Brian Greene Hosts: Reality Since Einstein

Brian Greene Hosts: Reality Since Einstein

Englilsh Good evening everybody Thank you Thenk you Day four


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  2. Einstein was figuring all this out in his mind while people were still traveling on horses, discovering & understanding time dialation & length contraction by doing thought experiments, at a time when spaceflight was but a dream. Genius doesn't seem to do him justice, & it makes Newton & all those others even more astonishing when you consider how long ago they were figuring out all the different laws of the universe, when man's knowledge & scientific understanding was so limited, extraordinary mind's that one can but appreciate, marvel & envy. Bravo.

  3. Tattoo Ch=EL of universe as ACGT of DNA, L = 1/R = 4*3.14*(5.29177*10^-11)*137.036 = 1/10973731, E = Ch/L = ChR = 13.6*e = (9.1*10^-31)*299792458^2/(2*137.036^2) of QM, 299792458*(6.626*10^-34) = Ch = 2*3.14*gm^2 = 2*3.14*(6.674*10^-11)(2.17*10^-8)^2 of GR as Sir Michael Atiyah suggested that total gravitational potential energy from whole universe concentrate on one mass relatively, ch also from string theory at Planck's length 1.616*10^-35 equal to (hg/(2*3.14*c^3))^0.5 = gm/c^2 deduce ch=2*3.14*gm^2.

  4. QUANTUM entaglement? REALLY???  nobody understands ? REALLY???   3 billion lightyear and happened in the same time? REALLY???   you never heard fields???? you stupid !!!!! its a field question, very simple, there is a no fundamental space (and time), the space (= time) is emergent, Einstein was wrong, but however should had he know? he was a genius so wie so.

  5. The fact that anything is blue or tastes like strawberry is based on quantum electromagnetics, microtubules, entanglement and synchronicity. ( according to tiny flip books ) Otherwise you would have changed your mind.  If half the group of strawberry tasters relabels the experience would they still be tasting the same thing?  Maybe all it would take is food dye. That's why we need the LHC.  If I say," barefoot naked dancers." ,and your mind paints a picture? Is it wrong?   No, Its pattern recognition. That's what the brain does. If you're not keeping an eye on her someone else is. its a fact.  Geometry is a thing.  Stop hating it.  You're confused because you deserve it.  What a mess.

  6. Its awesome when you see the experiments in a presentation like this come to fruition. On September 14, 2015 Gravity Waves are detected. April 10, 2019 the first false color image of a black hole created by analyzing radio wave data is unveiled to the public.

  7. I wish this group will sit together once more and talk about the same stuff , knowing that we now actually have the first pictures and scientific evidance of black holes and the ripple of time and space 😊

  8. All right Einstein produce one thing thru an explosion and you might have something. If we evolved from fish why do we need oxygen. Our planet was created by an Awesome God who loves everybody even these folks who try to take his Glory. Just think if these people put this much effort in delivering drinking water and food to Haitians and other poor countries we could rid the world of many problems. How much time has went into this explaination of we dont know all while sounding really smart. Its all in the Bible.

  9. sound true gay bar gayomart fruit bottom yogart fire in the hole another brick in the wall thus spoke zarathustra .black hole yep james brown i'am black skating backwards L(back) hole.dante beatrice fruition selfies reflecting pool. See dr Jung symbols of transformation Princeton text general index. Satanic verses cybermedia usury utility cacodemons cacodemocracy ma(yogart) gayomart tata humpty dumpty and the wall alice cerns.

  10. information a mathematical abstraction of the content of any meaningful statement or data, enabling the study of the most efficient way of recording or transmitting them. A bit is a unit of information, recording no more than the presence or absence of a single feature. See information theory. 2. also called uncertainty…. collins internet-linked dictionary of mathematics.

  11. information theory, n. a collection of mathematical theories, based on PROBABILITY theory, that are connected with methods of coding, decoding, storing, and retrieving INFORMATION, and the likelihood of a given degree of accuracy in the transmission of a message through a CHANNEL, that is subject to probabilities of failure that are described by a PROBABILITY LAW. Thx Bruno Pontecorvo documentary supernova neutrinos electron neutrinos . also worked in oil exploration Falkland [?]

  12. I wish we could hear Steven Weinberg's thoughts since the photo of the black hole came out. .. Maybe he'd say that seeing an event horizon and what appears as the 'surface' is just a sense of further frustration since we can't know what's happening inside.

