🤡 best & worst books i’ve read AKA a very late midyear freakout tag & july wrapup

🤡 best & worst books i’ve read AKA a very late midyear freakout tag & july wrapup

That’s why I ended
up rating it 3 stars. It’s not terrible, but
it’s not amazing, either. Maybe if you were like, very new to what
mindfulness is or to what happiness is. Some of you bitches don’t even know what
happiness is, so maybe you do need to read it. For this video, I’m gonna attempt to combine the
Midyear Freakout Tag along with my July Wrap Up. I know by the time I post this,
it’ll be like, in the middle of August, but I have been tagged a couple of times in a Midyear Freakout Tag, so I’m gonna answer the questions. I just don’t think that they’re entertaining
enough to warrant an entire video, which is why I’m combining
it with my July Wrap Up. Let’s start with the first question:
Best book you’ve read so far in 2019. I actually had a few 5-star
reads this past half year. It was between “Educated” by Tara Westover,
“The Boat SBS”, which is an interactive graphic novel, and most recently,
“An Enchantment of Ravens”. “The Boat SBS” is fantastic
in terms of the design and craft, but in terms of an actual book, I would
have to go with “Educated” by Tara Westover. This is a memoir that is written by a woman who
grew up in a survivalist family living in the mountains. She never went to
school when she was a kid, because her parents don’t believe
in education or modern medicine. And it wasn’t until she grew up later when
she was like, “Wait a minute, bitches be crazy.” And so she ended up going to
Harvard and then later Cambridge. And it’s basically a story about her reinventing
herself and estranging herself from her family, as well as dealing with both the
physical and emotional abuse that her parents have
made the children go through. Coming from my background,
I am also estranged from my family, and even though my childhood
wasn’t as fucking crazy as hers, the sentiments of kind
of reinventing yourself and moving away from the bubble of
your family and where you come from resonated with me in that aspect and
I just really came to admire this author. I started looking up her videos and
hearing her talk after I finished the book. And even while I was
reading the book, too. And I just admire her so much, I
think that she is a great role model. The best sequel you’ve read so far in 2019. The only sequel I’ve read this
year is “A Court of Mist and Fury”. So technically, it is the best sequel I’ve
read, but it’s also the worst sequel I’ve read. Number 3: A new release
you haven’t read yet but want to. That would be “Sorcery of
Thorns” by Margaret Rogerson, because I recently finished “An Enchantment
of Ravens” about a month or two ago. I loved it, it was just
fluffy, sweet cuteness, and I’ve heard that “Sorcery of Thorns” is
pretty much the same thing, just a lot longer. It was released a few months ago, but obviously,
my library hasn’t had the time to purchase it in stock. Fortunately, Simon Teen
reached out to me and said, “Hey, if you are looking for any books from us,
just give us a heads up and we’ll send them to you.” And I was like, “Wow, that’s a really weird way of
saying you’re my bookish sugar daddy, but okay.” And again, I don’t really
care about owning books, but I felt like it was fitting to request this one,
because I’ve heard so many good things about it. And by the time I’m done
with it, I do plan on giving it away. Maybe if we end up doing like a
Papercut live show about this book, this could be one of the prizes to give
away to anyone who watches the live show. So I kind of felt like it was a win-win,
where I could read the book early on and then I could give it to
somebody else who likes owning books. But to sum up, I am really excited to read this
book because I’ve heard that is fucking cute. And Ellias called me like one night
and we were talking till 2:00 a.m. And he was like, “Bitch,
you need to read this book.” He literally said that Nathaniel, who
I assume is the main guy in the book, is so fucking hot that
he wants him to bang him. So I think that’s a pretty strong
contender for why I should read this book, at least just to satisfy my curiosity
about why Ellias is so thirsty after this guy. Number 4: Most anticipated release
for the second half of the year. That would be “Ninth House” by Leigh Bardugo.
I believe that comes out on October 8. I’m trying to figure out how I can get my hands
on it because I have it requested from my library, but it will obviously take several weeks
before it’s available for me to borrow. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to get it in time
and I’m too much of a cheap ass to buy the book. Leigh Bardugo already is
chilling with all her money, so she does not need
any more coins from me. I’ll just suck it up
and wait for it a little bit. Number 5: Biggest Disappointment. I think most recently, it would be
“How to Date Men When You Hate Men”. I chose this book to read for the Buzzwordathon, because it’s been on my TBR for a while. And then I ended up failing the Buzzwordathon,
because it was just so terrible to read. And I was genuinely very excited to read
it as well, because judging by the title, it seemed like my kind of jam.
But unfortunately, it was not. I did a whole rant review
about it in the month of June. I won’t bother rehashing it, but
the general sentiment that I had was that it was very, very trite and pointless
and just not funny or cute or quirky, or whatever the hell the
