‘Deep state Democrats’ are trying to unseat Trump: Congressman

‘Deep state Democrats’ are trying to unseat Trump: Congressman


  1. NOT ONLY should they go to prison, THIS AMERICAN wants them to pay back every last tax dollar spent on the phoney investigations, and hearings. Once they are released, EXILED, every last one of them.

  2. The idiots shouted out/broadcasted for other idiots to come forward with any evidence to help in their ludicrous impeachment fumblings. They are only succeeding in validating Einstein's theory of insanity.

  3. Dems & supporters, support the NWO/Globalist/UN agendas 21 & 2030. These agendas spare the lives of 100 million Americans for reprogramming (goal date-2030.) The population of American children at or around 2030 will be about 100 million. Where does that leave you/us/the children?

  4. I wonder how long will you carry the argument of the so called deep state facts or facts and conspiracies are base less conspiracies ppl usually who don't have an argument make up crap that are fictional the facts are that his own appointed ppl are turning on Trump and the walls are closing in on him you conspiracy theorists better start looking for a new Republican President because his days are numbered

  5. What about subpoena to ig that changed the rules about a whistleblower as well as bringing him in Underoath thought I why you did that

  6. Try is all they gonna do God will see to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!they have no power over our God up above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Their partner-in-crime, WAPO, just put out another 'hot off the fake press' scandal today using 'unnamed sources'.

  8. Jerry Nadler = Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;

    All the king's horses and all the king's men

    Couldn't put Humpty together again.

  9. Of course Trµmp told Sondland "there is no quid pro quo", the day before Trump said that, the whistle-blower report became known to the White House.

  10. if this new alligation is true , about the whistleblower knowing staff members and schiff, isn't that conspiracy to defraud? Certainly Obstruction of Justice is proveable and jailable. they keep digging holes

  11. Theres a special place in hell for Schiff. Biden . Pelosi. The Clinton's. They're so corrupt and the American people are suffering because of them.👹👹👹

  12. Lib trigger alert………Proud member of Cult 45 here willing to use my 45 to help defend 45.
    America will never be a socialist nation.

  13. Consumer faith and confidence is the target of the impeachment hearing. Trump is targeted indirectly as they feel damaging the economy will help them sell their version of socialism in the upcoming election.

  14. Nadler​ has.​Short.​Legs.​To.​Run.​Schiff.has.an.​Short.​Live.​If.​Dont.​ Take.​Medication.​The.​Thyroid.going.​Crazy​ basedow's​desease.in.​ Plain.​Sight.​

  15. TRUMP WILL LOSE 2020

    If we do not address the whistle blowing that our voting system is not secure. And being rigged across the board for the Democratic Socialists financed by china. Check out info-wars. If you think its impossible to rig the elections.

  16. Dont.​Call.​Nancy.​ Party.​ Democratic.​Or.​ Liberal.​ They.​Are.​ Bolshevick k.harris.​Said.​Live.​Alone.​ Biden.​ Great.​Da.​ Maxine.​ Blow.​ Up.dust.​To.​Hide.​Money.​ Swalwell.is.pimp.​Ask.hls.​Wife.fredo.and.cnn.​Lady.​Are.cronies follow.​The.​Smell

  17. Scenario all the rats go out and try to buy votes with cash money to the poor the uneducated and anybody out there wanting the quick cash just to place a vote don't think they won't try as crooked as they are especially when it comes to kicking out this great President DONALD TRUMP the more people that flock towards our president the less power the left has in order to maintain a corrupt government and to silence the people of America

  18. Duh!  The Atlantic Council funding Adam Schiff is funded by Burisma!  (And Soros)  It is a front for all kinds of Mafia activities and money laundering- disguised as another "do gooder" NGO- up to NO good- like all the SORO'S NGOs.

  19. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
    AOC famously said their gonna run train on Trump, that's these democrat commie ttees committee's

  20. If there's not an in-depth investigation on voter fraud Across the Nation on House of Representative members and Senate members which drop into the regional status of electronic voter machines the continuance of this corruption is going to continue I don't believe did the Democrats won fair and square a majority in the house

  21. You people are INSANE, period! If you think you will escape HELL, by blaming the Deep State, just try it!
    God will shove trump so DEEP into Hell, Satan won't be able to find him!. WAKE UP!!!!!, Your judgement is at hand! Google – 2 Thessalonians 2 , Only PRAYER will save you now! Say the ROSARY every day !…Wisdom

  22. Republicans now knowingly, intentionally repeat false propaganda put out by Russian intelligence because it helps them politically.
    Think about that.
    Republicans also seem to be pleased to excuse bribery and election interference from foreign governments.
    happy to be there, Republicans?

