Coding the Moon Landing

Coding the Moon Landing

It was 1960, when the 24 year old mathematician “Margaret Hamilton” took a job as a programmer at MIT in Boston The reason behind her decision was not her passion for computer science she wanted to support her husband during his three-year stint at Harvard to get a law degree to earn money while he was at the University. Afterwards, the two wanted to swap roles she was to do her diploma in mathematics, but it never came to that. Soon Hamilton was so enthusiastic about programming and so talented in it that she was handling a lot of projects in her early 30s She finally led her own team at NASA one that pursued a mission that could hardly be bigger It was to program the software that will land “Neil Armstrong” and “Buzz Aldrin” on the moon Don’t forget to Like share and subscribe to the channel. And if you like those videos, please ring that bell The code that made this possible is public today It is a joint work of at least 19 men and 5 women stunned with comments They are marked with a hashtag at the beginning of the line as is still commonplace in many programming languages Then as now these comments should explain the software’s function, but they tell us more than that. They tell us the journey Personality and humor of the team. Thanks to Hamilton and the work She led notations of what humanity could do and be changed not just beyond stratosphere But also here on the ground Software engineering a concept Hamilton pioneered has found its way from the moon landing to nearly every human on earth by the 1970s “Hamilton” had moved on from NASA and the “Apollo” program she went on to found and lead multiple software companies today her company “Hamilton Technologies” is just a few blocks away from MIT where her career began a hub of the code revolution That’s still looking towards the Stars.

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  1. She’s adorable , Hamilton deserves as much credit as Armstrong for landing on the moon, if not more. Great work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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