author was trying to go for. And she does not actually hate men,
like the title makes it seem out to be. She has the opposite problem,
where she is so obsessed with men that she literally makes
spreadsheets about all her crushes, and just a bunch of a inane bullshit that I know
she thought was quirky or cute or whatever, but I just thought was fucking stupid. And so it was a very big
disappointment for me. Number 6: The biggest surprise. The most recent example I can think of for
that would be “An Enchantment of Ravens”. This was another book that I
talked about in my June Wrap Up. I expected to like the book, you know. I knew that it was gonna be
a fluffy, short and light read, but I expected it to
be 3 or 4 stars at most. And what I did not expect was
for me to end up rating it 5 stars. I don’t know why, I just thought it was
super fucking cute and I was all about it. So I just went ahead and
rated it 5 stars, because why not? I knew that the author was not intending
to create an amazing epic fantasy story. She was just intending to
create a simple fairytale romance, and I thought that she did a good
job on it, so why not give it 5 stars? I don’t know, I think my ratings are just all
over the place and just dependent on my mood. But I guess that would be the biggest surprise,
because it was much higher than I anticipated. Number 7: Favorite new author. I don’t really have a
favorite author in general, but I do think that the closest answer I could give to that from what I’ve discovered this year is Rivers Solomon, because back in February, I read
their book “An Unkindness of Ghosts”, which is a sci-fi book about an autistic main
character who is trapped on a spaceship, and that spaceship is basically a
whole metaphor for the antebellum self. The hierarchy of the people who live in a spaceship mimics the slavery that Black people have faced. And what was really interesting about
that book was that it also dived into gender, like for example, people in the
lower caste are assigned a gender, so even if they know deep down that
they are a specific gender, it doesn’t matter, because their pronouns would be misused as
an act of violence and disrespect towards them. And I thought that this was such an
interesting, modern take on the sci-fi genre, because it parallels so many of
the issues that we face in society. I think that the author takes a lot of their own transgender experience and racial experiences and puts it in the setting of a sci-fi genre. This was a debut novel from them. I enjoyed it. I think that there were a few
things that they could improve upon, like pacing, but it still didn’t hinder me from
wanting to read more of their work. And I think their next upcoming work is
about Black mermaids and I am all for that. Especially with the new
live-action movie coming up. I love that there is a surgence of just more modern
faces to classic genres or fairy tales that we know. I’m definitely keeping
an eye out for this author, and I think that they are really fucking smart
based on the writing that I’ve read from them. And I think their work can
only improve from there. Number 8: Newest fictional crush. I do not have any fictional crushes
in general. I’m just not about that life. I mean, I’m already kind of a loser by
starting a booktube channel in the first place, I don’t want to get in too deep
with crushes and all that shit, too. I’m gonna change this question a
little bit to be the newest fictional ship, because even though I don’t have crushes,
I love just shipping characters in general. Based on this year, my favorite ship that I’ve read so
far has been Nikolai and Zoya from “King of Scars”. This was totally unexpected for me, because I remember reading the Grisha trilogy and I don’t think those two characters even interacted at all. And now you really get to see them interact
and develop this relationship in “King of Scars”, and you’re like, “Wait a fucking minute, there is something going on here. It’s called chemistry.” I thought that their relationship
was very well written in “King of Scars.” It was one of my favorite
parts to read about in that book. The way that they support
each other and trust each other and the fact that they’re both insanely
good-looking just makes it the perfect match. Number 9: Newest favorite character. There weren’t really any characters that I’ve read from the books this year that have really stood out to me. I think the closest answer I
can give to that is Nina Zenik. Even though I did read her character
last year in the “Six of Crows”-duology, I feel like she really stood out this
year in the “King of Scars” spin-off. She goes through a lot
of shit in “King of Scars,” and I think I’ve just come to
appreciate her strength and her endurance, and the level of maturity that she develops
throughout the book as she faces all the new trauma and other kinds of
bullshit in her story arc. She was still a great character in the
“Six of Crows”-duology, but I do think that character revolved mostly
around her romance with Matthias and it was nice to see her story like as
it is as an individual in “King of Scars”, and it made me come to appreciate her
outside of shipping her with another character. I saw her as finally her own individual. Number 10: Book that made you cry. There isn’t a book that
has made me fully cry, but I think the closest to that would
be tearing up a little bit at “Educated”. Again, I think that the
