【ENG SUB】《满满喜欢你》第17集 左岸小满甜蜜“同居”? All I Want for Love Is You EP17【芒果TV独播剧场】

【ENG SUB】《满满喜欢你》第17集 左岸小满甜蜜“同居”? All I Want for Love Is You EP17【芒果TV独播剧场】

Xiao Man Clothes. You can wear these clothes. There are no female costumes in my house. So I bought some, you can use them. You bought them for me? Thank you. There are no female costumes. Then it means Sun An Ning has never been here. At least she has never stayed here overnight. I am the first girl who has stayed here overnight. I hang you guys side by side. Okay, let it be. You look really good together. I’ve had a shower. I’ve prepared the bed for you. Tonight, you sleep in my bed and I sleep in the sofa. Okay. What are you going to do? You said that you would sleep on the sofa, didn’t you? I need to use this pair of slippers to take a shower. You are wearing my slippers. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. What on earth am I doing? You look good together. Dad. Dad, please wake up, dad. Honey, honey, please wake up. Dad. He’s a doctor. Please help me! What’s wrong with him? He was hit by a horse. He was hit by a horse? Then where is the horse? Why is there nobody here? Being frightened, they all ran away and so did the horse. Help me quickly! Okay. How can I help you? I used to teach you this. Qi Men, Tai Zhong, push into each place a needle. Be slow. How is it? My waist no longer hurts and so does my legs. I’m fine now. You two are really amazing doctors. Thank you very much, thank you very much. Mom, see, they are medical heroes. Medical heroes. She says we are medical heroes. Why didn’t I come up with this name before? Today luckily, you helped me. Morning. Morning. Breakfast is ready, please wash your face. Okay, okay. What is this kind of appearance? Certainly, last night, I dreamed a very funny dream. Gosh. Zuo’An saw my appearance. How can I be the medical heroine? Zuo’An Last night, neither of us returned. Then if the group of Wang Cheng Yi ask, how will you answer them? I’ll say that I was home. How about you? I’ll say that I and Yao La went out to sing. I used to explained that way last time. Last time? You used to stay overnight outside the school? What did you do? With who? Why are you suddenly, suddenly… Gu Xiao Man. Our school has its own regulations. Students mustn’t stay overnight outside the university campus. Don’t you know that? Then, then, last night? Yesterday, it was a special case. Moreover, we stayed together. Tell me, what did you do? It is Shen Chen Yang, he is… Shen Chen Yang? Shen Chen Yang. I… I was going to celebrate his birthday with him yesterday. Yesterday was his birthday? No. Anyway, I promised him. Then I went to the hospital with you. so I forgot about him. I must phone him. I, why did I turn off my phone? It’s awful, he must have been driven mad when finding me. I deserve telling off. Zuo’An, Shen Chen Yang is waiting for me. I have to go now, bye bye. Gu Xiao Man. Chen Yang, why are you here? You look tired. Go away. What? Has Gu Xiao Man come back? You are waiting for Gu Xiao Man? I ask you whether she’s come back yet? How can I know? I don’t see her. Gu Xiao Man. Okay. Very good. Shen Chen Yang. Xiao Man. I’m sorry. You, have you really been waiting for me here since last night? How can you be such stupid? I… This time, I’m so sorry. My dad said that If a person makes a mistake, then he/she should stand still to be criticized. I’m sorry. Feel free to tell me off. Finally, you’ve come back. What are you doing? Don’t you know that I’ve been waiting for you for the whole night? I thought that I would be very angry. I feared that there were something bad happening to you. However, seeing you returning, I just feel very happy. Shen Chen Yang. I’m sorry. Don’t act like that. I offended you, you can hit me or tell me off, but…/ I don’t want to. I just want to hug you. So that I can feel that you’ve really returned. I am standing here, right? I feel dizzy. I’ve been waiting for you all night. Are you fine? No problems, I’m just dizzy. Let me lean on you a litle bit then it’ll be better. Are you still fine, Chen Yang? Get in your car and take a rest. I’ll bring you some medicines. See, you are taking care of me, which moves me. I’m sorry. last night, something unexpected came up, There’s a driver, he suddenly…. You don’t need to explain. Although I am mean, seeing your appearance now, I think that you didn’t cross the line. It’s just because I’ve been waiting here all night, finally I can understand one thing. What is it? Are you crazy? Why are you so violent? I almost kissed you. I’ll kill you. I’ll be your lover. Killing me means killing your husband. I don’t want to see you. Don’t touch me. You are really angry? Why shouldn’t I be angry? Although I had stood you up, you shouldn’t have acted like that. But I like you. Gu Xiao Man. In the hospital, I told you that I liked you. Actually I tended to wait until you accept, however, suddenly I don’t want to wait anymore. If I want to achieve something, I should make an effort, right? I told you clearly that I didn’t like you. The one I like is… Zuo’An? I know, girls like you all fall for a boy whose face is motionless like a zombie. Is it cool? I can do, too. A top student, a top student will work for me one day. Stop talking! You are completely shallow. Forget about it Do you know what his ideal is? He can motivate other people around him. You will never understand that. And I don’t want to explain to you. But there’s one thing I can tell you I, Gu Xiao Man, for the whole of my life, will only like