Billie Eilish On Mental Health & Friendship | Ad Council

Billie Eilish On Mental Health & Friendship | Ad Council

When you think of your mental health journey what comes to mind? What a question. I think when people hear “remember to take care of your mental health” They think that everyone else is and that’s not at all accurate You know for me, I’m trying to learn, still, to make sure that I stay Ok I just answered like 40 questions in one. It doesn’t make you weak To ask for help. It doesn’t. It doesn’t make you weak to ask for a friend to go to a therapist. It shouldn’t make you feel weak to to ask anyone for help. and you should be able to ask anyone for help and Everyone has to help someone if they need it Starting that conversation… You don’t have to make it super serious right away. You say “How are you feeling? Like are you ok?” That’s what you say. “Are you ok?” Ask somebody that’s what they you know, and “yeah, I’m good.” Really? You know, are you actually good, like sometimes You don’t even have to say anything to someone for them to know They understand and they don’t have to say anything to you. Sometimes it’s about a hug It’s about somebody holding you and telling you… not even telling you anything. That’s what I’m saying holding you the main thing I’m trying to say is that you should keep your ears open and you should listen and I’m just dealing with it how I’m dealing with it and I’m trying my best. Obviously. I am NOT a trained professional in anything I don’t know what I’m doing half the time But I have I have seen it and I have been it Even if it’s just a little bit more comfort that can really mean a lot to someone Because you don’t know what is going on even in that moment there could be something going on and it’s been like that for me there have been certain people that That have texted me right when I needed to be texted . They loved me and that they were thinking about me It really means a lot If you or someone, you know, you’re struggling with mental health you can get more information at


  1. This girl is just simply an angel. I'm in awe of her raw down to earth personality, natural talent, and big genuine heart. She is unlike any artist I've seen & is one of the best influences on kids we've had in a LONG time

  2. I doubt if those famous/rich artists really have mental health or just saying it for music production lol

  3. Billie Eilish is a leader. I don’t really listen to her music, but I think she’s absolutely brilliant💥 There’s something really special about her!🙂🎉 She’s a voice to her generation.

  4. When I was going through depression I reached it for help and people told me I was crazy and that it was stupid I was saying I had depression. Now that I overcame some of it and am in a happy place they’re like “you’re depressed” like what logic is that?!

  5. Billie eilish makes a song about burying a friend
    Ad Council "Why don't you tell us a bit about mental health and friends ?"

  6. she's 17 and clearly like everybody else, no matter how much she claims she's different, this is just a phase. I wish she will not turn into present Avril Lavigne crossing my fingers

  7. This helpped. I was already talking to friends but didnt put much detail. But i am going to a therapist and talking to friends more often. I dont have many friends in real life but ive made so many friends online and one of them has gone through alot of the same things as me. When ever i cant talk to people irl i can trust her and i feel comfortable telling her and she feels the same

  8. i think like literally most or all of her concerts,she would ask "Are you guys okay?" it shows how much she cares bout us ❤ i need a hug from Billie now ok bye
    edit:PROTECT HER AT ALL COSTS!!!!!OR U DIEEEE kidding haha……….maybe.Love u Billie ❤ You're not the only one goin through depression uwuwuuwu

  9. This is why i love Billie. She tells it how it is, shes incredibly receptive and relatable. I'm struggling, like a lot of people with major mental health issues. Like Billie said, its tough and not a lot of people actually try and do something about it. Damn i wish i was friends with billie so we could talk this shit out😂

  10. She’s SO powerful and she is SO SO SO inspirational. I’m SO sure that she helped so many people through this interview🥺❤️

  11. I ask for help every week for friends. I love 'em. But i need to search for professional help asap.

  12. Billie Eilish literally speaks for me. Whenever my friends want to understand how I feel and I can't bring myself to tell them, I just send them a video of Billie Eilish. She isn't just accurate, she is exact. Brings me to tears everytime she speaks. She understands me. She understands us all. That's why I love her. Thanks, Billie.


