Bruce Feiler: The council of dads

Bruce Feiler: The council of dads


  1. all of these talks sound likee freaking books!!!! if i wanted to hear this i would read his book. how about a unique talk

  2. I'm of course glad he's alive, and also that he finds value in his experience. I wasn't very engaged with his talk though. Do you need to be either a father or cancer survivor to appreciate it more?

  3. jeez there's millions of cancer survivors out there, are we now gonna have to listen to all of their stories on TED?

  4. I walked to California from Chicago, and we took donations and donated to the American Cancer Society. (you guys are stupid . com)

  5. @knifenewbie456 I am totally with you there. It wasn't a talk it was like he was reading from his book Verbatim. The story didn't have any real connection and the topic swayed so far off course in spots that it was hard just to finish watching. In fact I had to stop halfway through because it was just a waste of time and the guy instead of giving a great talk spent more time pissing in the wind. The Crappiest Ted Talk I have Seen. Don't waste your time watching this one!

  6. I know that scream, that's the sound of ultimate suffering! My heart made that sound when the six-fingered man killed my father.

  7. @TheJoshea72 no, it's just too common to be on TED, next thing you know we'll be listening how woman giving birth is a miracle and about people who quit smoking…

  8. @simsimaz2 don't tell me what to do. This is TED not bedtime stories and this just shouldn't be on TED. Stop arguing with people just to argue with them, if you think this talk should be on TED you're an imbecile. simple.

  9. @simsimaz2 wow you are stupid. I did not watch the video. WHAT I'M SAYING IS TED IS NOT A PLACE FOR VIDEOS LIKE THIS. maybe if it's written in caps you will understand?

  10. TED has too many motivational speakers nowadays. I miss the science. I want to hear more about insane gizmos, advances in astronomy and physics, huge research projects… I'm afraid I'm loosing my excitement for TED.

  11. man TED has just completely gone to shit. Self help or motivational jerks, anecdotal yada yada brought to you by Rolex and GE megalocorp

  12. @garsine What a brilliant observation!!! It never occurred to me that I wasn't paying a direct fee for this. Of course this completely alters my position. I was sad that an avalanche of brilliant ideas has been replaced by pop-psychology and pseudo-wisdom, but now that I know I'm not paying….

    I really don't get you people who make pacifier comments like this.

    They want us to watch; so they can sell ads. We are right to complain about the content if it is less than satisfactory.

  13. @simsimaz2 The hypocrisy in people like you astounds me. You spent who knows how long informing SuperiorApostate that he could just "not watch the video", while you could just ignore his comment. I submit to you that it is coward who feels the need to tell others to be quiet when confronted with opinions they don't like. Post whatever you like, but don't think you have the high ground. You are doing the very thing you complain about.

  14. Technology Entertainment Design (T.E.D.). People brought together to share their ideas. I don't see where all these self-help gurus fit into that model.

    This is a "feel good" story. That's great and all, but where is the idea? Where is the innovation? "Don't give up." Great message, but not a new idea; more importantly, it has nothing to do with Technology, Entertainment, or Design.

    Worse! this is TEDmed. Shouldn't it be ideas about medicine, not "Chicken Soup for the Soul".

  15. @simsimaz2 I'll ask you not to respond to me with a lucid rebuttal. If you have any decency at all, you will swear at me and call me names. I don't know who you are that you think you can soundly knock down my knee jerk response, with a thought out argument.

    Touche. Sorry.

    I will say this. I didn't want you to shut up. I misperceived your intent and sought to make you reconsider stifling differing opinions. That was clearly unnecessary.

  16. @NickBlackDIN

    Fucking disgusting…. He's trying to make a point and you belittle it with sex jokes…………

    I fucking love it!

  17. @GameDevMonkey
    I think the answer is obvious. Like one: No matter how long you know your friends is still possible that one of them could be perverts. I mean there not related to your daughters so what could possibly stop them. Second: They may have some moral isseus wich you would totally disagree. They could be against homosexuality or pro bestaility. You dont know what there doing when no one is looking.

  18. @GameDevMonkey
    If this dude asked me to join the councels of Dad. I would refuse in a drop of a hat. And i wouldnt cry like a big sissy and get all emotianal. If one of my friends needs help in situations where they need a little money or help in moving out. Sure i'll help! But i cant take an offer wich will effect me for the rest of my life! Even though they have family and all.

  19. @yourix2 Wow. You have a pretty twisted mind. Friends are usually people you trust and not people you harbour wild suspicions of them being perverts. He's choosing people he trusts, people he considers to be valid role models. Is your position really that because these men are not family there is nothing to stop them abusing his children. That's taking that feminist "all men are potential abuses" bullshit to nauseating new places. What if it was a council of mothers, would you feel the same?

  20. @yourix2 I'm not talking about not looking out for your children and taking reasonable precautions, but to not trust anyone, ever, even your closest friends…scary.

  21. @GameDevMonkey
    Scary part is even your closest friends can still stab you in the back. We dont live in sugercoat world where good people rule the world. We live in a cold, nasty and cruel place. Yes there might be some people you might still risk and turn your back for a minute or two. Still thats the kind of world we live in. I mean there are people now who cant eat. Yet still you live in a place where people over eat. So yeah its scary but thats called reality.

  22. The one thing I can tell everyone here is that breaking your femur, which both Bruce and I did as children, hurts like you can't imagine.

  23. if you liked this then you should also check out Randy Pausch because he did something similar with his Last Lecture (albeit much better than this and more emotionally captivating, this was kinda boring)

  24. @MusicStudyMan
    Dude! How does my thinking can have any effect on society? Just because i dont fully approve this cute idea of assembling random people to take care of my children makes me some kind of evil person. If i die the person i would trust with my children would be my mother and father (If there where still alive) or close relatives i trust. SIMPLE!! I didnt join the league of evil super villians. I just disagree with this idea. You idiot.

  25. Take away what inspires you and leave the rest. No need to be critical. Thinking and speaking negative thoughts has negative impact on your body and soul.

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