writing is very heartfelt and you could feel the author’s
desire to be accepted by her family, but also know that it’s best for herself
to distance herself from her family, too. I didn’t cry necessarily, but
I was moved by her story, and the fact that it is not fictional
but based on a true story of her life is what makes it more, I guess
emotionally poignant for me. Number 11: Book that made you happy I am choosing “How to
Make Friends with a Ghost”. This is a picture book that I read in New York
when I was hanging out with Nicki and Jocelyn. It’s a very cute picture book, very wholesome
and sweet, just like Nicki, who I read it with. She was crying from
how cute the ghosts were. So this book just gives
me a positive memory. Number 12: Most beautiful book
you’ve bought so far this year. I don’t buy books.
Let’s start with that. I’m gonna change this answer to be the most
beautiful book that I’ve received this year. And that would be, thanks to Simon Teen,
“The Weight of Our Sky” by Hanna Alkaf. Again, they told me that if I had any books
from them that I would be interested in receiving to just let them know, and so I
took a look at their catalogue and I saw that there was an Asian author
who wrote “The Weight of Our Sky”. And I felt like this would be a good book
to give away for the Asian Readathon, so I’m just thinking ahead of time. Any book that I choose to receive for
free, I really just use it for a giveaway. It’s not for me to keep. I’ve also heard good things about it
from last year’s Asian readathon, too, so I think I will end up reading
this when May comes around, and then by the end of the month, I will give it away
for anybody participating in the Asian Readathon. Last question: What books do you
need to read by the end of the year? “Ninth House”, “Sorcery of Thorns”, this book as well,
and “The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein”. I have been really itching to read that and I plan
on reading it I guess next week as of filming this. And as always, I will update this
channel every time I read a book and do a little Wrap Up of my
impressions of all these books as well. Which brings me to the next segment of this video, which is a June Wrap Up of all of the books I’ve read. Honestly, I don’t really
have much to say about them, which is why I kind of wanted to just
combine it to the Midyear Freakout Tag, because quantity over quality, I guess?
I mean, that’s booktube in a nutshell, right? The first book that I read in
June is “A Court of Mist and Fury”. By the time I post this, I believe my book review
will be a separate video that has already been posted, so you can hear all
of my thoughts there. I’m not gonna bother rehashing it, but basically, this book was 600 pages
long and it was a slog to get through. I absolutely hated
this reading experience. I think next to “How to Date
Men When You Hate Men”, this is a close contender for a very,
very unenjoyable reading experience. There was nothing I liked about it. I didn’t care
for the characters, I didn’t care for the writing. I just don’t have
anything good to say about it. If you want to hear my stupid jokes about
what happens in the book and more details about it, you can watch the review video,
but I’m not gonna bother going into it. Really the only thing that I can say
that I didn’t say in my review video is that there was a
quote that I flagged. This is a book where Feyre is trying to show
how much of a badass bitch she is now Okay. She basically has
more agency in this book and the author really wants you to know that, because
it keeps on being emphasized over and over. And there is this one
particular scene where she says, “I can eat, drink, fuck and fight just
as well as I did before – better even.” Eat, drink, fuck and fight. Why did I read 600 pages when I could
have just read this one sentence alone and that would have
been the entire book? Moving on, the next book that I read is “Make Time” by Jake Knapp and Jake Zeratsky, I think is his last name? I can’t check because the book is actually not with me,
I ended up giving the book to my coworker to borrow. I really enjoyed it,
I ended up giving it 4 stars. It’s a self-help book by two
people who used to work at Google, who felt like they were indulging too much
in busy culture and being a workaholic. And in this book, they provide
ways to make time for yourself and reprioritize the things that you want to work on rather than react to other forces that demand time from you. This is a very well-suited book for me, because
I’ve been very stressed out at work lately. And I’ve had trouble
making my own time for myself. As you know, I am currently working
on a couple of Google projects and for me to read these two designers at
Google who went through all the work and are now at a place where they have left that company and are doing things that they actually want to do is the kind of mindset that
I want to fucking achieve. So I’m trying to get to that spot. And I just really enjoy the framework that they have put together for how you can make time for your own things. I am not rating it 5 stars, because I don’t
necessarily think that it’s life-changing or it provides me any
new advice necessarily. But it’s still a solid reminder to come
back to the things that matter most to me. After that, I read two
Harvard Business Review books. One of them is “Happiness” and
then the other is “Mindfulness”. I do not have that with me, because I
