Dark Chocolate Official Trailer | Hindi Trailers 2019 | Riya Sen

Dark Chocolate Official Trailer | Hindi Trailers 2019 | Riya Sen

How can a mother kill her daughter? Ishaani madam asked
me to kill Reena madam. And you killed. Whom did you kill? Madam? Can I please have my phone?
I want to make a call to Victor. Can I please have the phone? I want to talk to yourcommissioner. Bitch.. Sir, people like you are
too much in demand in the lock up. Open your mouth immediately otherwise
we will have to open something else. It was my step father’s child. Again. He raped me again. After a few days of
tat I came back to Kolkatta. I I met Shadab there. Cheers..
– Yes, cheers.. You agreed to kill Reena. I din’t. Ishaani did not tell
me anything about this murder. Victor, meet Reena.
My sister. I have this huge property. 50%goes to.. Reena. After some months Reena came to know.. ..that she is not going to
get anything from Victor’s property. Then she started an affair with Rohit. I like to pick up rich kids. I like to make love
with them and then kill them. She was pregnant. I love you. Come on, kill me. And if possible kill Reena also.


  1. Bloody hell this based on Sheena Bora Murder case….. Mahima Chaudhry as Indraini Mukherjee.
    really sad…. this could have been done in a better way.

  2. আমার জিবনে দেখা সব থেকে নোংরা সিনেমা ছি

  3. Was Sheena really Indrani's step father child? 😯 As far as I know she got married to Siddharth at the age of 14.

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