Cruz rips Senate Democrats’ ‘weak argument’ at Barr hearing

Cruz rips Senate Democrats’ ‘weak argument’ at Barr hearing


  1. Cruz is a idiot. It's never the crime its the cover up that follows. The Lying Ted has the balls to repeatedly say we / they got the whole report. What a scumbag.

  2. No mention of collusion. Typical radical (right or left). Let’s talk about the facts, yet omit the fact that they tried to hook up with the Russians but were too stupid.

  3. It's not about his involvement with Russia at this point, it's about the fact he has done everything in his power to block this investigation from the start.  He could have proven himself innocent at any time and shut the Dems up but he kept trying to shut it down.  I'm a republican but these are not the actions of an innocent man.  President Trump please give them what they need to end this.  It's the only way this will go away and we can get on with running the country again.

  4. Yea the dems really do have nothing. I’m impressed though they’re fighting to the very end, they won’t get much farther though

  5. Nancy Polski:not one cent will go to that wall.
    Also Nancy Polski: let’s waste 35 million dollars on a investigator without any facts or evidence to believe he did the crime we believe he did do.

  6. So Democrat politicians your lack of integrity is front and center again as usual, your vial and sleeze dung.

  7. does the left not realize you'd need to have 2/3 of the house and the senate to impeach and, guess what, you'd need the assistant AG to file charges since congress has no judicial power (hence the separation of powers)…this is literally high school-level civics here people, pick up a book FFS

  8. attorney general Barr should be issued accommodations just for having to deal with these idiots and all their bulshit

  9. I like Cruz. I'd hoped he'd be the Republican nominee for president as I found appeal in his passion to uphold the constitution, but I'll admit my surprise to see that the current administration under Trump has done very well and done good actual tangible work, especially considering how tough the far-left party line has tried to dissuade them from carrying out their respective office's duties. I don't bend too far left or right, but I'd happily cast a vote for Cruz in 2024, should he run again. In the meantime, Trump has shown to be a competent leader when viewed under the full context and excluding edited bits and pieces to fit media sell points which lack said full context.

  10. William Barr wanted to laugh! Even though wanted to keep laugh, you see he’s trying to keep a serious composure. But he probably wanted to laugh soooo bad! And rightfully so! The Democrats are ridiculous! I wish they ALL would do like a magician and just “DISAPPEAR!” 😤😡😡😡

  11. Love how Ted Cruz forgets to mention that the entire 448 pgs was mostly redacted. They want to review the full report. Barr is at a hearing to determine whether he is within his right to withhold an unredacted version to the point where even Trump is stonewalling the process.

  12. It's funny how the Dems acts. Muller's tea mbv was full of Democrats. So it wasnt like a bunch of Republicans tried to protect him.

  13. Not a big surprise that Trump turned out to be a huge disappointment. It's so so disappointing to see the Republican-led Senate follow Donald Trump right into the trailer park.
    There's no better example of party over country.
    I simply can't respect people that behave like that.

  14. I think we need to change party I.D's. Republicans and idiots. Pure and simple. Spank that A senator Cruz!!!!!

  15. I am still shocked at how stupid the DemonRats are! They are handing President Trump the 2020 election.

  16. How come Mueller didn’t question me about the Russians collusion before then Donald Trump was chosen as the Presidential candidate for the Republican Party because there was a lot of colluding going on between the democrats and the clinton campaign with the Russians!!!

  17. I detest Kamala Harris so much, I believe Harris should go to prison for attempted collusion of
    A G Barr in the Mueller report for leading this stupid game. After all, this is a game to the
    Demorats. Please be aware of this particular Demorat and the rest of game players.

  18. When are the criminals Democrats going to get a 3am knock on their door? Thanks to SPYING based on Hillary's fraudulent Foreign Dossier…people are in JAIL!!! When are the REAL CRIMINALS GOING TO JAIL!

  19. The question to me, where is Due Process of Law ? How can Congress impeach unless Congress acts in accordance to Due Process of Law. Mueller and then Barr found insufficient evidence of obstruction that rose to a standard of 'beyond reasonable doubt." Evidence in itself has individual weight and circumstantial evidence has the least weight. The crime of obstruction requires proof of a corrupt intent, but if there is no evidence, scant evidence or purely whimsical evidence this is not 'circumstantial' but more 'fantastical' or 'paranoid delusional'. Evidence which is viewed by 'prejudiced eyes' with prejudiced intent fails to reach circumstantial and stays in the realm of 'fantasy'. This is particularly true if a non-biased observer weighs the evidence and concludes one MUST attach as prerequisite a finding of 'corrupt intent" to reach a decision of corrupt mind. A corrupt intent is not inferred it must be proven and to prove such requires 'substantial evidence of a clear and convincing' value. In this case the President having committed non-crime or malfeasance 'in collusion' with Russia can be equally found, if not more so – that he acted as would a normal person when accused of wrong doing, such as TREASON would act. Denial of guilt is not obstruction nor is obstruction found in trying to prove innocence and particularly so when no crime has occurred. So what standard would GUILT be found in impeachment ? What standard of evidence would be supportive of a finding of impeachment ? A common car theft with a record of 7 convictions for car theft, and several terms in Prison is entitled to "proof beyond a reasonable doubt' based on 'substantial evidence of a clear and convincing nature' when they are at trail for their 8th arrest for Car Theft. Impeaching a President reverses the civil rights of half the voting population in the 2016 election – near 100 million people are deprived of THEIR CIVIL RIGHT TO VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE OF THEIR CHOICE and the standard of proof is what ? Circumstantial evidence, whispers and lies. I ask you – Is the House of Representatives acting in accordance to Due Process of Law ?

