Congressman Disputes Sen. Graham’s Credibility | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Congressman Disputes Sen. Graham’s Credibility | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Sorry, Joe. You're wrong. The vast majority of Conservatives WILL believe and excuse Graham and Trump no matter what the evidence is. Unless the Democrat voters of America who sat back and refused to vote for Hillary and gave the presidency to Trump come out to vote…Trump will most likely win again. At the moment you will never convince the cultists otherwise about Trump. The Dem House and Senate members will always be the enemy who railroaded Trump and made too much out of a 'nothing burger'. There will always be enmity. America simply has to vote Blue en masse to save their democracy regardless of what the conservative cultist hypocrites believe.

  2. This isn't news anymore. The right side media brings on right side politician to say left side is wrong and the left side media brings on left side politician to say right side is wrong. It's just Mr. Freeze and Mr. Heat Misers.


  4. Graham can honestly say that he has not seen any evidence if he does not look at it or read it. When this goes public he wont be able to go to work, watch TV, read the paper, listen to his family….He will have to lock himself in a dark room, sound proof the walls (tRump can help with this) and asphyxiate himself to keep the truth from reaching his ears. Until this happens, he can keep on believing what ever he wants. He will, in the end, be voted out of office though.

  5. Who watches CNN? Change of heart? No…. I am from New Zealand and I've read the transcript. It's a nothing burger as you Americans would say. It's just another nothing burger like the Russian Hoax. Despite the fact that our Media here in NZ is controlled by special interest groups, we have managed to get the truth. I hope Trump would create and pass what I would call the "Media Accountability Act." Biden is your bad guy. It's Biden. No one else. Man they really do protect their own don't they? I am watching both sides very carefully, and CNN has George Sorrows written all over it. Trump never asked anyone for help from a foreign leader. It's total bull kaka.

  6. Graham is a shameful reminder of the skewed moral compass of those with unchecked power. We need terms limits on all of government officials. Shameful and laughable at best. Graham and his camp shall forever be remembered for his double talk and discount sham of a congressman. Graham's legacy is tarnished and needs to be investigated as to why he's hanging on Trump's nuts!

  7. We the people that is who these guys are supposed to be working for, so this make me think, this goes deeper than what’s on the surface, what fantastic deal have they been promised what have they invested in that would make them throw away lifetime Careers and service hmmmmm

  8. Leningrad Lindsay just keeps helping Jaime Harrison to take this South Carolina senate seat in 2020. He must just choose to ignore everything he was taught in law school.

  9. Bribery is the act of giving or receiving something of value in exchange for some kind of influence or action in return, that the recipient would otherwise not offer.

  10. U.S. court proceedings are equal for all! those who do not show up to court should have a bench warrant put out on them. they should be arrested with no bail for contempt of court, these are serious charges which must be brought to light and this president should be impeached for crimes against the safety and security of and the immoral greed of this lying, con'niving, thieving, only for selfishness POS, the ACTING ( like a hollywood movie star!)(phony he is!) president of these United States of America. trumpty dumpty has fallen and will not be put together again unless by the devil himself! 0 …t

  11. This is politics at it most disgusting our generation should be disappointed at this fake government sick to the core🤮

  12. Graham sounds tired and worn out. That'll happen when a person believes in something or someone regardless of the evidence to the contrary right in front of his face. Trump can't be defended. End of.

  13. Officials that refuse to view the evidence or write it off before seeing it, should not be holding public office. You were voted in to serve the people, not yourselves and other politicians. Never thought the United States would be in this low position. Our country standing has fallen.

  14. Where in AMERICA does a juror get to "refuse to read…" Evidence and still get to serve on that jury? Lindsay Graham refuses to read SWORN TESTIMONY that contradict his pre-selected opinion of this case and should be REMOVED from this and ALL committee positions.

  15. It's really embarrassing that the Republican senators have their heads so far in the sand! What happened to their sense of justice and the rules of law? They're about to lose their seats in the Senate in 2020! Good riddance!

  16. Here, the thoughtful discussion and analysis of this issue dominating the infosphere goes far beyond many of the other networks in effective information dissemination for a society grounded in reality.

  17. And that's why it's time for Lindsey Graham and most of the republican party to go away … Graham should have left a long time ago … Even Moscow Mitch is not stupid enough to stick his neck this far out for Trump …. But all Lindsey Graham can do is hang his head in shame … ( and I would hope resign )

  18. That Lindsey sucker is going to die a terrible death for being such a lying and dishonest hipocrite.
    He was one of the first ones that wanted to impeach Clinton .