actually loaned that out to another coworker. But this comes from a box set
called “Emotional Intelligence”, and it’s based on a series of studies and
research in the Harvard Business Review about how increasing your emotional intelligence
can benefit you in the workplace, and so it’s divided by certain areas
like mindfulness and then happiness. These were very quick reads for
me, but I rated them both 3 stars, because I think the fact that this is basically
a compilation of essays that are very short makes the book overall very surface level.
It doesn’t go as in-depth and to be honest, I don’t even remember any takeaways that
come from “Happiness” or “Mindfulness”. That’s why I ended
up rating it 3 stars. It’s not terrible, but
it’s not amazing either. Maybe if you were like, very new to what
mindfulness is or to what happiness is. Some of you bitches don’t even know what
happiness is, so maybe you do need to read it. Maybe this could be like a book to kind of introduce
you to it, but for me, I just thought it was okay. After that, I read “Unwind” by Neal Shusterman, which
is the book that I chose for the Papercut Book Club. By the time I post this video,
the live show for “Unwind” would have already happened
with Cat and Jordan and Emma. I’m sure we’ll go much deeper into there than
whatever I’m about to say for the next minute or two. I mean I rated this 3 stars. I question whether I
should have chosen this book. I wanted to choose it because I felt like it
would be relevant to our political climate today with a lot of the abortion
laws in the US changing. The whole basis of this
book is that a long time ago, there was a civil war
between pro-choice and pro-life. In the end, they reached a compromise
where parents will have to keep their kids, but they will have a choice to
“unwind” the kids before they turn 18. “Unwinding” in the sense means that their organs
and their body parts will be used for other things, like donated to another
person who really needs it. I thought that the premise and
the concept is really interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t think that it
went as in-depth as I would like it to be. And I am kind of confused about what exactly Neal Shusterman was trying to achieve through this book and the messages that
he was trying to convey. To me, it felt like he was straddling the line between pro-choice and pro-life, without taking a true stance on it. I am also considering the fact that maybe he wasn’t intending to create any arguments for those two sides. Maybe the other points that he’s trying
to make is the value of life in general. And if that is the case,
I still think it’s pretty weak. Whatever it was, it wasn’t
clear or well done enough. The world-building
just was lacking a lot. There was not enough for me to believe that
this society could even formulate in the first place and that both sides were
somehow happy with this decision. I would have loved to learn more about why
“unwinding” is such a viable option for both sides. All in all, I think that if you are writing a
dystopian novel, in order for it to be of quality, we need to figure out: how did this war
even happen, how does this system work, and how this
government even came to be. I think we need that context
in order for it to be believable. I do know that this was a popular book and tons of people loved it and thought that it was the best fuck, but for me, I just wasn’t really feeling
it and I think that’s because in general, I feel like Neal Shusterman is stronger with
coming up with really cool, creative concepts, but not so much
with the execution of it. For what it’s worth, though, I did like the
romance here better than I did in “Scythe”. The romance in
“Scythe” fucking sucked, but then this one, you know, at least it was
kind of cute. You know, it kind of made sense. They were like, closer together because
of the shared trauma that they had and it wasn’t as annoying as it was
in “Scythe”, so I’ll give him that. After that, the next book that I read is “Digital
Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World” This book was a good read that would go hand in hand with “Make Time” and just my headspace in general, because I’m trying to not be attentive to
social media and to my phone in general. What I have found from this nighttime routine
that I’ve been trying to enforce lately is that I actually feel a lot better when I take
some time to just physically put my phone away. And what I found from reading this book is that
the author has helped define why I like doing this. When you decide to put your phone away
and not just check social media by habit, you are reserving time for
yourself to be more purposeful with what you decide to
do in your day to day life. I really enjoyed the way that the author emphasized,
“I’m being more deliberate with how we spend our time.” I did like some of his advice as well. There was one where he suggested
having “conversational office hours”, which is where for most of the day,
you focus on things that you got to do but obviously, there’s
always going to be other people who need your time and attention
to bring up certain points and this is where having “office hours”, where you have
an open-door policy and people can come in and tell you whatever they got to tell you, is helpful
because then it’s actually scheduled in advance. I would personally love to hold “office
hours” for that in terms of social media where I do like to be respondent to comments
