Capitol staffer arrested for leaking GOP Senators’ info

Capitol staffer arrested for leaking GOP Senators’ info


  1. Good they caught the bastard. That deserves some prison time 100%! Putting good peoples lives at risk.. innocent family members from god knows what crazy azz hole.

  2. Yeah not surprised at all … She is a punk and how the people of Texas allow her and Green to represent them is a mystery …

  3. Sheila Jackson is s disgrace, please stay away from Ghanaian people. We don’t like the likes of u and Maxine Walters representing Ghanaian people

  4. Oh man, that's so scary and dangerous. Senators could have gotten hurt if people really went to their homes. Not cool

  5. Left leaning judicial system will probably plea it down to a misdemeanor and the judge will give him probation.
    Now if it was a republican who did that to dems all hell would break loose.

  6. Sheila J. Lee, in 2006 or 2007, (i can look it up) was keynote speaker at a celebration dinner for a program called S.K.I.P. Supporting Kids of Incarcerated Parents. Of which, my children were part of as their mother, who struggled with substance abuse, was incarcerated after we divorced. This was the MOST DIFFICULT TIME OF OUR LIVES. At the celebration dinner, Sheila Jackson Lee was wonderful to EVERYONE except me and my kids….why? Well, I'm Caucasian, a MAN with full and sole custody of kids, and a conservative. She literally ignored me and my kids. It was extremely hurtful. My kids were 7(son) and 11(daughter). Why doesn't anyone want to speak to MY family about the way we were treated….which was DISGUSTING!!!!
    I saw her true character that night and I KNEW I was looking at truly a terrible human being.

  7. Sheila Jackson Lee is a member of a racist sorority AKA. It only accepts Black members. Can you imagine a whites only sorority? Why the hell do the schools allow such blatant racism? I demand an investigation.

  8. Nail her! She is guilty! Don't need a trial or hearing or evidence! The democrat senates are masterminds! Don't need evidences! They are guilty!!

  9. I been watching few pro Republican news videos and they give you information in a slot of 45 secs to 9 minutes..
    I now understand the level of ignorance… You get pieces of info and In your comment section you drum up falsehood of said info… I feel your pain.. and I'm not democrats

  10. Wait? He was arrested for publishing phone numbers and addresses? how is that illegal? remember when Trump gave out Graham’s phone number on live TV?

  11. Breaking news. Before said staffer could rat on Lee. He some how snuck a gun with a suppresor into his cell and shot himself twice in the chest and once in the head, his guilt was laid out in his suicide note that was typed and digital signed and left on the floor. Lol

  12. This is just one that got caught. Ooh he worked for sheila Jackson. That actually makes sense. They sure do hate the American way of life.

  13. The Republicans have no claim to any title for truthfulness or plain dealing! But this incident clearly shows that he 'left' (as they call themselves) has taken off the gloves.. so to speak.

  14. The democrats are operating with a Wild West mentality. Laws mean nothing to them. Serious action needs to be taken. We need an extensive investigation into each and every one of them and heads need to roll.

  15. THE  DEMOCRATS    POSE  A   SERIOUS  AND  DANGEROUS   THREAT   TO  AMERICAS   NATIONAL  SERCURITY  AND SOVEREIGNTY,,,,,     DIANNE  FEINSTEIN  WITH  HER  DRIVER  WHO IS A  CHINESE   SPY,     DEBBIE WASSERMAN  SHULTZ   Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s top information technology guy, the Pakistani-born Imran Awan — who was under investigation by the FBI for theft and cybersecurity-tied abuses — was arrested at Dulles International Airport as he tried to flee the country.And now Democrats are rushing to defend him, saying he’s the target of massive federal Islamophobia. What a crock.             THE    DEMOCRATS   ARE  A  SERIOUS   AND  DANGEROUS   THREAT   TO  AMERICAS  NATIONAL   SERCURITY   THEY  MUST  BE  REMOVE  FROM   THE SENATE

  16. This guy will fall on the sword for the Democrats, or he will get to meet the Clinton's suicide man.   The left is completely unhinged.  They seem to want to start a civil war-that will not end well for them.

  17. Where is Joe McCarthy now that we need him most? Turns out Hollywood really was filled with communists. Let's get a new UnAmerican Activities committee going.

  18. You could see her pass a paper to fords lawyer during a break in the proceedings. Was this the names and addresses of the senators? They way she sneakily moved back after depositing it, the manner of disappearing afterwards was unbecoming of a Morally ethical senator of the American people. Like a snake.

  19. More arrests need to happen .Democrats have been violating the constitution at every turn. There should be consequences for blazzy falsely accusing judge Kavanagh.

  20. Democrats are so dishonest, even their staffers are dishonest no moral core. People we must defeat liberal Democrats at the voting booth.

  21. If you want Detroit, you got it. keep voting these bananas into office. My computer mouse has a higher IQ than Mizaa Jackson Lee.

  22. I believe the first report of the IP address identified a female staffer. Now it's a male staffer. My take….he's a nonsinging fall guy, not the original leaker.

  23. Hello Leavenworth . . . we gonna need a room . . . unless he flips on Ms Lee, then we'll need two rooms . . . . Retire that ignoramus, Texas.

  24. it was an effort to give the people who those republican senators represent an opportunity to contact those senators. maybe that is a crime but it nothing to do with indentity theft. they should have access to their senators so they can say what they want them to do for us or what not to do. I'm sure these senators – as well as democratic senators who are just as guilty – don't want to know what we want but still they have the right to tell them and this person was just giving them access.

  25. I'll even go so far as to say "Steal'er seat Jackson" didn't know (RIGHT) and that envelope was no payoff to Fords lawer.

  26. A sample of the 1984 style fascism if the democrats got into power. Deliberately exposing someone's identity to crazy people is like a time bomb so that staffer should be tried as a terrorist at least. Unfortunately the democrats will blame him now for all their past leaks and deflect suspicion from their other shady operatives.

  27. He should have to receive anonymous phone calls for 30+ years saying things like, "The senators and their families did nothing wrong, but you did," or "You need to change your political beliefs or we'll keep harassing you."

  28. Why should we believe you and just take your word for it, Ms Lee? I mean there is no evidence, just allegations against you. Saying you put him up to it. So you must be guilty Ms Lee, prove your innocence. Call for an FBI investigation, maybe a polygraph.

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