    How hipocrital is that, that he doesn't see anything wrong with what the mobster Trump does ??

    Trust me, GOD isn't happy with any of these clowns that goes to church every Sunday; that claim themselves to be self-righteous..!!!

    How can all these Republican dogs live with themselves lying to the American people….acting like they care so much about democracy and good morals.

    They are so corrupt to the core.
    Please America, if you have moral conscious, run from these devils that claim Jesus & GOD as their savior.!!

  19. John McCain needs to pay Lindsay Graham a visit tonight and have a little chat about what it means to disagree with our Constitution.

  20. lindsey graham, starting with a foregone conclusion and working backwards, before the full case has been made. And this is as expected. But this shows the value to impeachment, even if the republicans act as a wall to trump. Impeachment will at least expose members of the Senate for their role in this and what they're willing to allow from a president. They yell and scream that trump isn't getting "due process"(he is, that is what the impeachment process is) acting like it's a legal process. Impeachment only vaguely resembles a legal process. It is a political process. It would be nice if the republican senators pretend to be fair and open-minded, but it is not required. But they have to go on record about where their loyalties actually lie, and we already know it's to the party and their donors rather than the country and Americans. They're in a poor position. I hope they have fun with that.

  21. Trump said he would bring down the Good Ole Boys club BUT he didn't say that he would use them to bring themselves down lol by standing with him on his Extortion of a foreign leader

  22. I’d give anything to hear a reporter/journalist interviewing McConnell or Graham get it their face and scream, “What the @#$& is wrong with you? “


  24. You think our country is divided now, just wait, it's going to get even worst. People like Lindsey Graham will go down in history, but not the way he'll want to be remembered for.

  25. Graham was once one of the most vocal opponents of Trump. The way Graham flipped, I wonder if Trump has dirt on Lindsey Graham. The kind of dirt that would make most people sick to their stomach. How else can you explain his complete 180?

  26. It has come out that Russian billionaires generously lined Giuliani's pockets for "consulting fees". Would it surprise anyone that Moscow Mitch, Lindsay Graham, Barr, Pompeo also have received their fair share? This is the selling off of America.

  27. The biggest piece of stupid is that even if Trump is guilty of the worst thing he is accused of… So what? THINK ABOUT THIS   1) After President Obama made Vice President Joe Biden the White House’s point person on Ukraine, Joe Biden’s son,after traveling with his father Joe Biden on Air Force Two  who has absolutely no background — meaning no skill or expertise — in the energy sector, was paid something like a million dollars from a Ukrainian energy company BURISMA for his, uhm, expertise.                                                                                                                         2)  When the Ukraine government began to look into this obvious corruption, Biden threatened to withhold critical U.S. aid. 1.8 Billion,  unless the government agreed to fire the prosecutor investigating his son, and we know this happened because Biden has been stupid enough to brag about it on live TV.     3) President Donald Trump asks Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate allegations of corruption against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.   Here’s today’s big question… Out of those three, which one is a CORRUPTION scandal? , I’m going to go with door number one and door number two.
    THIS IS REAL CORRUPTION:'Quid Pro Quo' Bombshell.  Hunter Biden’s investment company scored a $1.5 billion investment deal with the Bank of China after traveling with his father Joe Biden on Air Force Two to the country in 2013. Further, then-vice president Joe Biden forced out former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin as he was investigating the gas giant Burisma Holdings, which was paying Hunter Biden $83,000 monthly as a member of its board, despite his lack of expertise in the energy sector. Biden later boasted before the Council of Foreign Relations last year that he had threatened to withhold $1.8 billion in U.S. aid unless the prosecutor investigating BURISMA   was fired.

  28. Poor Little Lindsey, I think he's starting to get used to walking around without testicles. How long has it been since he handed them over to his master Donnie? I wonder if he actually cares to get them back at this point. Oh well, just vote him out next election.

  29. Graham has no creditability! Look how he allowed Trump to talk about John McCain in life and in death. Graham is afraid of Trump. He has no moral compass. He doesn't matter.

    God Bless America!!

  30. I'm sure the late Senator McCain has turned over in his grave at what a Spineless person his friend Linsley Graham has become. I can see a bandage on his face, dis he cut himself shaving? I don't see how he can look himself in the mirror. What does the person in the WH have on him? Whatever it is it us eating him alive, u can see it on his face. The old saying. "What u do in the dark will come out in the light".

  31. Let the filth in the republican 53 do what there doing…….the Dems will move in for the capture of all branches of government. Yes!