  13. Consider the Big Bang as not being the origin of our Universe but the continuation of space time from another universe where Black holes with so much density actually rip through the fabric of space. There might be as many universes as there are galaxies in our own backyard. Philosophical and science fiction stuff in itself but hey no one knows what happens inside a black hole and did Hawkins not discover that black holes eventually evaporate.

  14. Truth is the logic that is always absolutely right, regardless of the physical world, fact is what happened in the physical world, and ‘real’ is the case that truth or fact reveals as it is.
    So whether it is truth or not is a matter of whether it is always true regardless of the physical space and time or not, whether it is a fact or not is a matter of whether it happened in the physical world or not, and whether it is real or false is a matter of whether the revealed truth or fact is revealed as it is or not, that is, whether the truth or fact is hided, masqueraded or manipulated, or not.
    As a truth-performer, I want you to try to use them as accurately as possible.

  15. [Physical World and Truth]
    The ever changing physical world is by no means the truth itself. There is only a temporary phenomenon in the physical world and the discussed relative values in the human standpoint of living in it. The laws of nature (or physics) are not truth itself either. They are just modeling of particular condition-outcomes of change. In the modeling, unchanging truth, such as mathematics, are included. //
    The physical world is a phenomenon in which the particular cases of reason are realized on the basis of intermediation of material. Thus, when the material disappears after temporary existing, the physical world disappears. Finding evidence and proofs based on experience in the physical world is such a nuisance as finding evidence and proof in a mirage or rainbow that exists for a while and disappears. //
    Try to see up to the unchanging reason and truth inherent in the physical world, not to its temporary superficial phenomena visible outward. Physics deals with realities or facts those reasons are carried out based on material, but mathematics and philosophy are about pure reason and truth, even if material is not premised. Physical phenomena are only examples of proving reason or truth. //
    OnCharm Lee (Author of the Book “Humans, God, and Truth – Human Life is the Awakening Process”)

  16. [Reason/Truth/God World, Physical world and Material World]
    The basis of the world is the immaterial reason (or truth, or God) world, and within it, the physical worlds with finite energy exist, and again within it, the worlds of quantum material exist. The physical worlds are the realizations of parts of reason world by mediation of energy or matter.
    The wave-particle duality, quantum uncertainty and entanglement phenomena appear between the physical world of energy and the world of quantum material.
    If you understand it correctly, you have no doubt at all and understand all things of the whole world together into one.
    OnCharm Lee (Author of the Book “Humans, God, and Truth – Human Life is the Awakening Process”)

  17. To Bill Green: Just because Nikola Tesla was a great tinkerer & experimentalist & got screwed by Thomas Edison DOES NOT MAKE HIM A SPECIALIST IN DEEP HARD MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS. Get that through your inferior skull.
    THERE IS NO EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to be a CONTRARIAN ASSHOLE to mathematical physics or to climate scientists or to evolutionary biologists. If YOU are allowed to deny all THEIR hard work, then I and EVERYBODY has the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to DENY the CLAIMS of historians who say "communism or socialism or Marxism has killed people",
    OBESE people & DRUG CONSUMERS have the RIGHT to deny the claims of RIGHTWING PROPAGANDISTS who claim "obesity kills" or "drugs kill", & we may all DENY the CLAIMS of lawyers & judges & police officers that bombing prisons to free all prisoners is "illegal" or blowing up the white house or the Queen of England or the CIA or FBI or Scotland Yard or Saudi Arabia or North Korea or ISIS is "illegal".

  18. That's just amazing. I liked how Samir talks about the start of the universe was like a marble @35:00

  19. It’s so wonderful that since this video was published two of the topics alluded to have been addressed successfully: we have confirmed observations of gravitational waves and we have the first image of a black hole!

  20. The person with the light blue tie is COMPLETELY WRONG ABOUT PHYSICS, and yet he calls himself "SMART"…..

  21. It's cool to watch something like this, a talk from 2015, where they discuss imaging a black hole with radio telescopes, knowing it happens 4 years later. And talking about LIGO detecting real gravitational waves, and predicting it will happen soon. It happened the following year in 2016.

  22. No singularity! Compact disc of spinning subatomic material that is absolute zero spinning nearly the speed of light! Superconductor in Space!

  23. Are gravitational waves in space-time a contradiction? I have always thought that space-time was a concept to describe gravity. Gravitational waves do indeed imply space-time is an actual fabric.

