Anti-Semitism Explodes as Jewish Lawyers & Congressmen Destroy Trump

Anti-Semitism Explodes as Jewish Lawyers & Congressmen Destroy Trump

I’ve sadly been bracing for this to happen
and it happened a little bit with the November impeachment hearings in the house intelligence committee. I mentioned to you, I got a few antisemitic
messages. I don’t think I can really call them anything
else saying this entire impeachment thing is a Jewish conspiracy. You’ve got Jewish Adam Schiff bringing in
Jewish Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Veneman. It’s all the deep state Jewish plan to take
out Trump. Gordon Sundland is Jewish, uh, that et cetera,
et cetera. Earlier this week we had this crazy video
from Christian pastor Rick Wiles saying the entire movement to hold Trump accountable
for things he has done is a quote, ju KU. Remember this video from earlier in the week? That’s the way the Jews work. They’re there. They are deceivers. They plot, they lie, they do whatever they
have to do to accomplish their political agenda. This impeach Trump movement is a Jew coup
and the American people better wake up to it really fast because this thing is moving
now towards a vote in the house and then a trial in the Senate. We get out a trial by before Christmas. This country could be in civil war at Christmas
time. That’s right. But then as I sat a couple of days ago watching
the impeachment hearings in the house judiciary committee, I knew that this was about to explode. You had Congressman Jerry Nadler running the
committee, Jewish guy from Brooklyn. You add a long time. He’s a longtime Congressman and really a fixture
of that committee. Some other judiciary committee members also
from Jewish families, certainly Steven Cohen, actually Tennessee’s first Jewish Congressman
ever. Jamie Raskin who asks questions and then you
had two of the three democratic witnesses, Noah Feldman, a Jewish lawyer from Boston
and Pamela Carlin, a Jewish lawyer. So I was grimacing as I anticipated what I
was going to see in my YouTube comments and in my email this morning, and unfortunately
it is exactly as I feared. I’m going to show you one email I got now,
excuse the rampant misspellings that are in it. This is as received. I have not corrected them. The email read Jew boy, you guys are being
obvious. I thought Jews were crafty. First it’s Adam skiff and Jackie spear getting
their fellow Jews to slam Trump foreigner. Veneman plus Sunland. Nice. Right to Bobby’s, I guess they mean obvious. Then it’s bar mitzvah boy NAD duller directing. Shocker. Jewish lawyers to say Trump give up. You will not repulse us. I guess replace you will not replace him. Your mistakes. Too many obvious Jews and some are crazy like
the Carlin woman. Fortunately it all backfired since we saw
through the Jew plan to hurt T presumably Trump have fun with four more years. So I, I’m, I’m half joking but for more messages
like this, check out the comments on my YouTube channel. This is getting very ugly and it’s unsurprising
but it’s, it’s not just rhetoric in the sense that we are seeing a violence against Jews
in real life. We are seeing people like that pastor Rick
Wiles start to talk about civil war and taking up arms and picking which side you are on. So we really shouldn’t laugh this off. And by the way, it’s really bad in Europe
and I know that there are many people who consume American news but don’t follow what’s
going on in Europe. It is getting really, really bad. So I was hoping to be wrong about this and
unfortunately exactly as predicted exactly as predicted. And it is bad. It’s bad. And I’m extraordinarily concerned and I want
to hear from you what, what do you think about this type of thing? Did you predict this? Were you surprised by the degree of antisemitism
that the impeachment hearings have triggered?


  1. I was anticipating this, the right wing is left with a sac of ad-hominems, they can't defend Trump, the facts against him are clear, he used his position to enrich himself and his family, he clearly demanded aid from foreign countries to slander his political opponents, I see it as as a bunch of desperate boot lickers who are sinking lower and lower, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump started sending dick pics on twitter to distract people from his colossal failures.

  2. Is Pelosi a Jew? I mean, what does being a Jew have to do with impreaching a president who has violated his oath of office? Smh.

  3. WOW I have been reading some of the comments and I am totally shocked, theses witnesses and people who work as lawyers etc. they can't help that their Jewish they have been called to do a job, and they are doing it the best that they can, being Jewish should have nothing to do with it. Please no hateful comments.

  4. Under Trump's presidency the white evangelicals have become extremely anti jew where as under the Bush's presidency it was the complete opposite. It's funny to see the stark contrast.. The Alt Right definitely left their mark.

  5. Trump literally commits Treason and then accuses others of doing so, because it's against *him*. He doesn't care for the country, or us. He cares about himself. He and supporters project as a means of defense and they've no humility to learn from their stupidity

  6. with all of trumps kids being married to jews, I view this orange cheeto as a False Jew. Something to consider is how orange cheeto behaved At The Wailing Wall. look it up.

