Chan Tsz Wai – Elected District Council Member – 25 November 2019

Chan Tsz Wai – Elected District Council Member – 25 November 2019

o will use eh my own words to do a live stream there are not many people on my fan page that’s why I believe become a bit bolder, in terms of speaking The topic for this live stream is is about the district where I live the district council to ask for follow up but I, from the first time I went there there to demand a follow up the case until today, the DAB the district council did not reply Because I went here I said he reflected it to the government departments but he did not notify me I also did not see on the street that he made a voice for these animals And I Yau Ma Tei, Jordan MTR Station had a signature collection station There were 20 respondents showing their utmost regret that this happened, it is not possible But the district council totally according to the current incident did not reflect on his pamphlets or street or in real person to give them a voice This incident hurts me very much ok


  1. I was clueless until I read the cover page. Is he like, mentally retarded? I'm not sure if he is suitable for this position, but I don't object it if people think he can represent them (no offense intended )

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