Day 1,063: The U.S. House Of Representatives Has Impeached President Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Day 1,063: The U.S. House Of Representatives Has Impeached President Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. how is this possible , those who are in trumps rally don't recognize the only thing he does is talk about everyone and degrade them. Always negative , and devi ding . Hate , and nothink but hate in trumps mouth . He compares himself to Jesus ? ????? May God forgive him for that. The choosen one !!! Who is attending his Rally ? ?? there is no one that belive in God ? ??? how low .

  2. Tulsi is a Russian asset. Just slightly smarter and better looking than AGolfTwittler. If this "vote" doesn't convince you, nothing will.

  3. But note – he says "I don't need anything for anything". That's excactly the opposite of what he's really saying. He wanted her loyalty in exchange for her husband's burial. He makes it clear that he was told what to do under these circumstances – "Take down the flags!…Why are you taking them down? he asks…. do this, do that, rotunda, everything." – not that he was responsible for any of the "A+" treatment he boasts about. Even his approval wasn't required, but she thanked him anyway. Now he attacks her, and makes fun of her because he feels he's owed and she didn't repay him. He's disgusting. How could anyone doubt he'd be low enough to go after a quid pro quo?

  4. Not one one single Republican was able to make cogent, thoughtful and logical arguments to provide even an iota of support to refute the case against this justice-obstructing, corrupt Individual#1-SDNY, Russian-Asset dishonoring the American WH and corrupting the DOJ.

  5. Jesus received a KANGAROO COURT; Trump obstructed justice and refused to let the evidence be presented. That is on him. IMPEACHED!

  6. "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight… Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world"

  7. It is a little weird how MSNBC is flicker-flashing the national flag of the Russian Federation at the end of these YouTube shows. It is red at the bottom, blue in the middle, and white on top … three horizontal bars, they've had it since the days of Peter the Great, late 1600s, when it was first used as their naval standard. I understand that it's supposed to be the American red, white and blue … such as in the song "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival … but optics matter. This is definitely red, blue, white … in the afore mentioned Russian naval standard order. Just saying.

  8. Uh! We don't feel impeach? The economy is still humming, no new wars, still respected around the world, even getting backing from other world leaders! They say what a sham this impeachment trial was. And hoping Trump comes out victorious. Senate should acquit this President, there's no crime!! Just hearsay!!!

  9. Pearl Harbor and loss of life..Jesus Christ nailed to a cross!!! Republicans you are despicable.
    Georgia this is what represents you!!

  10. As new territory, first time a Congress had to remove a sitting POTUS, every policy decision sets a precedent. This is how we create the laws that govern our country, you first have to create the parameters of the policy, laws format. This is what's happening now. Nancy holds the ball, waiting for Mitch's to set his defense. Next comes the debate, over the type of defense McConnell has put-out. Nancy didn't put out the first string players, there were more charges available, to strengthen the offense. Instead, she believes she has the time to play this hand, while resting her starters.

  11. Don't believe the POLLS just go out and VOTE and make your voice heard in 2020 ! The majority of American's are way smarter then CHUMP and his zombie followers by a far margin .  Let the SANE American's make America GREAT AGAIN and throw the keys away once the SCUM is  LOCKED UP !

  12. trump = Jesus ridiculous. trump and his attorneys were invited to attend the hearings as well as GOP, trump refused, just more conservative lies.

  13. If I NEVER hear anything from his pursed lying lips again…that will be Fine with me! Or watch him make inane hand jesters! What a narcissistic NUMB SKULL!

  14. Yes Trump getting inpeached is equal to Pearl Harbor. You sir should be ashamed. Also I dont understand how the Republicans are saying that Trump didn't get to defend himself as that comes in the trial stage which they are now talking about skipping and going directly to a vote.

  15. Not ever necessary for me to listen to this one spew his invective to know of his hollowness and shallowness. I wouldn't give him the air time.
    It may though be like a shovel- each time he opens his mouth, the hole gets deeper. Soon it will be deep enough for him and his lemming-like followers. ✌

  16. Democrats legal theory has one huge hole in it! 'Obstruction of Justice', 'Obstruction of the Senate'. After voting that they believe Trump committed "High Crimes & misdemeanors" Congress is now "Obstrcting Justice" by interfering in the Senates ability to hold a trial effectively aiding and abetting in any crime they claim Trump may have commited!

  17. Dingell was a World War 2 Vetern, he did the favor for the US he went to fight like so many others who fought for democracy and freedom in the US, and yet he is smeared in this way. Sickening. Trump did not do the favor Dingell did he went to fight, not trump.