  24. clutching my copy of the 100th anniversary edition to my chest in the beginning when Brian pulls his out I too carry that darn book around. So I hadn't realized until they got into the LIGO bit that this must have been right before 2015, the "sound" of the black holes gravitational waves is actually my text tone (So I hear it enough to recognize it) its CRAZY how close their prediction was.
    Also: What the heck is Brian's thing with throwing wallets into black holes???

  25. "I'm less rhapsodic about general relativity than other people on the stage". 😳 Way to start the conversation with a low blow at a fellow physicist. I wonder if anyone else caught that arrogant nonsense?

  26. [Development of Science and God]

    It is a tremendous achievement in human civilization that the science has uncovered the physical world and corrected the superstitions of religion (especially Christianity centering on the Bible and Jesus) and false thinking about God. However, it is too dangerous for mankind to deny the existence of God and go to atheism or materialism.

    God certainly exists. The point of the problem is that mankind is not seeing God correctly. Until now, human beings, including all religions, have mistakenly established God in the race, humanity, the earth, and the universe-centered we live in because of their ignorance, greed, wishes, and purpose.

    I know the true god exactly. When human beings know God correctly, they will live truly peaceful and free without any fear, anxiety, doubt or selfishness even without any religion.

    OnCharm Lee (Author of the book “Humans, God, and Truth – Human Life is the Awakening Process”)

  27. Was there an applause button or did it say clap for a conman. Buckle up and get history from the winners point of view. This is the longest going war and the occult changed the world to keep the simple world cut away from our modern day to day. People rioted in the streets when the new science was being enforced for the cut and weigh idea of a manipulated manmade way to play the repeater or you don't get awarded in life. How little they produce and how much more they ignore outside of the unnatural laboratory conditions in the real working world.

  28. physicists are worse than al quaeda. they nuked the japanese and started the cold war. they should be arrested! if u scream 'god is great' and blow people up ur a terrorist, if u say 'i'm exploring the universe' and murder millions they give u a nobel peace prize!

  29. This video should be updated, if possible, to mention that Gravity Waves have now been detected. Thanks for the programs. 🙂

  30. Why do they always talk about "falling" into a blackhole, only particles can enter the singularity because no combination of structures can survive coming close to it, but will always be ripped apart way before it reach the horizont.

  31. Reality science is not of Newton's mythical Gravity, and Einstein's space Bending, but it could be if we intentionally abandon our God given common senses to believe and follow such myth.

  32. Actually I think this is the top of science these days. It is so amazing and the GUT theory must be the most important theory ever. But the questions are can we combine these theories or will we evolve a new theory which take some evidence of both theories and evolve a kind of new theory of gravity. How to measure it would be a mountain of enormous difficult.

  33. WHAT IF: Traveling time is passable I would choose an Era make my Future. And live in that Era….one way Ticket only & no turning back .

  34. How beautiful is the current time w.r.t this video. We have detected gravitational waves, we have black hole image. Way to go Science!!

  35. Just in between 2015 when this was recorded and now 2019, the gravitation waves made due to two colliding black holes were detected and therefore proved and a photo of a black holes were taken.
    Such a wonderful time to be alive.
    Physics is so gorgeous and so exciting.

  36. space is hehagonal cone shaped – GRAVITY = CMB – light must multiplicate by 10 each time realy fast

  37. To me it's a whole energy goes into and there's movement energetic movement of course song despite my small capillary and understanding the black hole is from forces and fields that are energetically charged for from dimensions though we have yet to to measure the source, For instance we can see the effects on space time from a son and measure a lot of other things from that source and we can do a lot more experiments from our son then we can black hole by have a strong connection to another dimension which everything has connection to other Dimensions obviously. If black holes expand one fed energy effects of times face expanding the whole means times face is affected to the point where it implodes and does not come apart And if anything is what feeds the whole nothing can escape will escape if not effected and fed or does it fade out and beam out or everything
    keep it in a hole in the space time from it's own created force's in effect giving every dimension something ,everything follows a path , we simply can not follow the conversation's without a super computer.

  38. This video didn't age well. Right NOW the cutting edge of physics revolves around 2 Einstein papers: ER = EPR

  39. If I say…"Gravity is a potential energy gradient with a space divergency as the maximum up and mass singularity as the naximum down"…what would you say?