  7. No, no, no. It's obviously a Christian plot from start to finish. Vast majority of the government is Christian, as are witnesses, the alleged "deep state", and so on. In fact, the entire world is an anti-Jewish plot, given that a tiny minority of world population is Jewish. Yawn.

  8. Like roy cohn and epstein? Lmao netanyahu and epstein/mossad stealing taxpayers money and jabba the hutt hiding epsteins murder?

  9. As a 74 year successful white old fart, I am embarrassed at what is going on in this country these days. We are all living better than any human being ever has in the history of mankind, yet there is this ignorant undercurrent in this country itching to destroy 240 years of a good thing. Trump has unleashed the most horrid of humans on all of us who have tried to live decently. This truly could be the manifestation of what the Russians once claimed that they would conquer us from within. Keep up the good work David.

  10. It’s ugly, and THEY’RE ugly, but you, my friend are a breath of fresh air, & I know you know that, but I still find my own gentile ass in AWE at the insane stupidity these nazi assholes so boldly making this absolutely despicable word salad. I found out some time ago that people with the rare brittle bone disease I have were also murdered in the holocaust. Not that it changes anything, It just makes me shudder to think how asinine douchebags like this are literally the maternity ward for birthing the Holocaust. They can’t win, bubba. I know folks said that in 1931 Germany, too, but it’s US who allows them to exercise their vile words & evil rhetoric. Ain’t it amazing how it ALWAYS comes back to a Jewish conspiracy? If it wasnt regarding the single most unspeakable and tragic loss in history, assholes like these would almost be funny. They’re certainly not, but crap like this makes me understand how a liberal western country eased in to genocide one tragic unforgivable step at a time.
    NEVER AGAIN. Not while my fragile body still breathes. We’re brothers literally & figuratively, and our asshole other brothers are drunk and insane. They’re to be pitied. I thank you for your razor sharp wit, your passion at doing your job, and your refusal to let these dopes get to your honest spirit.

  11. Ain’t it amazing to think: America is coming unglued over Donald Effing Trump?
    Imagine trying to process THAT 10-20 years ago. Throw his sorry ass in prison and let him feel the pulsing inmate justice he and his vile minions seem to need.

  12. Wow, so the people who don't like being compared to Hitler and Nazi's are also anti-Semitic? I'm sorry but to me they're just wannabe Nazis and true Americans hate Nazis.

  13. My line is missing- how apropos. Jesus converted! I asked "Converted to what" The whole religion is based on Jesus' death and resurrection. How could he convert? And to what?

  14. Yet Ilhan Omar is a wicked anti semite who deserves official reprimanding for attacking Israeli money in the GOP.
    Oh! Let's not forget Bernie can't be POTUS because he's a Jew.
    Ffs America

  15. Extremely disturbing. Every American should the angered to action. "This is a Jew coup" is a wake up call. And any who peddle such hate speech, ignorance and malice deserve whatever their paranoid delusions bring them.

  16. It’s not surprising to me, he ran on hate and fear, same as Hitler did. Religion is what’s wrong with the world. This world would have been so much better of a place if it weren’t for evil religion.

  17. I'm not Jew (I'm French Canadian) but I disagree 100% with that comment you showed us.
    Some people "think" for about 1/2 a second before reaching a "conclusion". Depending on their milieu, education(???), religion etc, they will understand that the impeachment inquiry is a Jew coup, a Nazi plot, a Russian tactic, a religious sacrilege engineered by Satan (against the "Selected One") etc. etc. etc.

    We have a proverb here in Québec that says "Let them bray and do good".

  18. Alright. I actually have something to say about this. Since Trump announced his candidacy, I feel as though a portion of the population has always realized that in no way would his presidency be a net good for the United States. I think that that is the truth. It seemed that many people took this to the extreme, and assumed he would, without pause, become a dictator. I always doubted this, he has never had a competent enough team, and I never had faith in the mans strategy, or lack thereof, myself. I've been saying it for something like three years now. Study history. This has all happened before. The instability globally, while not a result of the Trump presidency, has been increasingly agitated by it. I understand that not everyone has as firm of a grasp on the past as I do so some signs will go unseen. This is increasingly hard for me to believe. I think Davids predictions of the past few months have been right on the money. This was going to happen. Start paying attention. We all know what happened the last time antisemitism became the norm. I could go on and on about historical parallels, but this is already long enough.

    Please forgive any incorrect punctuation or grammar.

  19. I'm appalled by those comments by trump supporters, though they're voted most likely to do violent things when pressed into a corner, evidenced by their civil war rhetoric.

