1. Great point Jake! As part of the congregation I love interaction from the worship leader! It's so nice when he/she shares a special happening in their life and how it helped them get through a situation that someone else may be going through. Great share!

  2. This is amazing thank you! Definitely very new to me, not many worship leaders use these three tips! But I can see how it would definitely create a stronger connection with the congregation! Just a question, would that mean speaking in between songs as well then (when explaining "the purpose of worship activities"?)

  3. I've been helping lead worship for about 7 years now and a year ago I took that huge step of faith into my first official worship leader position, my biggest struggle is still speaking in between songs to my congregation and like you said connecting the dots from singing worship songs to God and connecting them to either the message/our daily lives/ and belief and faith itself. Keep these awesome videos coming, it greatly helps worship leaders like myself and others who struggle with these different aspects of leading worship! Thanks Jake

  4. You are so interesting bro Jake. Im deeply touched and being a new worship leader…. i need to listen to more of your worship guidance. Thank you Jesus for Jake…

  5. This doesn’t work at a Hispanic church especially a Pentecostal type of church. This is more geared towards white churches.

  6. Love these concise tips for worship leaders. I appreciate them so much. I particularly appreciate the tip of making sure we introduce ourselves a sharing something brief about us as a way to relate and connect with the congregation as well as making sure we share the 'whys' of some of the songs and parts of our worship. God bless!

  7. Ummm. This is cool and all butttttttt I don’t think this useable all across the board……. But iseee where it can be useful if I sing out of my church

  8. This is gold, Jake – for any worship leader, seasoned or just starting on their ministry journey. Thanks for sharing bro!

  9. No way I could introduce myself like that, sounds rehearsed, aekward,. That's why I won't lead at church no more, no way!

  10. I led at a new church this morning and used your first tool when I was introduced! Got a good laugh out of telling them my wife and I have 2 guinea pigs! Great video, as always!

  11. So fake. People can sniff out inauthentic leaders in two seconds. Doing these if you’re not known for your personality or humor will be terribly fake.

  12. People does not need humor or anything about the worship leaders because the main focus is giving praise and thanksgiving to our God.Worship leaders may used ways to engage the people as they lead them to clearly see God's love, His salvation and His faithfulness in their lives and surely they will sing,shout,dance for joy giving honor and adoration to our God. Our God wanted us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. In addition, qoute verses from the Bible praising and lifting His name about His goodness in our live

  13. Blessed me and hope you will pray for me also brothers and sisters for I will Lead the Worship on our Church Community on June 15 and that will be my first worship as a worship leader. This video is a great help thanks

  14. Worship is supposed to be done in spirit and in truth, and for me as a worship leader, the whole time from the first song to the last should be done in a way that leads worshipers to the throne room of God, drawing them to increasing intimacy with Him. He inhabits the praises of His people, for we sing to an audience of One. I leave out any secular and personal comments once we start, as I don't want to direct their attention to me, but to focus their hearts and minds on Christ. I particularly like to insert appropriate Scripture between some of the songs while playing softly, to channel their thoughts in the direction I'm intentionally trying to lead them to. Sometimes I pray the Scriptures. God loves to hear His Word spoken! Worship time can be sometimes like a date. You start out acknowledging Him, paying attention to Him, pleasing Him with praise, and eventually it leads to intimacy! And you don't want it to end!!

  15. The only tip which i found useful was the last one because connecting the congregation with the songs you are going to sing and leading them into that attitude of worship is so important. If I try the first 2 tips in my church, it would completely throw off the worship mode. Therefore know the type of audience that you are dealing with because that is an essential point when it comes to worship leading.
    Keep making videos!
    God bless!!

  16. 1. Just show them God any way you can… prayer, scripture, your personal thoughts, gentleness, humility, the care you put into choosing songs, etc. Reflecting God will give you credibility where it really counts, even if it loses a few hangers on.
    2. Every so often I remind people that it's OK to pray, listen, get lost in thought or even read scripture instead of singing or raising hands. Sometimes I think we are so wrapped up in the songs, that we don't allow people to make it personal.

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