1. She won't even let anyone debate and talk that's not what the debate means so the indian women who is in charge don't do that let them talk periode

  2. Bernier is the only one with clear answers. The rest don't wven answer the questions. They just blame each other or defer to topics that are not relevant. I'm a conservative. But Scheer is weak and Trudeau and Singh are jokes. Why are the green party and the bloc even there

  3. "As Prime Minster how would you defend Canadians on the world stage?"
    Scheer: "Trudeu is a phony, do you hear that? A BIG FAT PHONY. "

  4. All parties except PPC= more taxes, more rules and regulations, more government, no independent nation/country. PPC= less taxes, less government, less regulations, more national independence

  5. PPC is the voice of COMMON SENSE…What matters is We say NO to globaalism ( Liberals ) and keep the true north strong and Free.
    Vote not for a candidate Vote for Canada…Ask not what your country can do for You ask what You can do for Your Country.

  6. Reason why sheer is on Trudeau so much is bc that’s his only competition. He only needs to beat him to win. The rest of the parties never won

  7. so trudeau says the conservative party is running a dirty campaign, It is not considered a dirty campaign, when the opposition tells the truth about an opponent, not to mention trudeau's unscrupulous campaign! "IN MY OPINION"

  8. Uggh im so disgusted that my dad had to pay for his pills thousands later And he just uggh died anyways stupid government

  9. I am turning off the news and waiting for the votes total to tell me WHO WON, and HOW IMPORTANT IS IT Who came in SECOND – THIRD – Forth ETC???????

  10. 3:25:50 Bernier wouldn’t even let Scheer talk.. This doesn’t even seem like a debate anymore, it’s just arguing at this point

  11. Turdeau and Greens will move jobs to China where factories pollute the world without restriction – how does that improve climate exactly? Are they just being paid off by China to fool the public?

  12. honestly i don't really care about what they do as long as everyone's not suffering and i don't get put into a residential school.

  13. As a general Elizabeth May booster, I'm a little disheartened to hear how vehemently she supports foreign aid. Guess I wasn't as familiar with their platform as I'd thought. Canadian tax dollars belong in Canada. Too bad the Libertarian Party of Canada seems so disorganized. I tend towards their platform ideals by a wide percentage.

  14. this country is in debt, anything they promise to do healthcare dental care enviromentally, we have 0$. anything they plan on doing you will be paying for it, dont be dumb and let them buy your vote with your own money

  15. Horrible! all of them horrible. kind of feel it for Canada…you maybe deserved to have one qualified candidate, I hope you did!

  16. 3:55:24 So they removed five seconds from each politician and didn't inform them so they could adjust their speech? What professionalism.

  17. I had a friend who did lots of crooked things. One day he told me that one of his clients had told him that he looked like a crook. When I looked closer, the client was absolutely correct, he did look like a crook. I can spot one a mile away now, and I can tell you that Andrew Scheer is a crook.

  18. lol this year is going to be my first time voting since I just turned 18 a few months ago and based on wot sheer is saying, it has completely ruined my impression of the conservatives –_

  19. The elections are always so difficult for me as I live in Alberta and practically none of them prioritize Alberta. But I support the NDP! Let's go Jagmeet Singh

  20. The rich get richer and the poor get more poor. Tax the top wealth and give back to the community we need tax reform

  21. Sheer shows so much weakness by just insulting others than speaking on his own platform. Bro just stay in your lane and speak on your platform. This guy is such a child.

  22. Maybe Sheer had better chance if he had said nothing about Liberal and Justin Trudeau with that being said Jagmeet Singh can probably be future prime minister.

  23. I know what Trudeau did was unprofessional and rude but seriously how many times has Scheer not said, “That’s what Trudeau is doing wrong.”

  24. Can you please help me mr. Pot foreign this is really escalated to the talk now instead of making me happy which they can turn around and give me something new and beef up the gigs system because there gigs here suck is 7 days is not 20 Can you please help me mr. Foreign this company is giving me a lot of problems by refusing not to help instead of helping me they want more money I'm on a disability I can't afford it it was supposed to be low money and you don't even get real gigs here they know how to lie cheat and pull the wool over your eyes just for money and I believe this is a criminal act the letting me sit here with no gigs and they're refusing to help this company should not be working with the public generation at all they shouldn't even have a license to operate they can't compete with other companies and the laws of Ontario today is that they have to compete with other cell phone companies and they're not doing it this way this is why I'm in so much trouble

  25. Singh looks utterly ridiculous in that yellow clown hat. He should have been running for PM of India, oh but wait he's banned from entering India.

  26. Every single tariff that that effeminate, scandal-ridden, inept twerp, Trudeau, levies on American imports will reciprocated in kind and Trudeau can expect to have to pay for his country's military defense in full from now on. No more leeching off the American taxpayers.

  27. jagmeet singhs response on bill 21 is well i have fought through stuff like bill 21 sooooooooooooo why does it matter if i intervene or not

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