  23. they try to get something on somebody for three years and still nothing, is that a joke or what, this is like a third world country

  24. no it's a sickening disgusting one-sided corrupt lying piece of trash that's being set up here this is nothing but lies corruption in to see this disgusting trash we've already seen all the lies that are coming out from this these aren't communist socialist scumbag traitors to our country is what they are these aren't liberals and they're not Democrats are just liars corrupt traders to this country and lying scumbag pieces of trash that's what we have they're not real Democrats just liars

  25. The Deep Staters? The whistleblower that went to Schiff’s staff “didn’t know” he should have gone to the IG for his office!? The guy is CIA and a DNC operative Obama holdover. He was assigned a job at the White House in those capacities during the Trump Admin! He has taken Alexandra Chalupa to White House dinners of Obama WITH CIA Chief Brennan. Yipes!! Deep State I guess!!

  26. This impeachment is just a shell game so American doesn't look at all the Democrates that are involved In scamming American, getting our tax dollars out of the Ukaine and in to there pockets. Soros in a big part of this.

  27. Oh yeah, there's "deep state", alright. A deep state of lying, conspiracy and fear mongering, dishonesty, racism, delusional behaviour, disrespect for the rule of law, pretence and treachery from the entire GOP.

  28. While people are musing the fire is burning, meaning. that the Democrats are calling and interviewing Republicans on different Talk shows or Sunday morning shows to entice them to work against The President so one way or the other they are determined to remove Trump from office, I have not ever seen the like in all my life, it’s really taking all the oxygen out of the room

  29. The obviousness of the truth. in a age of obviousness, age of mass knowledge and info… internet with everything at your fingertips. No one will talk about it."The Truth" We are in a Cold Civil War, the elite ruling class in America hates the Americans that make this country run, They are worse than the King of Great Britain
    George III, during the American Revolution……we are again in a war for our independence.

  30. The Republicans controlled the house for two years and they didn't do jack!!! Now they're whining 'We can't do anything'. What a crock!!!

  31. If anyone running for office is in the deep state. We will not elect them. The deep staters already in office, should be removed from office

  32. Quick answers to two lies by the Republican interviewee:
    1. Republicans WERE able to question witnesses– Nunes, Jordan, Ratcliffe, and many other similarly rude congresspersons.
    2. Sondland explicitly stated in his opening statement that THERE WAS a "quid pro quo."

  33. Who knew the Deep State would turn out to be the President's own little mob, operating through Rudy Giuliani, with the help of Mulvaney, Pompeo, Lev, Igor, and Nunes. It's not so much the Deep State as the Deeply Stupid State.

  34. There wasn't anything against the President. Adam Schiff is stupid yeah and Adam said he didn't know who the whistle blower was what a Liar! Like Devin Nunez said they got caught!

  35. What does Biden have to do with Trumps QPQ call? Also, why is there no evidence of the Sept 9 call between Sondland&Trump? 😂Rudy😂

  36. The only way anyone will get justice is if we rise up like we did in 1776. Barr and Trump cannot restore the USA by themselves.

  37. With all due respect, looking at Republicans right now seems like looking a sect of some sort. All hail the great leader, no matter what he asks and shun everybody who is an outsider. Make up some facts as we go… I don't know, it is all "us vs them" rhetoric.

  38. STAY TUNED: GoNadler torpedoes himself, just like Schift 4 brains. Man laughs hard, at idiots. Still, I'm not tired yet of winning. BTW- how is the economy today?

  39. Thank you, Trish, for not caving in. Thank you for still asking the incisive, discerning questions. Thank you for being brave. There are so few of you left.

  40. In American eyes Dems have committed breach of trust, fraud, PREMEDITATED sedition and treason with intention to overthrow our innocent, duly elected president like they do in South America and incite insurrection.

  41. The American people have a right to know. They have a right to the truth. Why? And how many people, especially in Washington DC, really believe this? We have a government, regardless of which party is in power, that lies to us all the time, that conceals information from us all the time, that punishes real whistleblowers for revealing misdeeds and crimes. The Constitution guarantees our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but it does not guarantee the right to know. The right to know is a right that each of us, individually, exercises through our own efforts and inquiries and when we do uncover the truth it is not always well received by all parties. That is because when the truth offends or contradicts the agendas of certain groups the right to know is suppressed and condemned. Claiming that Americans have the right to know, does not make it so!

  42. Their are other ways of telling if a person is lying and it works better then the lie detector, the lie detector can be beat but two other ways can't. i'm probabley not suppose to mention them?


  44. The DS hydra goes higher than Obama and Soros. The extremely wealthy DS actors stay in the shadows like a well honed Mafioso, working their sorcery and playing their think tanks, NGOs and Qangos with masses of cash. US-aid is really a Qango. Is Durham bringing the RICO case of all ricos perhaps? See Glen Becks amazing investigative work at The Blaze.

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