-over-nato-hot-mic-video

  2. Complete nonsense lol, I wonder what they say behind closed doors, well at least Trudeau's eyebrows didn't fall off.

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