Cory Booker On The Republican Ukraine Lies | All In | MSNBC

Cory Booker On The Republican Ukraine Lies | All In | MSNBC


  1. When Corey Booker gets off stage him and Chris joke about the stupid ChiCom Bot audience on youtube fake viewing and upvoting MSNBCannibal Youtube channel videos

  2. The Republican party is comprised of Nazis and the Democrats are comprised of corrupt kleptocrats. The justice Democrats ARE THE ONLY WAY TO GO. NASTY PELOSI AND SHUMER MADE SMELLY DUMP POSSIBLE.

  3. Ok Cory my man…I had no idea that pot was legal for us white folks until the last debate. Yes, I am still hammering at his identity politic racial BS.

  4. Delusional, failing MSNBC. You know Trump gave lethal weapons to Ukraine right? (Javelin, Anti-Tank missiles) You think Putin wanted that? Obama let Putin have Crimea and did nothing. Then sent blankets and flashlights to Ukraine lol. Obama was so weak and pansy liberals are so intimidated by Trump. Absolutely hilarious!

  5. Well that is a bald face lie. Cory goes on Msnvc and calls out others for dishonesty. FYI Cory,,,,,,, Msnbc is fake unreliable toilet paper. You have zero credibility.

  6. Corey Together I can get Us there but I'm the President !!!,,,, What do You Say Brothet I need You $$$,,,, #DynamicDuo 2020 !!!,,,, 👑

  7. Time for those Republican Voters who still believe in truth and democracy to push back on those in the GOP who peddle in debunked conspiracy theories and White House impeachment talking points…..

  8. Cory Booker, I'm not confident that you will get across the Dem selection line this time around. But, in the future you would make an excellent US President! Don't change your messages and especially don't change your broader, inclusive approach to leadership; it is a winning formula. It's a combination of timing and the division in the US, which isn't yet ready for your approach to leadership. But post that uncomfortable peak of everyone yelling at each other, when folk need and are ready for a solution; that's when you will be so needed!

  9. An excellent presentation by Sen. Booker, who seems to get angry even less than Mayor Buttigieg. This is something all Americans should be angry about. There are people who support Pres. Trump because they think, rightly or wrongly, that he is benefiting them. Be that as it may, he is hurting our nation, and in the long run, if the Russian gov't gets to choose the leader of the US gov't each time there an election, those in power in Washington are going to do what is in the best interests of the Russian leader, not the American people, regardless of the rhetoric pouring out of the president's mouth and tweets. Current Trump supporters will find that that will not correspond with benefiting them. In the end, if they are given a choice of president at all anymore, it will not be two or more candidates with different visions, but two candidates with the same vision that supports Russian interests. You'll have the choice between apples and apples, one a little redder than the other, but still both apples. It'll be tough luck if you happen to prefer oranges or kumquats.

  10. When Corey Booker became Mayor of Newark I thought he would certainly be president someday. It is surprising that the campaign has not yet caught fire. I have a feeling via some other route he will get where he is supposed to be someday. Secretary of State perhaps?

  11. The Russians just gave the conservative party in the uk £6000000, we are under attack.
    Boris Johnstone is a Russian asset.

  12. HELLO MY FELLOW AMERICANS!!! We are under attack from within people!! Our enemy is in the Oval Office and the Republican cult party. They are doing Putin dirty bidding. IF YOU LOVE OUR GREAT COUNTRY YOU WILL VOTE THESE RUSSIAN ENABLES OUT OF OFFICE: the Republican Party!!! OUR PRECIOUS DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM IS UNDER ATTACK!!!!!!!

  13. IF YOU’RE NOT SCARED…….YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!! If you’re looking for the TRUTH You’re not going to find it on FOX PROPAGANDA news people!!!

  14. Here's the dilemma. When your own intelligence agencies FBI and Department of Justice have plotted against you, then you have to use your own methods to acquire information. For years our intelligence agencies used a fake dossier to accuse and frame the president. Then, when he tried to defend himself they called it obstruction of justice. I don't blame him for seeking out his own information his own way. The Deep State cannot be trusted.

  15. Precisely what all these ongoing spewings of lies from the GOP is about, hybrid war. Yes, Putin is purposely undermining Democracy everywhere and because tomorrow marks as the 30 year mark of when all this mess with the Russian President began, there will be a book coming out to explain everything.

  16. There's a documentary showing a couple Russian's crossing America in 2014 looking for "weaknesses" and it turns out Trump was a perfect fit for their attacks. I think it's called Four Corners. It's sad that Republican Senators have taken illegal donations from foreign thugs.

  17. Thanks Cory Booker for telling it like it is on Russia. They have decided to be our enemy. We can't pretend like cold war 2.0 isn't happening. Republicans are making a dangerous decision to back these things that they clearly don't understand.

  18. 30 yrs ago I saw the implosion of our country as evident. I'm watching moment by moment in horror, from France. I don't feel that much safer here, as our planet is on fire, but the arsonists put this toady in place, and we must see this out to the bitter end. Hi Ho as Kurt Vonnegut would say !

  19. That is weird. A Ukrainian court has already ruled that their officials meddled on American elections. December 2018 that ruling was handed down. So why are you lying Cory?

  20. America is not a w h I t e land you will be g e n o c ideD us brownskin original inhabitants of this planet will eradicate you. im hindu  our race has culture something you clearly lack quit copying our race and claimingour customs foryourselvs you are taboo and foreign to our planet and need to leave asaop

  21. Western countries trying to mess with the U.S? No, don't worry, you have Trump. If anything we'd love for you to get rid of the scammer

  22. Just remember that the democRATS think America is under attack by messages on social media….this is real life and the left is afraid of text on a screen. 0:49

  23. democRATS logic: Russia doesn't like us, so if you don't like us, you are for Russia. You must believe every word the Dems say, nothing can be questioned or investigated. The democRATS can GAF , misspeak or can be completely wrong/lie. But of a Republicants does it ….. it's cancel, fire, arrest. This election isn't about Donald Trump. It's about never allowing this set of democRATS to have any power ever again. They have shown they are completely delusional, tyrannical, identitarian, authoritarian fascists and should never be trusted by the American people.

  24. Ukraine is not part of the U.S. and is not part of NATO. This U.S. taxpayer has no desire to provide aid to Ukraine. Our government is obese; it is time to put our government on a diet and reduce our foreign entanglements.

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