  20. Well of course. This is why they put Nadler, Schiff, Zallinsky and the rest. They put the ugliest people of J*wish ancestry to get the reaction from extremists. Trump is the biggest friend to Israel as a President in a very long time. Also in his personal life with his daughter and son in law being J*wish. So the Democrats get these self hating liberal J*ws, The kind you would see palling with Hitler, to subvert the impeachment process, disgrace the Constitution and HATE (Pelosi) on Trump. Remember the Democrat party has a very big problem within of antisemitism. Omar, Tlaib, Cortez and Keith Ellison are to name a few. Not to mention all the black face going on. Progressivism is deeply rooted in racism. We as Americans need to cleanse progressivism, socialism and communism from this great country!!!

  21. It’s amazes me the ignorance surrounding trump – it’s like a prerequisite before you’re allowed to support trump.

  22. It’s an abomination that these vile far right fascist scum are on the rise worldwide. Here in the UK, in The Netherlands, France and even more disturbing in Germany. I despair for the future of my children and grandchildren and what they might inherit. Some of these so called world leaders are the embodiment of all that’s inherently evil in mankind. I’m not religious so can’t be a hypocrite and pray for better things, but hope there is some higher power that will redress the balance before it’s too late.

  23. Antisemetism is a crime and can not be tolerated.

    There is the antisemetism from the right, which goes: people with a jewish religion are bad.

    And there are people complaining about an antisemetism from the left, which actually is: there are some political decissions from the Israli gouvernment which I criticise. How about treating every human in Israel with civil law?!

  24. It is hard to put a like on a video with such a painful message, but it only shows that the world should not have rested after the Nürnberg trials were over cos the nazi virus was far from dead

  25. My comment went on your next playing video. I left the comment that You tube removed my comment about Jewish History, and what I have experienced as a Jewish person. I have never been censured like this??

  26. "Never again!" – and yet it seems like not even hundred years later the stage is getting set for history repeating. And you are right, David: Over here in europe you see the the far right wingers rising spreading anti-semitic messages (among other things). This is really worrying (even for a white christian guy living in germany – as ironically as it may sound given the context).

  27. I am a 63 year old/young very proud Black Christian Women. I am a college educated person who recognizes insanity when I see it. He can't be a Follower of Jesus Christ, he is insane and working for the other side, I guess.

  28. As a Christian who also knows some history about Christianity, I know that Jesus was a Jew, and that the term Christian was initially used as a insult to Jews who were beginning to follow what Jesus had been saying / teaching. I know that we include a number of Jewish texts in our Bible and that Jesus referred a lot to them in his teaching, because he was Jewish. What I don't understand is why Christians don't ask Jews to explain how they interpret their texts which we borrow and just decide that God wrote it and its 100% true, when we know that Jesus told parables – stories with meanings – as was the tradition at the time.

  29. I wonder how they are able to square their deep Anti-Semitism with Trump's apparent unconditional support for Israel and his own personal, close relationships with Jewish people – i.e. his son in law , former personal lawyer, etc.

  30. Such 'hate speach' is a serious crime elsewhere in civilized Western Democracies. In Canada not just the podcasts would be investigated, police (RCMP) would chase down those repugnant emails, voicemails and text messages.

  31. For anyone doubting it's a real problem here are some links. Read these and and and and and and

  32. At least right-wing anti-semites are honest about their hatred of Jews; left-wing anti-semites are sly enough to call them "Zionists" when demanding their destruction.

  33. Hatted has to be checked. It's unfortunate tou or anyone has to experience this. I wonder if the firing of that white man was called for when he openly spewed his crap against Jews. I mean, Marc Lamint Hill, a black professor spoke about the injustices against Palestinians and that was deemed anti-semitic and so he lost his job with CNN. I hope people are asking for the head of this actual anti-semitic.

  34. It’s funny to see the progressive outrage against Christian antisemitism but Islamofascist antisemitism is just “cultural difference.”

  35. And people say you can’t compare the Trump movement with the Hitler movement. Antisemitism is the last thing we need in the world. How quickly we forget where this can all lead.

  36. When I whisper into void, “Why is this happening? “ The void whispers back, “So it won’t ever happen again.”

  37. Nice. I never thought i would be alive to this empire crumble from within. Good job Puten. Trump was the perfect tool to shred America apart, and i LOVE it hhh

  38. These sickos have been here all along. Struggling to regain control since Roosevelt. A grasping, clawing, last breath at the death knell of the republicant party.

  39. thats funny I thought trump was best buddies with BB not to mention his son in law.I am just wondering where did that come from?? sounds fishy!!!!!!!

  40. It's kind of funny but sad that Trump always says he's the best friend of the Jews but the vast majority of his supporters are Anti-Semitic and hate them. Sad..

  41. My dad could've gotten killed fighting those ridiculous Nazi blivets, and now they're baaa-aack. If it's my turn to go and fight, I'll go. Just like my dad.

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