  18. What disgusts me most is not Trump but is followers. How disgusting you most be to laugh at someone else's misfortune. VOTE 2020!

  19. this should have happened 3 years ago the crimes started on day 1 , the Republicans are feckless bootlicking cowards , these days are very strange the G.O.P. is not a party it's a cult of personality , that personality is a 3rd grade bully

  20. 🤫 I swear to MYSELF, Donald is the only mistake that I ever made.
    –GOD 😏🤭
    Cheers from Everywhere, I'm currently on vacation! My Son's birthday is coming up soon.
    #PraiseJesus 🙏 That's my boy! 😁🎂 🏖️🤘🏽🌴🍹



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  22. Trump is a genius. He used the press against themselves without the press knowing it. The more coverage the press gives Trump, the more coverage he gets, as the same happened in the coverage of the
    election as the they thought by putting Trump front and center, the media thought they could make a fool of him. Trump knows how to weaponize the press's tools. The anti Trump media and Hollywood
    brought out the best and they failed to convince the American people that Trump was a Russian asset working with Putin, and a danger to democracy.

  23. And what does John Dingell have to do with this Moron being Impeach, this man is a loser who cannot take any critic he is sick is sick he need to be removed.

  24. So Tulsi Gabbard is showing her true colors by not taking a position one way or the other. When will she reveal who she is really working for? America or Putin? And this from a "veteran". smh. sad. sic.

  25. Trump, nor republicans are like Jesus Christ. Jesus was meek and humble and he most certainly didn't lead a cult in mocking anyone. Jesus was kind and compassionate. Trump and the republicans aiding and abetting him are evil demons. Trump and republicans had better stop mocking Jesus. They don't even believe Jesus exists.

  26. Donald J Trump * he’s not remorseful for his crimes he’s going to continue with his criminal ways until he’s kicked or voted out!!!

  27. When trumpty dies, and hopefully soon, he will not receive a presidential ceremony!!! He will be buried at Mar a Lago!!! 🎃🐔💩

  28. There were a number of people behind Trump when he was trashing the Dingles that looked solemn and did not smile at his disgusting comments. Some of his fans were not on board with that. Every time you think this wretch can't sink lower….

  29. Nancy Pelosi girl you better turn in those impeachment’s . You started the crap you brought it to the house WE will be bringing it to the Senate with real witnesses not fake ones like your fake Catholic religion. And don’t for one minute think We T H E People will elect any DemoRats again! Voting RED …. Trump 2020 With a vengeance!

  30. I don't care what Donald Trump was doing the man is impeached and there's nothing he can do about it we know the Republican to sign that players to cover up for Donald Trump foreign criminal activities would never go against him even after they sing the recorded emails the recorded transcripts and the recorded phone calls and then all the American people in all over the world seen it in her those recording materials they still want to live for this President so it doesn't matter he can never take that he has been impeached away just as those who have been impeached then you got Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham the Republicans want to rig a trial to benefit a barbituate Liars when the fact the American people style and hose recordings that you can not deny this is a shameful Administration in an embarrassment to the whole world

  31. Thank God somebody standing up for our democracy in our security of the United States in the United States citizen I give a shout out to all those Democrats who stood up for the security of the American people against these foreign governments in our elections

  32. If we don't remove him from office when not going to have any rules we're not going to have any laws or anything will be a dictatorship country he's getting his information for Putin remember he doesn't read anything the White House aides have verified that he cannot obtain new information in his brain he is a threat in danger to our democracy and to the United States citizens into our constitution watch what I tell you because he will continue and keep on committing these crimes at the crime right in front of the American people if we don't

  33. No he should have been impeached today he put Putin over the United States remember on the national stage he put Russia over the United States that was true and he should have been removed in then he gave top secret intelligence information on the United States to Russia a foreign dictator country that's another trees in this move he should have been in peace then he's not working on behalf of the American people whom this working through Donald Trump no he should have been impeached today he put Putin over the United States remember on the national state he put Russia over the United States that was trees in this and it should have been removed then they need a top secret intelligence information on the United States to Russia iPhone dictator country that's another reason this move he should have been in peace then he's not working on behalf of the american people pooping is working through Donald Trump Donald Trump is a Putin spy look at all the people that he has hired all of them has ties include with phone government you cannot find one that don't have any ties the phone government not even in the Senate look at Mitch McConnell how much they paid him the phone government to build that Putin Aluminum Company ran by Russians in Kentucky all of these Republicans can people Donald Trump has ties to foreign governments and they are getting rich off of their money doing their bidding instead of the bidding for the American people

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