  40. Newton was a genius….as a person personal limits such as your individual tendencies will make you seem awkward but his genius is entire

  41. Up until 3 years ago I was familiar with Brian Green. Because of utube and Dr Tyson I became aware of two more. I am now familiar with six leading scientists that I can put into my lexicon of science . I am a 72 year old disabled Vet who is thoroughly enjoying the internet and the questions science is raising. Keep it coming guys…

  42. I enjoy going back to these previous lectures knowing how much has been proven and how they arrived at the results. These are timeless by providing so much theory and applied comprehension.

  43. I get planets wanting to follow the fabric of space and for instance earth following a straight line constantly falling into the sun, etc, etc. but 2 questions. Arent you using gravity to explain gravity and what force causes objects to orbit? Why don’t they just fall into the larger object? (In other words you push a marble around a funnel and it rotates but if you simply put the marble on the funnel it will drop immediately. Something is forcing these objects in a linear fashion. )

  44. I think it is ridiculous to think that we can see the beginning of the big bang or that the universe is expanding, light hasn’t even had time to get here yet, we’ll never be able to observe them. These red and blue Doppler effects could simply be galaxies spinning around, sometimes towards us and sometimes away.

  45. So this was 2015. Then a few months ago Weinberg’s wish of seeing a black hole was granted. Pretty mind-blowing.

  46. I always wanted a Brian Greene type professor for physics but I always ended up with the grouchy douche sitting next to him. You're smart, we get it.

  47. Space -Time Continuum is the attribute or the creation of Consiousnes , a byproduct of awareness. The whole life also doesn't exist apart from the Consiousnes .The Consiousnes generates desires and questions of origin of everything , all are answered ultimately by dissolution of Ego , which is death.
    Space -Time Continuum is like canvas for the painter.

  48. While some of us are struggling to have access to running clean water and hopping to have maybe a couple of days of uninterrupted electrical energy, these lunatics are investing billions of dollars in technology meant to measure vibrations in galaxy so far away that not even by speed of light or even warp 10 can be reached within the life time of humanity… you tell me what’s the reason why we allow such crimes against common sense…

  49. It’s amazing that a mere 4 years later we have proof of gravitational waves and a picture of a black hole 😍 what’s next???

  50. anyone who doesnt like math can go fuck themselves… im sick of these disclaimers to show people math, fuck them, if they are too stupid to not want to see the math then they should be thrown out of the auditorium

  51. World Science Festival, you're yet to touch on trapped gas molecules, the machinisim of GAS BONDING , which is the FACT of all downward falling motion where the mythical Gravity began .

  52. You people kill me always leaving human nature , and God, out of the equation. We have our physics ,with The Big Bang, or the Gelatin plasma ,fields banging together to explain the great expansion of the universe. But even though we know the nature ,of our universe . Or point A .But by having string theory, the holographic universe theory, things on A smaller scale ,such as strange entanglement, or the larger stuff like black holes, that has A new unexplained black hole . The mathematical equations, of the universe are just observations.

    The universe can be built in the quantum computing power ,of our power future doubling every year now. With super computers ,even unknown ,future power capabilities of putting all the information of the universe, into A super computer,with our control over time ,and space continuum mechanics .

    Imagine our science, growing to the point ,that with nanotechnology ,we become capable ,of filling some super computers ,with all the mathematical equations of the universe. Point C

    Now imagine our human nature does life reflect art, our does art reflect life. We have the mapping of the human genome project, coupled with computing power doubling every year ,coupled with nanotechnology ,coupled ,with Nano bots ,,that will eventually be used to be injected into our bloodstream .

    Also to do operations on say, cleaning arteries ,without invasive operations , then these small programmable robots ,capable, of so many medical advances such as finding, and killing cancer cells, to the inevitable consequences ,of mapping the human brain for things like ,evaluation get , and sending information to the super computers capable ,of deciphering the information, and producing good models ,,of what is happening with the Nero transmitters ,within the human brain .even mapping individuals brains , for augmented brain to produce super intellectual ability, super natural ( here we go sounding Biblical again) better , than man’s crude operations to map or understand the Nero transmitters of what protein is transported where, or what enzymes do what which electrons go through the Nero transmitters how ?

    Think of nano bots ,coupled, with super computers, capable of understanding Nero transmitters, first to heal neurological damage, as well as making a person who lost A limb ,to be capable of living, with A mechanical limb ,that has tapped into the brain for natural use of the nerological body. Part way to point C feeling and all. How many years until it is possible? 50/ 100/1000 .

    Eventually the brain, can be mapped, and placed into A complete mechanical body, with ones conciseness downloaded into A mechanical body ,is the only way one would be capable, of breaking loose of the gravitational Force,of our solar system. It in fact should tell us something about any life form trying to visit our solar system.or our exploration past our solar gravity that G forces would rip apart our human body.