  32. like if Lindsey Graham had any credibility to start with, he says one thing one day and another the next life member of the Washington swamp

  33. Trump is a extortionist and help up help to a allie! Do you trump supporters really want this criminal behavior to continue? Be a true patriot and give that question a open minded answer! Please!!

  34. Lindsey Graham does not have a single bone in his backbone. He is as sleazy as Giuliani. Throw him out of the Senate, pronto.

  35. They will continue to lie and tell the public there's absolutely nothing and they will be absolutely thrilled with that.

  36. Embarrassing is not strong enough a word for Grahams lack of thought and work to understand exactly how the foreign policy of the US has been manipulated for the political advantage of trump. The US does not have royalty an no one owes this president for anything. He blew his oath of office out the window on day one. Craven is a better word for Graham.

  37. graham has a bandaid on his head and acts like he has been hit on the head, not surprising. graham is a loser, graham didn't read the Mueller report either, he is too lazy….Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs!….any senator who comes out and say they will not consider removing trump period as potential jurors should not be allowed to vote during the trial faze that includes mcconell, graham, and mccarthy and pedophile loving jim jordan….great reporting and interview, I love listening to Rep Sean Patrick Maloney we need more people like him in government leadership. Thank you all Democrats we love you.

  38. JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. The big child p resident likes to issue childish names for all the Trump haters but I’ve got one for Lindsay. He should be known as “MACKEREL “ and if they are the same over there as they are in Australia they would be covered in heaps of slime .

  39. I so hope Vindman is t being treated badly by trump on a daily basis. Trump has the power to talk to him like he was a piece of trash, and that's trump style.

  40. Mmk Lindsay..don't read anything..but to be're only hurting yourself & YOUR party. You're definitely not hindering ANY of the Democrats' work. You can whine all you want…we'll just tune you out.
    You are not necessary.

  41. Dear America, for years you have portrayed yourselves as the good guys, the reason why the other side was bad, because you obeyed the rule of law, your cops did not willy nilly gun folks down, your soldiers took prisoners not arranged firing squads or death camps, your country gave folks a chance to come, work and make a better life, that no one was above the rule of law …. and now the party of Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed the slaves, the party of Dwight Eisenhower, who fought the Nazi's and liberated the death camps … and you now are doing this racist cult belief in Trump as well as betraying the Kurds, …. a sad end to the american dream and any claim your have to being the world's hope against tyranny…. your former Ally and a country that knows how to ban assault rifles after a public massacre

  42. Sondland is just another coffee boy…. and Yes, Graham has lost all credibility as a member of any political body as have many Republicans, too many to list.

  43. The GOP has lost all credibility and deserves to crash and burn at the next election and disappear for a generation…

  44. Graham has been positioning himself for a shot at the Orange Idiot's job for at least two years. Mostly supporting him when it aligns with Trump's base,then opposing him when it doesn't. Over Turkey for example..The man is the ultimate snake working behind the scenes for his own benefit.

  45. Trump, Lindsey Graham and all the other Reps. cretins, can keep saying ad infinitum, and — ad mortem de faecata:– "There was no quid pro quo", but it is the Court of Law, which will pass the final judgment, based on the testimonies of two ambassadors, colonel Alexander Vidman and others, most credible witnesses, that there WAS undeniable "quid pro quo", and that Trump stopped the urgently needed military aid to Ukraine, which was taxpayers money of 391 million dollars, and was already approved by Congress, and said to Ukrainian President, that he will only get it, if he will announce publicly, that he started to investigate Biden and his son Hunter. Trump was committing a crime, by using public money for extortion, in order to help him win the 2020 election.

  46. Lindsey Graham doesn't look like a well man. I wonder what is wrong with him? He looks like he needs a CT scan of the head or an MRI.

  47. Mr. Graham seems to have forgotten that he works for us. I guess that $800K in cash from that Russian oligarch caused some confusion on his part.

  48. Hey Lindsey go buy the tee shirt off of trump's website for $30
    and follow its instructions;

  49. The RethugliKKKlan must be utterly and completely destroyed as a political organization. They are nothing more than a criminal KKKabal of fascists and white supremacists. They are all naked traitors to their dirty rotten soulless cores. Their leadership, including this little wilting lily of the South, should all be hung on the National Mall in a Jeffersonian rite of national cleansing.

  50. How this man can continually take a crap on the rule of law is astounding. Yet another spectacle in the long list of spectacles that contribute to the Republicans demise.

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