on YouTube or replies on instagram or whatever. But it would not be productive for me to
constantly reply whenever I get a message. It would be nice for me instead to actually
dedicate a specific amount of time to do that. I rated it 3.5 stars because I did like
some of the advice that he gave. The reason why it doesn’t
quite jump up to 4 stars for me is because I felt like by the time
I reached the middle part of it, there was just unnecessary fluff or anecdotes
that I felt like were not fitting for this book. He brings up random shit like the championship
for the rock-paper-scissors tournaments, which I guess is like a thing, and fantasy board game groups and
just other random shit that was brought up because he was trying to make
a point about human psychology. He also brought up some anecdotes from
old white dudes like Henry David Thoreau for how they lived their lives
before there was technology. I just didn’t think those examples
or anecdotes were very effective. What would have better helped is if he
provided actual research and statistics. or at the very least, if he’s gonna provide anecdotes,
he should be taking modern-day examples of people who are forced to be ingrained
into technology and social media, like people who are working in Silicon Valley
or people who work as social media managers. How are they able to balance their personal
lives with the demands of technology? After that, the Reading Rush happened, and the
first book that I read for that is “Fruits Basket”. This is the first volume
of the collector’s edition and this fulfills the challenge of reading a
book that has a nonhuman main character, as well as reading a book that has a TV or movie adaptation, because the reboot is currently happening. I read this thick girl right here, but she was a
very quick read, I think it only took me two days. I thought it was cute and sweet, but I do think
that having watched the reboot of the anime, I would say that the anime actually does a better
job in terms of having a more palatable art style, ’cause if you look at the pages here, their eyes are fucking ginormous and it’s like, too much for me. At least the anime kind of tones it down. I also think what the anime does better is that
there’s just better pacing throughout the story. When I read the chapters
here, a lot of it feels rushed. I rated it 3 stars, because I don’t think it’s
terrible, but I don’t think it’s like, amazing either. I do think that the anime
was able to improve it a lot. And I’m talking about both
renditions of the anime as well. I still think 2001 is superior. After that, I read “Proposals
for the Feminine Economy”. This book fulfills a challenge of
reading a debut novel by an author. And I saw that this author has not
written any other book besides this one. And this is also a very short read,
so I basically read it in one night. I surprisingly really liked it, which is weird,
because usually, I rate books like these 3 stars when I don’t feel like they are providing
enough solid examples to follow through. It’s not gonna give you any hard-
hitting economic strategies. Honestly, all it is is just a very light
manifesto, but I really enjoyed it. And maybe I had just read it at a good time
when I was feeling very stressed from work. I really appreciated the way that this book emphasized on creating a new economy that embodies our values. And so that’s why I’m rating it 4 stars,
because I actually felt inspired by it. And if anything, I felt
comforted by it as well, because it was like a reminder that we don’t
have to adhere to masculine distributions of power. And instead, we can redefine business and economy
to create and adapt things that are based on our values, rather than what society has told us. That was very comforting to me, because
I have been dealing with a hectic workweek and it’s nice to know that it
doesn’t have to be this way. When we feel bad about ourselves, when it
comes to our place in our society or in our economy, it’s almost comforting to take a step back and
challenge the values that they have been implementing, and then aim to try to forge a new
path based on your own values. So I really enjoyed it, 4 stars for me. And then the last book that I read that fulfills all of the other challenges for Reading Rush is “Singletasking”, which is a nonfiction book that tells you
how to get more done, one thing at a time. This is a book that I felt like would
be very relevant to me right now, because I often fall into
the trap of being too busy and whenever I feel like I’m too busy, I
compensate for that by multitasking. I’m trying to read this book
as a reminder to slow down and be more purposeful and
deliberate with the way that I work. I’m actually only halfway through with it, I just
want to film this video and get it out of the way first. What I can say is that based on the pages that I have read so far, it’s looking more like a 3-star read for me. The author is trying to convey
how important it is to singletask. And sometimes he brings up, you know,
research and statistics or whatever. But I think that he’s pulled it from very specific
scenarios just to fit what he’s trying to convey. For example, he’s pulling in statistics for how people get into car accidents when
they text and drive at the same time. So obviously, that is an example for how
you should focus on one thing at a time, but just because those
accidents happen doesn’t mean that I should only do one thing
at a time when I’m working. Instead of pulling those specific