Zuo’An. Really? Yes. Okay, let’s see. I, Shen Chen Yang, want to declare that I want to officially chase you, Gu Xiao Man. What are you doing? You startled me. Do you think that you see ghosts? Wearing a blouse and having long black hair. She can be regarded as female ghost with standard beauty. of our medical institution. You encountered her then it’s your luck. I just pointed at her. There are no ghosts. Not sure. Few days ago, at midnight, in the dark downstairs of the female dorm, suddenly a light blinked. They were wandering spirits. Stop it. That night, Shen Chen Yang was looking for Gu Xiao Man. That unsteady light was from the car of Shen Chen Yang. Later please don’t believe in such nonsense. Shen Chen Yang is chasing Gu Xiao Man, which everyone in our school knows. Haven’t you seen the bulletin board? Shen Chen Yang has sponsored all the clubs of our school, and made it as an advantage to chase Gu Xiao Man. Bye Bye. Our senior, Shen Chen Yang. God, who is Gu Xiao Man? How lucky she is! What an amazing trick! What does he want to do? I’ve become a laughing stock of our university. They admire you. Shen Chen Yang has many girlfriends. I just say that, I’m not sure. But the only one who makes him show off like this and actively chases is you. So you mean that I have to thank him? Then what if he is sincere? Do you need to think twice? No. Gu Xiao Man. It turns out that it is real. My boss said that there was a person who gave us money to hold a music festival in our school. It turns out that he is Shen Chen Yang, a pervert? He dared use my photos, which make me want to vomit. Why are you tearing them? If I don’t do that, I will lose my face. Right, Zhan Yue, let’s tear all of these things. Okay. Zhan Yue, only you understand me. Of course. We’ve been friends for more than 10 years, whenever you raise your ass I know which way you want to sh*t? Zhan Yue, you and Yao La, please don’t use something like sh*t to tell jokes. You how can you criticize me and her? We have nothing in common. Please be quick or else you will be late for class. Gu Xiao Man, on behalf of the club of movies, I want to express my gratefulness to the sponsorship of our senior, Shen Chen Yang. And I want to support you guys crazily. What do you mean? You guys… Hello, senior, Hi What are you coming here for? I am here to learn with you. You… Wait. When I saw you, I find you very smart. From the club of movies right? I heard your words. If your club have events in the future, you can ask me, because you have to find so many sponsors. Please ask your club president to appoint yous as the vice president. You are flattering the right person. Thank you, senior. Let’s wish our senior and Xiao Man many happy years together. Please go out. What do you want to play? Now everybody is looking at me as if I am a chimpanzee. Although I offended you, you don’t need to take such revenge on me. Obviously I am showing my love, why do you think it’s a revenge? I don’t need you to show your love. I tore all of them. You tore all? Then okay. Chasing a girl is to satisfy her. Then I’ll change into using banners. A hot – air balloon? Inflatable models? Right, I’ll make one whose shape is like Jiong Niu(囧:an emoticon signifying embarrassment). I’ll put it at the school gate and let it wriggling. I’ll write “Shen Chen Yang loves Gu Xiao Man” on it. Its back will be written “Good luck and happiness to us as a family”, which perfectly suits our gentle and outgoing style. Anyway, what do you want? I like you, as you don’t want to believe and accept the this truth, I’ll let the whole world know that I am chasing you. Gu Xiao Man. Please care about me, look at me. Please talk to me. What do you want to eat? I want to try Western cuisine, do you want? Gu Xiao Man. Shut up. Li Na, move to your next seat. the next seat. the next seat. What do you want? If you agree to have meals with me, I’ll stop annoying you. You… Professor, they keep talking like that, how can we learn? Could you please control them? Shen Chen Yang, Do you know that I’m putting up with? This class if for freshmen. If I remember right, you are now a seven-or-eight-year student. What are you doing here? Go out of this class. Don’t disturb others while they’re learning. There’s a person who should also go with him. our course is so unlucky. Whatever class we attend there’s always a troublemaker like a mouse sh*t. Lin Na Na, who is mouse sh*t? It’s the one who causes troubles. Then it’s me. The one I said is not you. Alright, what do you think our class is? Shen Chen Yang, go out now. Please, please, go away. Accept my invitation then I’ll go away. Dream on. Okay. Teacher, I won’t leave. What are you saying? Teacher, I am also a student of this university. Although I’m not a freshman, there’s no regulation saying that students of higher grades are not allowed to attend classes of lower grades. You… Xiao Man, Li Na, I am having some business, so I can’t eat with you. I have to go now. Bye bye. Liu Dan seems busy these days. Why does she do so many jobs? Hello, okay, I’ll come there. Who told you to come there immediately? Li Na, the dean of our faculty wants to meet me in his office, I have to go now. Why did he call you again? There must be something bad. The dean, don’t go. He spends all day finding faults of others. How dare you say that, recently I’ve studied and followed the regulations seriously. But I ended up tearing all the posters on the bulletin board, then who forced me to do that? I… Please come in. Teacher Xiao Man. Are you looking