  20. Proof the dinosaurs outlived their Usefulness ! Give us back our civil rights open the patent office.

  21. I was disappointed when him and Trump got into their difference I wanted him to be the vice president

  22. Camel ah Harris was so rude to Barr who let her yes or no questions flow off him so calmly.
    Barr got where he has by merit.

  23. One of the smartest and most anti-socialist Senator, a true patriot and american hero and to think that he had a close race against bubble brain Beto O'Rourke for the Senate seat is scary, God bless and save America from these socialists liberal Democrats.

  24. Oh no! Teddy cruz nother RINO…Feeling power Trip, screaming at AG, DEMOC.RATS chuckling!..Lord dont like PROUD! people, sample Teddy bear cruz..Wen going investigate crooked obama, n hilliary to Justice.. or still being ckvered up.?

  25. Ted Cruz knows this is all a bunch of BS. The female from Hawaii really has her nerve calling Barr a lier! How dare she disrespect Barr!

  26. I wonder how many of you would prefer reading a 400 page document released weeks after a much shorter and supposed complete summary of findings that is only 4 pages of an investigation. Those 4 pages he released, even according to Mueller, the principal investigator, was not a complete picture of the actual investigation and therefore President Trump was able to say that he was totally exonerated in the report when in fact Mueller did no such thing. Cruz did do some admirable speaking here but not for the good of the American people, no matter how many times he said it. A wolf dressed in sheeps clothing will still eat you if it needed.

  27. Barr is as crooked as trump. Cruz has no balls when trump called his family down. Now he is docile like a cow towards trump. O balls

  28. Thank you Mr Cruz for you're respect of our new AG Barr. Dems are scared because they are going down & they know it.
    God bless you Mr Attorney General

  29. I would love to see Ginsberg step down and Trump nominate Ted Cruz. That would be the cherry on top of the Democrat heads exploding

  30. Bill Barr cannot be trusted! Why does Trump keep picking these neo-con leftovers from the Bush administration? He's another Deep State operative and will only do damage control to ultimately protect the real criminal mafia, like Clinton, Chairman Oba-mao, Clapper, Brennan, Comey and many others before the SHTF and they go to prison for Sedition, Spying and for framing a duly elected President for impeachment under false allegations. These are high crimes and are unprecedented! Barr can't be trusted!

  31. The Dems are liars. They are the defense attorneys to murderers and rapists. The people that are paid to lie, to hide the truth. The Dems purposely will deceive you. ALWAYS!

  32. Xxx. Amor, creo que los que toman fotografías me encuentran facinantemente hermosa pues no se porque toman tantas fotos de mi persona

  33. When Barr locks EVERYONE up his legend will be greater than that of Elliott Ness. We could witness the first indictment of a former president of the U.S.

  34. I am DISGUSTED with demorats COUP on our ELECTED POTUS!
    All their idiotatic ploys/slanders are ACTUALLY a COUP. 😡😡

  35. WE THE PEOPLE are so sick and tired of the Democrats trying to ruin our great country. Please Mr. President DRAIN THIS SWAMP, ASAP!

  36. BARR . . ‘Cruzes’ . . .to ‘Suck’ .excess . . READ IT & WEEP . . “DEMOCRAPS”. . MR BARR . . Uses FACTS . . The DEMOCRAPS USE “FIX’ION !

  37. Yet Democrats insist on Russian collusion. Something in the order 10000 Democrats dump the Democrat Party weekly. Never to return. The question is, will there be any left by November 2020?

  38. Thank you Ted Cruz, yes they have been falsely accusing Trump about the Russians, ever since he first got Elected

  39. The Democrats, now Democratic Socialists, actually feared Ted Cruz would have been nominated for President. They pointed out his parents went to Canada, but Ted was born to two citizens, which made him more eligible for the Oval Office than Obama. Obama had only one parent that was ever a legal citizen, and the “birther claim’ was misguided, Obama had a “Certificate of Live Birth”, not a “birth certificate “, and there IS a difference.

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