statistics from other scenarios, I would be more interested
in reading research about singletasking versus
multitasking within the workplace, and so far, I don’t think there is
anything solid that backs his points up, other than just simply his point of
view and his opinion, so we’ll see. Again, I’m only halfway through the book. And so that is pretty much all of the
books that I have read in the month of June. Oh my god, I just realized that it’s
not even fucking June, it’s July. What is time? I have
like, no concept of time. Apparently, it is July
and next month is August. Cool. As always, I will update my impressions
of these books when I finish reading them. Hi there, I’m popping
in to give a few updates. I ended up finishing “Singletasking” I think
on Wednesday of the Reading Rush week, so I was pretty much done
with the Readathon right away. Which is a luxury compared
to all of you crazy crackheads that decided to read seven
books and daily vlog it. Can’t relate. I ended up bumping this
book down to 2 stars, because the issues that I brought up in the first take of
this video were prevalent for the rest of the book. I just felt like the author was only basing
her argument based on her personal beliefs rather than showing any kind of solid statistics or research that back up singletasking specifically. She talks a lot about time management and
being respectful of your time and other’s time, but those are things that aren’t
necessarily about working on one task at a time like this book proclaims it to be. So I rated it 2 stars because I do
think that her arguments were weak. But the main reason why I wanted to
pop in is because I owe some shoutouts. Every time I hit a milestone on YouTube,
meaning that I hit another 1000 subscribers, I like to give a shoutout to another
booktuber who has less than 1000 subscribers. Last time I did this, I had I think 31k. Now I have 33k, which
means that I owe two shoutouts. I am gonna shout out two male booktubers
this time, because we always need more of that. The first booktuber that I want
to shout out is Zac tries to read. I might be shouting him out because I feel so guilty for having put him
through reading “Unwind” for Papercut Book Club. Oh, and that’s another
thing that I forgot to update. The “Unwind” live show has happened and I felt
like it was a good discussion among the four of us. Not only did we talk about what kind of
message the book was trying to convey, we also talked about how
dystopian YA could be written better and all of the benefits that a well-read and
dystopian story could provide for teens. The live chat in that show was also
popping off because it was very divisive, a lot of people had different opinions. Despite me not enjoying the book, I really
liked hearing differing opinions about it, especially coming from people who did enjoy the
book, because it helps me try to be a better reader. So if you did attend the live
show, thank you for indulging in it. And if you haven’t seen it yet but you want to
know in-depth thoughts that we had about the book, you can check out the live show a
couple videos back from my channel. Anyway, back to the point. I wanted to shout out Zac
tries to read not just because I unfortunately made him read
through a book that he did not enjoy at all, but in general, I really
like his take on many books. And I’m gonna cite his “Unwind” video, because I do think that it perfectly
encapsulates my thoughts on the book. And he was able to articulate it in detail
so much better than what I have done. And on top of that, he balances out the
analytical points that he’s made with humor as well. Check him out, he is fairly new-ish,
but he is a super smart reader. I’ve enjoyed all of the
videos that he’s put out so far. There are some other videos where he explains why
he decides to dnf books and when you should do it. He also has another video with his take on why you should maybe engage with
problematic content or problematic books. The second booktuber that I want
to shout out is faetrey, because finally, he is starting to
make videos on his channel. But I’ve known him since the
beginning of when I started my channel and when he was kind of starting his
channel and then he deleted all his videos, and now he’s starting over again. I’m hoping that by shouting out Trey, he will fucking commit to something for once in this goddamn life. Trey is great. I consider
him to be my problematic fave, because sometimes he has spicy
opinions and people get offended by it. But because I know him personally,
I know he has a good heart. So he’s a white man
that I will give a pass. He has a very dry sense of humor that
you’ll see if you watch any of his videos. I know that he does have a few
entertaining ones planned in the future. I think that he’s gonna
post a video where he does an ASMR reading of the smut scenes
from “A Court of Thorns and Roses”. Hopefully, by the time I post this, he
would have already uploaded the video, but if not now you have more incentive
to sign up so that you can anticipate. I also ended up hanging out with him
when I visited Texas with Chanel. Which also, I would shout out Chanel, but she has
over 1000 subscribers already, so forget about her. Just kidding, I love you. But I did get to hang out with them, so
you will see them in the future as well. Those are two booktubers
that I want to shout out. Don’t forget to unsubscribe from my
channel and subscribe to them instead. Goodbye.