    Then we have the economically charged gaming industry, and entertainment such as movies, at a point in time where all these scientific equations coming together ,with all the mathematical equations of the universe sitting on the heads of pins , because of the capability’s of nanotechnology,the evolution of the universe. Dark matter, and dark energy ( programming) . Can be the point in our own evolutionary universe. By mapping the human brain ,adding the creative human nature. Where our economically charged gaming industry, and entertainment industry is capable ,of creating the universe, with all the mathematical equations of the universe put within A super quantum computing universe.
    Nano bots that have tapped into our 5 senses so in the 12 detemtions can have a universe within, the known universe. A spirit ,with A soul in heaven ( sounds biblical) this would most certainly become normal, if we as humans learn how to download our conciseness, into A universe of our own construction, or mechanical body, or body’s built ,with stem cells in huge 3 D printers ,with stem cells instead of the ink ,with the proper cells placed in the right places ,to create the human bodies. Let’s call this point C where science . Is so advanced as to make these things possible.

    Ones brain ,that has been augmented, first to augment the brain to control the artificial limbs, then to achieve the 5 senses, of the economically charged gaming industry. Where people can download, their consciousness into the universe in the super computer. In the very point, of the place I of entertainment. Where one can be born live, and die in the man made universe, of virtual reality. Point C

    Look at it like this. If we are in our own place in the time space continuum. Let’s call this present time point B .

    The Big Bang is point A the field energy filled ,with the matter, and space, and time space continuum. Or point A where dark energy 85% of what holds our matter together.
    ( Gods programming) dark energy and so forth. Hahava ( more programming) to guide us to A peaceful coexistence.

    Point C is mathematically speaking Billions, Of more likely what you consider reality to be.

    You could be at point B , however mathematically speaking it is like A grain of sand.

    However if point C once conceivable let alone achieved .mathematically speaking it is like all the grains ,of sand of all the beaches ,of the universe. Once point C is achieved mathematically speaking you are already there.

    This is proof of God to the scientific mind. Pay heed no one shall reach heaven but through him. He is the living word. The living word is Love.

    Imagine the need to leave our solar system in our future . How? In mechanical body’s guided by artificial intelligence( with A prime directive like Star Trek, Noah’s Ark seeding the universe ( sounds Biblical again)wile doing our chores in mechanical body’s ,only to take our vacations in lives of ancestors, or even worlds , with different gravity. Possibilities are infinite. World of even a fantasy world ,like a Avatar from a really good writing of the construction, of the environment we vacation in ,our spirit body where we are born, live, and die without knowledge of our souls in heaven. Mathematically speaking much more likely to be reality.

    Proof of God to the scientific mind.
    My name is Kendon Erland Cutris. This is my theory of everything.

    The tiny part is us . God is millions of years more advanced than we are.

  53. Having read my help manual Decoding the Universe, Charles Seife, I am starting to lose track of the timeline of the changes taking place with new observations and experiments. I thought Hawkings lost the bet with Susskind about information preservation re it is stored on the event horizon? The other one was quantum field theory as the underlying explanation of what the universe is made of. Well that and the other 95% of ?

  54. The universes are probably star farms for the machines who are eternal. Stars create the materials they need to repair themselves. Cold, cruel, self absorbed and selfish, they could care less about organic life, we are probably just the side products of this process? Who knows for sure?

  55. There have been precious few advancements in physics since Einstein. I think that many advances scientists think that they have made will turn out to be wrong.

  56. Einstein and General Relativity have set back Human Understanding of of the Cosmos for a hundred years. He and all of the twentieth century professors will be remembered as The "Dark Ages" of Scientific Research. The Billions of dollars for things like that Hedron Collider , and Black Hole Research could have saved countless Lives , but the money was stolen from Us , and if Anyone was to question the Academic "geniuses'" justification for the money They were called "too dumb" to be able to understand the importance of Proving the existence of Black Magic, and Dark Energy. Spooky action , and other useless nonsensical misinformation.

  57. Question Professor Green !

    How do water become a state of solid mass, and what causes it to fall downward as RAINDROPS ?

  58. rename this to: quantum quackery since the fuzzy headed crack pot…

    the master theory that you don't understand very well…. sounds like richard feynman explains magnets… lol at gravitational field of the sun…. omg.. I better turn this crap off now….

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