  13. Goddd , this is why I love Billie she is the realest person she has her money and fame but she is just so caring and kind to all her fans and family X

  14. Hearing this from my favourite artist actually helps, I've been dealing with alot of anxiety and depression lately

  15. So true Billie. It makes me really happy to see you talking about mental health and helping others. You're a role model and you're really good at it, keep it up, the world really needs your help.

  16. I do receive a lot of pressure when someone messaged me, asking for help. I would invest all my energy in there so I would always get too stressed out to help them. I would really love to help because thats what i want when I'm in need, but I just mess everything up I'm scared asf i really wanna fix this so I can help more people I'm tired of being scared when someone is asking for my help.
    I'm glad that billie provide advice for both sides of this situation, the one asking for help and the one who's helping. Thats a great advice. "Don't be too serious, you don't have to say anything, just a hug or something to show that you truly care for them" Thank you billie, once again. ❤

  17. This chick is so real ..she’s on my level ..which is such a gift she has a amazing story to tell ..about life ..her music is telling lots

  18. if you are someone who got the chance to meet or even someone who finds away to talk to her. In person or on media. I feel she would. Just because she is famous it does not mean she is unapproachable. She talks to fans on social media a lot. Specially since she knows some of the struggle that other maybe going through. I love her and every thing she stands for. I am much older than her usual fans but at her age I was going through my own mental heath. I did not understand what bipolar was and how to deal with it at her age. That is why when I see someone bashing her I have to comment on there post to let them know she is not evil and she did not give her soul to the devil to be famous. She is a great musician and has so much talent. That is why she is where she is. With her familys support she can do anything she sets her mind to. The haters need to leave her alone.

  19. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    You are genius
    Lovely girl 💕

    I love you

    I am 37yeRs old

    I think you are sooo amazing

  20. The music you make is

    Just genius

    Love ❤️

    I wish you the best

    What you doing is
    Healing people’s soul with rhythm 🎶
    Like no body did in history

  21. Bil is just a such mature teenager 🖤 She’s very open to us plus treats us like family and friends 💕💕

  22. This video she talks about mental health how we should talk to people,open up because it just might help but in consideration some people don't have the courage too they feel ashamed,not comfortable weither it's physically or mentally now don't get me wrong I'm not hating this actually pleases me.When people have the courage to step up and admit it ,it takes strength to do that !But what am I supposed to know I'm only a 13 year old girl but what I'd like to say is weither you have depression or stress or anxiety or a matter of anything it's always safe to talk to someome and that's why I'm happy this video was made
    Have a wonderful day beautiful people
    From :Miranda Anderson 💓💜 sorry if I made error I wort this be for I went to sleep .

  23. I love how billie honestly enjoys what she’s doing…she’s even admitted in the past that she doesn’t care about the fame. I honestly love her so much and sometimes I cry because of it. She’s so genuine and loves her fans and speaks the truth unlike a lot of famous people do. I love how she’s honest to her fans and doesn’t keep any secrets. She’s so strong and I’m glad she’s not one of those obnoxious people who know that they’re extremely famous and try to show off about it she doesn’t even care about fame or money she just enjoys what she’s doing and loves her fans like they’re her best friend.

    Ps I know this is a long paragraph but I’m such a big fan and wanted to say how I feel about her

  24. I wish my friends asked if im ok. Even when i have tears running down my face and “scratches” up my arms and legs they dont even ask if im ok

  25. How do I ask for help if everyone hates me? I am trying really hard to not open up to anybody if it’s about bad things because I don’t want to spread the negativity I hold

  26. glad to see this because in another interview she basically said she was GLAD she was going to be DEAD one day because NOTHING REALLY MATTERS because you are going to DIE and I thought that nihilistic message was not a good one to share out esp if you have fans who are struggling with depression.

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