Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford full testimonies before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford full testimonies before the Senate Judiciary Committee


  1. She states in testimony that she reported it on July 9th 2018: the exact same day his nomination was announced!

  2. She contradicted herself, she says she didn’t talk to anyone about the incidence but then says people she talked to gave her advice to contact lawyers! BS

  3. Just watched the SNL version of this… I can see where they go the beer part…

    In all seriousness, however, though I do not like how Sir Kavnaugh is a trump supporter, and that he will probably try to put the president’s laws into place, I absolutely am disgusted by the Democratic Party and their carelessness. They have no courage nor any respect for Mr. Kavanaugh and his poor family, and they have no respect for the senate. Whether or not a man is a supporter of an unpopular ideology, there is no excuse the democrats that left the hearing have. Their “victim” sounds so childish and she seems to be completely faking the assault allegations, however I and most others in the comments don’t fully know the story. Hopefully the senate was able to rightfully vote and decide on the conflicting and confusing story.

  4. It’s a scary time in America… any woman can be sexually assaulted at any time and their attacker can go on to the most powerful position without a real fbi investigation. Can’t wait for November…

  5. So this man committed perjury. Devil’s Triangle is not a drinking game. Perjury is a crime… he lied under oath. Wow republicans really know how to pick him! A dishonest judge lololol

  6. The people like this woman work with social abuse they image it happens to them but sorry for her need medication

  7. If someone do this one there is some mark of blood on bed or restrooms if they went immediately down stairs how clean the room

  8. Because this women didn’t get attention at her age she remained their laughing and she is emotional sick even boy like him with this background family if he do such a thing he run of place

  9. The demon rats are heading to their military tribunals soon…… Hundreds will be executed like John McCain McCain was PUT TO DEATH

  10. These false acusers must be charged with their crimes and in this case sedition and treason should be charged and the demon rats are going to be arrested

  11. Democrats ask questions to bring pit and Republicans can stop asking questions about nothing. I think it’s true but for them to use her like a blatant pawn is heartbreaking

  12. You do know that she took a polygraph right? But Kavanaugh did not?

    Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford releases polygraph results showing 'no deception' in her account of assault

  13. May we all be blessed with Feinstein losing in November, Republicans increase their majority in November and grow balls and may President Trump get to choose Judge Amy Coney Barrett next year to replace RBG!

  14. Fragmented to make a liberal point. I heard two Democrats thank her for her performance. This has been edited out in this news and hearing vine.

  15. That's awesome when turbin Durbin tells him to turn left and Kavanaugh just stares him down. Doesn't flinch. You sir, have ice in your veins! Congratulations Judge to your elevation to the Supreme Court! Vote Republican! Vote Ted Cruz!

  16. Is there anyone to fid a lig if brett was a country club that day.. what about the student that had the house party maybe question them if they remember brett being there why isnt mark and pj being questioned … ask her to describe the house bathroom seperately ask brett same thing see if they both come up with same answer same with mark and pj…… describe the room anything that could stand out idk im frustrated bcs i feel she is telling the truth but not enough investigating oh well 😐🤷🏻‍♀️😓

  17. From what I understand, this accusation NEVER could have been proven, specifically because no one can even corroborate the existence of such a gathering. It was ALWAYS going to be a matter of he said, she said.
    So if it never could have been proven as true or false… why was it handled in this way? Why did they put this woman who never consented to going public on display like a circus act? Why did they subject her story to scrutiny? Why did they subject this man to public humiliation?
    If this never could have been proven and Dr. Ford never agreed to go public, is this not the weaponization of sexual assault allegations by those who stand to benefit politically? Were these 2 humans not used as pawns in a political chess game? Since this allegation can never be proven, for these 2 human beings, there are no winners or losers.
    Do people really not see the danger in weaponizing these kind of allegations? Do you not see the damage that this does to victims of sexual assault? The court of public opinion treats people as guilty until proven innocent and that attitude is leaving so much destruction in it’s wake that affects ALL OF US.

  18. Ugh, she looks and sounds like Amy Schumer….Amy can play her in the made for tv movie! This woman is a joke and a liar.
    It's a little sketchy how she needs notes to remember things she did or people she talked to..this is so laughably stupid.

  19. This dude kept intimate precise records of where he was and when for 30 years and ford couldn’t remember nothin. I don’t think she thought this through.

  20. Take a shot every time she says “I don’t remember”
    Edit: brb I am typing this from the E.R now

    But seriously,
    for someone who only had one beer the whole night she sure doesn’t remember anything from that day.

  21. Why ask K if he wants an FBI investigation? It's not up to him. They don't ask the subject/suspect, 'do you want an investigation? Can we investigate you, is that okay?'

    It's not up to the subject, people.

    Grassley: "If you wanna know something, you got the witness right here to ask him. And…if you want an FBI report you can ask [the FBI] for it yourself…!"


  22. So in 2012, she already knew that Kavanaugh would be up for the Supreme Court? The second front door was already installed prior to her therapy session in 2012. Such a WHINY LIAR!!! Paid LIAR!! I do not believe her.

  23. An innocent person wouldn’t be afraid of an FBI investigation. He’s hiding something and doing a pretty pathetic job of maneuvering around the questions. He’s guilty guilty guilty and he knows it.

  24. I agree there is no evidence, but you can t tell me that he is worthy of being SC judge ( based on his behaviour ). Furthermore, the way he didn t answer the questions, cried when talking about calenders and the opening statement in which he implied conspiracies are an indicator of something suspicious ( he was lying ).