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    As an aside, I agree. At the beginning of the manga, the characters’ eyes are SCARY huge.

  6. You should read 'where the crawdads sing' by Delia Owens. It sounds kind of (emphasis on kind of) like Educated but fictional and more focused on nature

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    Thank you for another informative and entertaining video. <3

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    Overall great wrap up/best & worst! A lot of these titles aren’t ones I’m necessarily familiar with so I love hearing about new-to-me books!

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  17. Oh yeah the tangents Cal Newport went on were way too long and unnecessary – I felt like a third of the book was about how Lincoln actually liked to spend some time alone. I'm glad you liked Make Time, I just moved it to a higher priority shelf on Goodreads haha :- )

  18. I was excited for you to read unwind but i'm not a serious enough reader to be disappointed by the depthlessness lol i just thought it was fun

  19. Every time you say your library doesn’t have these huge titles in yet, I want to throat punch whoever is doing the ordering at your library! (I’m sorry if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression you live in a large city and not a rural area that might have a small, underfunded library.) I am a teen librarian and we have all these books in our building, catalogued and ready to go out on the shelves weeks before they are published! I’m not even in some fancy pants rich people library – I work for a countywide system in a boring part of Ohio. (Aka not Cleveland, Columbus, or Cincinnati) Basically, I’m sorry your library sucks balls and I wish they would get on their YA game and order that good ish.

  20. "some of you bitches dont even know what happiness is, so maybe you do need to read it" wow, like 10 seconds in and already being attacked

  21. I work at the library (11 years) I guess you could call me a bookish sugar momma! Side note: Thank you for promoting libraries! We always appreciate the love!!!

