A Pocket Guide to the US Constitution

INTERVIEWER: So I see a fair number of kind of mini-Constitutions in and around at some bookstores and things. How’s your book different? And why did you decide to write this one? It’s not a mini-Constitution. It’s a mini-textbook. I wrote this book for my students. It’s a cheat sheet for them. I have students in my class every year on the history of the Constitution who are approaching it fresh. They needed something to be a guide for them. This comments on every line in the Constitution, and explains very simply what it means in historical terms. Every year, we begin our course the same way. I’m gonna start reading the Constitution, and you stop me at a place where it gets controversial, something we can argue about. The first word of the Constitution is “we”—”we the people”—and that’s where it gets interesting, and that’s where we can start arguing about it, and this book arms you to do that.

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