for me? Right. Teacher, about the bulletin board, Bulletin board. Yes. Is that you want to meet me because I tore all the posters on the bulletin board? What? You tore all the posters on the bulletin board? Why did you do that? Forget about it. This time, I want to meet you because in our faculty’s meeting, teachers reported your situation. You haven’t taken any practice subjects? You acted like that… Teacher, you want me to move to another faculty? No, no. Don’t worry. The teachers find textbooks for freshmen beneficial for your later development, like a solution. It’s likely that you may have to retake the course next year. Or else the results of your final tests will be hardly obtained. There is a month left before the final tests. I want to tell you in advanced. If you decide to stay, then don’t let your final tests results beat you. Next year, if you retake the course well then it’ll be okay. It means if it’s really like that, I am one level below Zuo’An again. Then I can’t learn with him anymore. No, no. There’s nobody here all the evening. If I know in advanced, I will not take on more work. So hot. It can’t make things difficult for me. I’m so sorry, bodies. I’m so sorry for coming here at midnight. I really don’t want to retake the course. It was very hard for me to be able to learn with Zuo’An. There’s no way that I’ll become his junior. Please, please. How heavy! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that you were heavy. Please for the sake that although I am not smart, I am very hard-working, please teach me. Thank you! Thank you. The light is not bright enough. There’s someone there. In the anatomy lab. Excuse me. I didn’t mean to. Uncle, this lab is locked. Because it’s locked, it’s so scary. How about taking a look at it? Go up, bring the flashlight to shine on it. There’s a female ghost. Ghost? How can? See it again. There’s a ghost. No. Don’t run. What’s wrong? Hello, Li Na. Xiao Man, where are you? I’ve just slept then now I don’t see you. I am in the anatomy lab. Have you heard of that? Last night, there was a ghost in the anatomy lab. I heard that that ghost was a girl. She stuck to the ground like a scorpion. Her hair was 2-meter long. Your hair is even under half-a-meter long. Why do they tell that it is 2 meter long? But I heard that she was not a ghost. That was a disturbing body. Take your phone. Have you heard of that?
What’s wrong? It smells. I heard a senior saying that. Stop arguing, that floor is so great and under it there are so many tanks, there must be more than one ghost. Then how can we study there later? I’ll be absent from the class tomorrow. So will I. So will I. Excuse me, last night, Excuse me. She’s finished her meal and she wants to borrow you some tissues. Don’t clean it as it isn’t dirty. Not dirty. Li Na. Why didn’t you let me say to them? Now the case is bigger, and they won’t go to school anymore. How stupid! Because the case is serious now, you mustn’t talk about it arbitrarily. In our school, there are some cases which are just nonsense, or can’t be discussed. Nothing serious. Moreover, see, they just say they won’t go but they will end up going. Okay. I even fail in my dream. It seems that I have to go to the lab again. Xiao Man, it’s me. Liu Dan, why getting up so early? I am going to help a person revise lessons. I have to get up early to prepare in advanced. Excuse me, I annoyed you. Nothing, anyway, I wake up now. Liu Dan, you’ve been so busy these days. What’s wrong with you? Nothing. I just looked for some part-time jobs. Have you finished? You don’t want to let others sleep? I’m sorry. Not you. As soon as she left her bed, I woke up. Actually I didn’t want to talk about it. But she gets up early every day, every week. Liu Dan, you have too much work a day, how much money do you need? Everybody stays in the dorm. Please don’t just think of earning money, please think of others around you. I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful. There’s a reward for the one who can catch the robber. Since when there’s been such a rapist? A rapist. The scholar reported me? I didn’t do anything. Who will receive this reward? How about trying our luck? In case… Senior sister. I am not the rapist. Senior sister, trust me. When I was small, my father taught me to do good things. How could I do such bad things? If you didn’t do that, why do they report your name and search for you? I… Junior sister, you… Actually, I saw a scholar. But I just forced him a little bit. A flower thief? I even wanted… Have you found her? Boss. It turns out that you looked for me all day. You are… Heroine, don’t you remember me? I am Xiao Hua who “gave birth” to Jiong Niu. You… We don’t need you here. You can go. Close and lock the door. Use 10 locks. Yes, sir. Senior sister, senior sister, you must help me. Who told you to save him? He’s just an amorist. Give each other an opportunity to fortify your relationship. I have to go now. Heroine, let’s rekindle our love. I, Shen Chen Yang, come from a respectable family, and have a lot of money. My hobbies are “giving birth” to Jiong Niu, “nurturing” Jiong Niu, cooking meals. Currently, what I want to do the most is to make an inflatable model whose shape is like Jiong Niu to cuddle it. On the surface, I’ll write “Shen Chen Yang loves Gu Xiao Man”. Its back will be written “Good luck and happiness to us as a family”. The feeling of being hit by you is like a sense of intimacy. So close, I really like it.


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