  22. I definitely need to read "Educated." I can relate to the struggle of trying to be a loyal family member but wanting to get away from them because of toxic relatives.

  23. I’ve noticed that whenever I read a manga after watching the anime adaptation, the manga always feels super fast paced. I think it’s just because one chapter takes like 8 minutes to read max, whereas in the anime they have to fit that one chapter into 20 minutes.

  24. I tried reading a sorcery of thorns but god I was too bored, I stopped around page 160ish. It’s definitely intended for a younger audience. The magic in it is great but I couldn’t go through with it
    Now I am craving some fantasy!! Does anyone has good recs?

  25. Your notes below the video are not only really organized and easily to navigate, but also just…. extremely pleasing to look at. Also–I read THE WEIGHT OF OUR SKY in July and I was left so satisfied ;A; I thought it wouldn't be That Great because it was a middle grade novel, and those tend to lean toward being light reads with minimal emotional impact, but I was pleasantly surprised. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, if not more!!!

    Also: I know you have a million titles on your TBR, but have you considered reading SONG OF THE CURRENT by Sarah Tolcser? It's basically about pirates and supernatural things in the water, and it was surprisingly good. <3

  26. Unwind is the best fuck indeed. 🙂 Neal explains a lot in the later books. Personally I didn't have any issues with him not explaining how this happened in the first book. When I read the premise, I thought No way this was gonna work. But then after 50 pages, I totally believed it. And as I said, there's a rich history and world building as well in the rest of the series.

  27. Since you enjoy reading (and dragging!) self-help books, you might like the podcast "By the Book"–two friends pick a self-help book, live by it for two weeks, and then judge/critique it. One of the hosts is an Asian-American woman.

    Umm, I think my "fictional crush" has been THE ENTIRE CAST of Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom for years now…yes, I am that bitch. But if I have to choose, it's Nina.

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    Also, I’m not ashamed to say that I like Sarah J. Maas’ books. 😆

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    On the other hand I now want to read An Enchantment of Ravens. I had heard mixed reviews, but hearing that you thought it was cute and fluffy i can adjust my expectations and I’m excited.

  30. As much as I love fruits basket and the manga will always be my baby, I have to agree the reboot has much better art and pacing which just makes me enjoy the series all over again

  31. Obviously I love reading but I either like a book or I don’t like it and I WISH I could articulate my thoughts in the way you can. I could listen to you talk about books, or anything you’re interested in, all day just because of the way you can articulate things.

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  37. "Some of you bitches don't even know what happiness is." I mean yes, but also that's what being overly invested in fictional characters and their relationships is supposed to hide (or potentially make more obvious) lol

  38. Educated was one of my best reads of the year too!
    I am also a library hoe but how nice it must be to have that bookish sugar daddy on the side lmao

  39. More modern faces to classics that we know.
    YES its so refreshing to see your favorite characters become more diverse.

  40. Everyone always brings up the romance in Scythe. To me, it made no difference.
    It didn’t distract or detract from the purpose of the story or the plot. I thought Scythe as a whole was extremely well executed. I have not yet read Thunderhead but want to very soon.

  41. “Some of you bitches don’t know what happiness is.” Not even 10 seconds in and you already dragging hoes LOOOOOOOL😂

  42. Sorcery of thorns is probably one of my favorite books of the year! Can't wait for you to read it and hopefully love it 😂

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  44. Thanks for all the brilliant suggestions of books to read! I ended up adding around 3 books to my TBR list that I wasn't aware of before. Will hopefully be reading them over the next few months. :3 Thanks for your great summaries and honest reviews as always. <3

  45. everyone needs to STFU about Henry David Thoreau. His mom and sister brought him muffins every morning and his mom did his laundry

  46. My thoughts on Unwind – that idea is so stupid. How is letting your kids live and then (if you decide to do it ) essentially killing them better than just aborting them in the first place?

  47. Fruits Basket is like, my favorite story of all time, and the whole series is great – but I still agree that the anime does a way better job at portraying the story lmao.

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