Completing an Escape Room w/ Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

– All right, you have
a plan for everything, health care, gun control. That’s why we brought you
here to Trapology Boston. It is not a trap house. It has nothing to do with trap. No, nothing it has to
do with escape rooms. Escape rooms. And you’re going to help
us escape an escape room. Yeah, and you guys are
going to– we’re going to do this together, right? Yeah, just like
you’re going to help us escape this
wicked administration that we are currently under. I’m for that. Well done, well done. See that segue? [MUSIC PLAYING] I was given this envelope. It’s not Tyra mail. It is just a regular envelope. What’s happening? What does it say here? You and your team are
trapped on a haunted submarine. The ghost of the
former captain is angry because he thinks that you’re
the crew that held the mutiny that led to his demise. To escape, you need to disarm
the ghost captain’s torpedo and get back to the surface. But first, restore the power. OK, I’m for that. Restore the power. – Why do you have to–
– Whoa. – Oh.
– Hey, the power went out. – Se fue la luz.
– The power went out. What is that? OK, so what are we doing? GHOST CAPTAIN: You are
the people that killed me. – No, not us.
– No, we didn’t. GHOST CAPTAIN: I
wonder if you think that after all these years, I’ll
forgive you for what you did. Just want to go on record as
saying this is the worst Circle Line Cruise I’ve ever been on. I don’t know. I think there’s some people
who have been on worse. All right, OK, so we’ve
got to get the power back on. OK, OK. Oh, I’ve got power. There we go. But that’s not the power. Always look under
the mattress, right? Like, isn’t that something– THE KID MERO: Oh, one
of Dad’s magazines. Here’s something
that can’t be right. What is that?
Is that a blunt? I don’t know.
What does it say? Is that a flare? All right, fuse, so, look,
there’s a fuse box over here. There’s a like a
fuse box over there. OK, replace fuses, initiate
power cycle, turn keys. Put one in. Here we go, there’s one. OK, totally got it.
What do you got? Jackpot. It’s got a combination lock. OK, this says the– –only easy day was yesterday. Is that a Beatles lyrics? So if today is
June 9, that’s 0609. Yesterday would have been– 0608. Yay. Oh, oh man are
we off to a start. – Let’s go.
– Whoa. Another fuse. Oh, another one. Another one. [WHISTLING] – Oh, god, OK.
– OK, all right. Now what? I’m just going to put these
glasses on for no reason. Look, they’re the
Ray Jay glasses. Yeah, but they– they
really make you look smart. Like that. You should try them on. I’m impressed. All right, so let’s
check out this box. This is going to have
something to do with it. Listen, guys, I
don’t want to brag, but I have extensive
HVAC technology. – Oh.
– You know? – Then you’ve got to do this.
– No, it’s so– OK, so do you want me to
stand over there with my finger on the right button and
you tell me which one? – Yes.
– OK. THE KID MERO: This one
right here is going to– DESUS NICE: I don’t want
to be a buzzkill but, this isn’t really HVAC.
– HVAC? I mean, well, you know, it’s
kind of is because, you know, there’s wires. DESUS NICE: Press green
and blue at the same time. ELIZABETH WARREN:
Green and blue. [BEEPING] Oh, that was it. Now what? Turn the keys. DESUS NICE: Turn the keys.
don’t have any keys. Do you have keys? DESUS NICE: I have one key here. I think we have to turn
them at the same time. On three, guys, cound me down. ELIZABETH WARREN: One–
DESUS NICE: –two, three– Wait, guys, if
I don’t make it, tell Heather and the
kids I love them. Ah! Whoa! Yay. Let there be light. How are we doing, team?
too litty in the crib. – Here we go.
– Oh. Whoa. Oh. We could’ve just
smashed that box. Yeah, we could’ve just– You could have taken
a deal, hit the box. –done this one, Super Mario. Taken an axe and chop
the– you know this crew wasn’t as smart as we thought.
– Brainpower. Anyway, well done. Do we have a team name? – Future presidents of America.
– There we go. I like it.
I like it. There we go,
future presidents. It’s going to
be back here and– Somebody bring the axe. OK, it’s more– Oh, and are we getting
closer to the guy who’s trying to kill us? I hope not. INTERCOM: Gas leak
detected on terminal A. GHOST CAPTAIN: This
is what happens when you try to fight me. Well, we’re not
trying to fight you. How is that fair? We’re just trying
to get out of here. How is that fair? We didn’t kill him and now
we’re– he’s killing us? We’re not trying to fight you,
guy, we’re just trying to get out into the rest of the world. OK, let’s don’t
argue with him. Let’s just fix it, OK? Terminal A, green light. – That one is green.
– Yellow. Green. Green. Red, green. This last one. Oh! Oh. Hey, there we go. All right. Gas leak stopped. GHOST CAPTAIN: Wrong. We got– [LAUGHTER] [INTERPOSING VOICES] – We’re still going to die.
– We’re still going to die? He said that we’re
still going to die. Bobby is all green. Bobby, look, it working.
Now what do you want? What else do you want
now/ What do you want? What do you want? We just kind of believe
in muscling through. Got them all green, we’re done. Just do it through. There’s a gas leak
on this submarine. We do not have time for puzzles. What is it? – What is it?
– Orange. Orange. Orange. INTERCOM: Terminally
stabilized, gas leak secure. Take that, captain. – Yeah.
– Yeah. I’m counting on you
to get through first. – Yeah.
– OK. – Use me as your meat shield.
– There we go. Ready? One, two, three. What’s up?
What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? OK. Oh, these are the bombs. The bombs, OK. Torpedoes, we’ve
gotta get rid of them. All right, Lucy, Olive, Betty. – And Betty.
– You know what? Why don’t we wait.
Why don’t we wait. Because I bet the captain
has something to say to us. Where you at ghost? GHOST CAPTAIN:
Patience with you. No, yeah, of
course you are, yeah. GHOST CAPTAIN: One of those
torpedoes is armed to explode. You should figure out which
ones you want to survive. We could just push the button
and fire them all, right? Also, what is– some
drawings up there. You’ve got an ear, a hand. Oh, I see what he said. Ear, touch, Popeye’s,
sneaker, pencil, martini, seahorse, oil drum. As in olive oil? You know what? Wait, we’ve got a
Popeye and Olive Oil. Oil loves olive. Olive, oil. So darn. We’ve got to put this bad boy. Oh, it’s armed. Yes, his arms. Oh! – Easy, easy.
– Here we go. There we go. All right, fix
your presidents. Be careful, it’s armed.
[BEEPING] Here we go. Yay. Oh. Torpedo successfully
deactivated and deployed. GHOST CAPTAIN: [GROWL]
You have outwitted me– Yay! On three. Woo. We did it and
we got to selfie. You know what’s
wild, this whole thing is just like if they had an
HR department or something it could’ve been solved. That’s right. If they’d paid the
sailors their wages, this never would’ve happened.
– You’re right, yo know– – Fair wages.
– –fair wages. What do you think?
Yeah. Wow. [THEME MUSIC]

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