After Senate Prepares To Crush Impeachment – Anti-Kavanaugh Republican Senator Turns On Trump

She’s turning against ‘The Donald’ – don’t
ever forget her name, America! Sure, Pelosi is dragging her feet over impeachment
now. But sooner or later, she has to send her bogus articles to the Senate. (Otherwise, she will go down in history as
the left’s biggest con artist.) We know how the story will end once those
articles reach the Senate. Republicans will clear President Trump of the Democrats’
wild (and largely flimsy) accusations. Senate Majority Leader McConnell has already
communicated that he will work closely with the White House. He will make sure Trump will
get what House Democrats denied him: a fair trial under the law. Shockingly, one Republican senator has a problem
with this. She was the one conservative to vote against Brett Kavanaugh. Now she is challenging the POTUS and McConnell
himself. From Washington Examiner: GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she was troubled
to hear Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promise “total coordination” between himself
and the White House regarding President Trump’s impeachment trial… “And in fairness, when I heard that, I was
disturbed,” Murkowski explained to KTUU News Tuesday. “ Uh, what? Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski said
she was “disturbed” to hear that McConnell will cooperate with the White House. Really, Lisa? That is what the Senate is supposed
to do. This is the President of the United States. He’s been accused of crimes by a
partisan House–with little proof. Even a petty thief is innocent until proven
guilty. Yet Democrats have provided the president with zero due process. If McConnell wants to provide a fair hearing
for our Commander in Chief, you should be the first person to applaud it. Democrats in the House have made a mockery
of impeachment. They took the most extreme measure in the Constitution and used it as
a political weapon. They ignored established rules and norms and
violated our basic standards of fairness under the law. All because Nancy Pelosi won’t stand up
to the radical, left-wingers in her party (and is scared of losing her seat to another
AOC-type candidate.) It’s up to McConnell to restore the seriousness
of impeachment in the eyes of Americans. Pelosi turned it into a joke. McConnell has
to fix that. The only way he can is by giving Trump a fair
trial. That means cooperating with the White House. If Trump wants to testify, let him testify.
If his lawyers would like to question witnesses, by all means, bring the witnesses. Murkowski has no right to be “disturbed”
by this. I’m disturbed that she hasn’t expressing outraged over how Pelosi ruined
this entire process. If this senator was smart, she’d stop undermining
Mitch and get on board with the facts.

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