Bidens Speak Out On Trump’s Accusations & U.S. Ambassador To Testify On Capitol Hill | Nightly News

Bidens Speak Out On Trump’s Accusations & U.S. Ambassador To Testify On Capitol Hill | Nightly News


  1. Back when America was Great,

    our rep was the top rate,

    for Democracy,

    and Freedom to Be,

    but, now it's all in a shabby Trump crate.

  2. ATTENTION: People in the land of the living…the democratic socialist party & fake lying news ie: MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CNBC, NBC, CBC, Huffpost, The Hill, Time, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York, The Washington Post, Global News, Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Wired, The Hollywood Reporter, Axios, Atlantic, Elite Daily, Business Insider, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, National Post, Esquire, Bloomberg, Week, Daily Mail, ABC News, (to name a few)…are LESS THAN NOTHING

  3. Still … NBC refuses to actually report on the Biden corruption. This was nothing but a "cover-up and point the finger else where" propaganda piece. NBC has lost all credibility. Everyone knows the Biden family did wrong…. everyone but NBC apparently.

  4. Just like “Lawrence “ this antique fixture starts killing invisible ants with an index finger when he knows he is in “ fools territory “ This intoxicated/ impaired fool made serious treats towards an EU population making open treats and bragging about misusing ONE billion dollars ( as dumb as the quote from Austin Powers) to FORCE and threaten a civilian population misusing US tax payer dollars That’s not somebody who can travel to the EU This is simply an absurd impaired harmful but absurd fool nothing else and he is irrelevant

  5. trump's witnesses and moral guarantors : "sondland, he said it", "ask putin", "rudy, the greatest NY mayor", "kim loves me", "erdogan promised me" … 🙂 what about cohen, manafort, roger stone, flynn, gates, …. ?

  6. President is a psycho who was bust for getting Ukraine to investigate his political rival. Everything else is white noise.

  7. I never thought I would see President Trump Running Scared. It appears however, that Biden really has him shaken.

  8. Trump supporter love him mostly because of all the hate dem has cause and they are not for illegals abortion having there guns taken away and believe dem are the corrupt ones

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