  25. i had attempted rape on me when i was 13 years old, all i wanted was to get away and i miracously did, i reported it to the police as soon as i could which was the first house i came to, that was the only thing i wanted to do is make sure he was reported, i did not wait days or weeks he had to be caught

  26. IMO she's a psychopath. Google 'psychopaths'. They comprise from 1%-4% of the populace. They RARELY cause any Physical Harm; instead they wreak havoc with the lives of people they despise, since It gives them a sense of power. Their top two characteristics are that 1. They LIE repeatedly, and 2. They have next to no remorse or empathy. Next to ZERO of them are 'hatchet murderers’ — Conversely, very few 'hatchet murderers' are psychopaths..

  27. I'm never certain about what is said these days by anyone. Most distressing situation for all… "When we find truth, constancy, fidelity and love, we are happy; but if we meet with lying, faithlessness, and deceit, we are miserable." ~ Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks

  28. if you want to show your support to Judge Kavanaugh, get this T-Shirt from this link :

  29. Why are we so obsessed with the idea that sex is something bad? Poor guy had to go to a Catholic school. Maybe .. if anything that could be the reason why a young boy would turn into a rapist. All that pent-up, repressed sexuality suddenly coming out when drinking or being at a party.
    I think Kavanaugh is ok, but the calendar thing seems a little to far stretched. Not sure if he is hiding something under that perfect fassade.

  30. Nothing in her testimony can purger her. The bed being "over there" is the only memory besides Kavanaugh being the one who sexually assaulted her. Not a single "memory" can purger her…Every question about her memory is answered "Im not sure" "I cant recall exactly" and she is an expert in psychology and knows all about "lie detectors" but answers the question about her knowledge of them as someone who knows nothing about them.
    There is a body language of Ms Ford on youtube thats very eye opening. She is a lying rat!

  31. I don't know who was telling the truth, but I do know that you don't go to court to find the truth. Also I find it to be ridiculous that all of those protestors are standing around in a circle laughing and smiling while a person is having their life ruined for something that Kavanagh hasn't even been convicted of. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?? It is truly scary what this country is coming to. Both parties are too caught up in their own personal competitions and refuse to do what is right and what should be done! I don't have the answers but the politicians in office have forgotten what makes America great. I think Trump is right on many topics

  32. Why did she go to the two furthest leaning left news outlets instead of the police? Why the media and not the police? Now she wants an FBI investigation? What?!

  33. This mirrors what I went through so much. I was falsely accused of a more heinous crime and with NO EVIDENCE, I was arrested and incarcerated for 282, and when exculpatory evidence was given to the DA, instead of DROPPING the charges, they bullied me into taking a deal, which I have regretted ever since as I am 100% Innocent, Just like KAVANAUGH is 100% Innocent of the allegations he suffered. I am glad he was confirmed, because its a thumb in the face of people who Falsely Accuse people of heinous crimes they didn't commit.

  34. 1:22:10 women “are put on trial and forced to defend themselves…” Yeah no duh, it’s called a “trial,” and the women need to PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, that what they say is true. That’s how justice works. Period.

  35. This woman has not been mentioned since the confirmation, that to me says that she was a PAWN! Also who paid for the GoFundMe account?

  36. 20 minute drive to this country club when her home is only 7-8 miles? How fast would you be traveling? 20 miles and hour or there abouts.

  37. Yes let’s go over this again and again so those of us who have endured a violent rape can relive over and over again . You are a bunch of stupid pigs. You could care less about women

  38. 1:50:25 seriously, to bring up accusations years after the alleged events happen so you can self admittedly attempt to influence the outcome of a vote, how is this even legal? this is using the legal system and our will to help genuine victims of sexual violence as a means to poison the well of politics in our democracy, and sway a vote against someone you don't want to be elected, this has nothing to do with justice, or victimization. The Democrats set the precedent with this stunt, I fear how it will recur in the future of American politics.

  39. What about Squibb ? Where's Squibb ! Does Brett and Squibb have surveillance on their smartphone ? They had better ! Stephen Colbert has Fallon kimmel they had better all have surveillance in their smartphone ! Or we gotta a very very very very big big big problem ! The government had better smarten up ! Does John brennen have surveillance on his life and smartphone ? He better have it if the the rest of us have it ! Mike Rodgers ! He had better have the surveillance on his smartphone or we got big problems ! Zuckerberg had better have surveillance on his smartphone or we got big big problems !

  40. Aww ! Eliza has a lot of wisdom ! For sure ! What about Squibb ? There was a big press conference today in front of the helicopter ! So y'all had better start paying attention ! Unemployment has never been better ! Better start asking Squibb !

  41. Aww those calendars ! That's adorable ! Awww bretts calendars aren't as good as his dads ! That's adorable ! He's so honest ! Why don't you people believe his calendars ? Look how sincere he is ! Him and Squibb ! Aww at beckys house ! Football training camp with pat ! Dang ! Where's Squibb ? Automatic ! He's Inspiring ! Big time ! Aww tobins house ! The great quarterback ! That's adorable ! Where's Tobin ? Just like his dads ! Yup ! Like diaries ! Of course they were ! Better get some more water ! Where's Squibb ?

  42. Aww poor Brett ! His friendship with the girls are important ! One night ! Dang ! Where's Squibb ? Aww put themselves on the line for Brett ! That's adorable ! Awww a good man a good man ! Be strong ! That's adorable !

  43. I've never seen someone on TV with THAT MANY smudges on their glasses.  Nobody on planet Earth who wears glasses would continue to look thru those dirty glasses without cleaning them.  Must be a tactic to make you feel sorry for her.

  44. 7:18:31 – 7:18:51 That was the stupidest thing I’ve heard in my life, there is no middle ground to that…it’s clear that Ford is acting and Brett is speaking from the heart if you can’t see that your blind #Trump2020

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