Democratic senator may vote against convicting Donald Trump

Democratic senator may vote against convicting Donald Trump


  1. Hah…..dimocrats still stalling their inevitable slaughter in 2020 with this sham impeachment. Nancy's plastic face is going to melt when Trump gets reelected!! 👍👍👍😆

  2. Awesome Journalistic Talent is devoid from CNN but I watch for the farcical humor of grandiose buffoonery. The facial expressions of such serious nature as if 2+2 actually = 5. Their grandchildren will be bullied for this stupidity.

  3. lololololol it takes 3 years to impeach trump what a scum losersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss lolololol fake news trump haters american haters cnn fake news

  4. CHICKEN SHIT COWARD ! you and that other coward from NJ ! YOU know that justice will not be served by the corrupt GOP SENATE

  5. He will not be reelected talking like that the only way he won is because of black woman and men and principal he is in one of the most racist State in the country the only ones more racist Missouri Florida Mississippi and Louisiana

  6. Dems Vendetta Against The Wind…….still fishing for crimes! Trump's achievement are indisputable! Trump is the most capable President EVER! President Trump is right! CNN is a fake news! It is obvious that everything they say is political crap! MSM and Dems are trying to undo last election! Shame!

  7. LMAO, their is a long list of high crimes. More Articles and court case on the first two Articles. That's the reality of the situation. Dems aren't playing games with the CONSTITUTION! Nor our COUNTRY!

  8. How can anyone vote against a POTUS who is doing his JOB ??
    Do the dims really HATE progress /success ?????
    How can any one vote against privilege when it was settled years ago by the SCOTUS ???
    That some one is really STUPID ????

  9. The republicans are trying to overthrow the government that the Constitution is built on! To make a one dimensional warped so called Christianity onto everyone. Before you ask I have lived in that hate which many should know is Northern Ireland. This was a religious suppression and brutality that the other side couldn’t take anymore and snapped. Do not let religion and politics divine your nation. Your better than that, don’t let those pretending to be great Christians bluff you into committing misery in your name, onto those who cannot stand up to its brutality as seen in those vile concentration camps in the southern border. The holocaust start many years previous. The word holocaust is the end solution. Read the steps in the American holocaust centre. And see your on part 4 or five.

    May my parents rest in peace they could have been subjected to being lifted anytime as Catholics. This was called internment without trial for any length of time without appeal or legal rights. This was white people lifting other white people on a warped religion and belief we are better than you. This has changed slightly now with the fragile peace process that is creaking due to the harm the UK leaving the EU. I beg you look at what religion and politics do when combined. I’m only 45 and I’ve lived growing up in that hell from before the Good Friday Agreement. Don’t go to that point of no return!💔😭🇮🇪🕊🇺🇸

  10. These bunch of leftists talking heads are pathetic. I love seeing them now struggling to validate this pathetic one sided failed impeachment and clutching for straws with “new evidence” 😂 I remember these smug assholes thought they had Trump in the bag with the Russia collusion bullshit. This group of Demorats are the most pathetic, bunch of sore losers of all time. KAG2020 bitches

  11. Trump is a criminal and a sociopath who lets sick children die alone on the concrete floors of his prison cells. This is what Jones should be thinking about

  12. You (cnn) are unreal!!! The truth isn`t in you. Ive never seen such a Godless agenda ! Look at your parties view on tolerance against everything that Gods Word says! Read Romans 1:18-32 and ask your self , "is your agenda pleasing to Almighty God?"

  13. The people voted for Mr. Trump to become president and he's doing a good job. He took control of the massive people coming through the border the economy is doing good. all those politicians that say they are doing it for the people I don't believe it to so. He is not a perfect President and we haven't had perfect Presidents and we'll never will. We are human.

  14. Mr. President I will vote for you again. This is a circus. I pray for our country and our leaders. We are a Cristian country at least that's how it was founded by Cristian leaders. We are slipping away God help us. Do not be afraid to vote for Mr. Trump vote according to your conscience GOD put our conscious in us to help us to decide not for people to decided for you. Look at the economy is doing good and Mr. President doesn't take crap from other countries. He took control of those massive runs to the border. He cares about national security. If you want to become citizen he wants you to do it right not illegally.. I am Mexican and I'll vote for Mr. Trump again.

  15. Lets not forget Trump is bribing everyone and anyone he can to get what he wants, he did it to get elected and he has done this his whole life. Nothing has changed.

  16. He is NOT the first
    and he wont be the last ?
    How can anyone  vote against  a POTUS  who is finally doing his JOB  ??

    How can any one  vote against a Presidential right when it was  settled  years ago by the SCOTUS and other POTUS’s ???

    Some one is really STUPID and the others are really Gullible ????

    Do the dims really HATE  progress / success ?????

    It sounds cultural ???

  17. He's not a Democrat. He only won because his opponent literally diddled kids.

    No one is surprised he may vote with republicans since he is one.

  18. Just as Meuller could not Prove criminal conspiracy because the President and Republican Part's Criminal and Abandoned Perversion of Constitution, Law and the very idea ofbAmerica.

  19. How are you going to call yourself a Democrat & vote against convicting Trump? Switch parties if you not gonna vote in favor of protecting America.

  20. You idiot, the only way you won election in AL was because the other guy was a pedo. Rather sad you try to hold on to power this way. Just do the right thing, you're not getting reelected either way.

  21. Why would any Democratic voter expend the slightest energy to go to the polls and vote for Doug 'Republican-Lite" Jones? This is the schmuck that barely eeked out a win against rapey Roy Moore, yeah? The right whips their voters into a frenzy of hatred for immigrants, hatred for LGBTQ, hatred for 'demon'crats, hatred for minorities in general…why do the Democrats cater to these 'centrists'? Energize your base D's, stop begging centrist sheep to accept your milquetoast trash candidates. #VoteProgressive

  22. If the court says Trump can exclude people from testifying then it's equally as bad for dems because it would mean they wrote an article of impeachment that which is unconstitutional lol. So if the SCOTUS rules on this it will be a lose lose for the nation.

  23. Eh, more power to him. I think Trump should be impeached, but it’s good that he’s putting personal politics over party.

  24. Rest easy baby DIMMs. Help is on the way. Walmart has received a large shipment of Trumpex. Relief is here. Get on the Trump Train!!!

  25. At the risk of offending any Godless, Pro-Choice baby killers — Merry Christmas to all.
    "Impeach doesn't fit, you must acquit."

  26. I would be very afraid to drive through Alabama, it's like a racist backwards third world where people believe dump is not retarded

  27. He knows the people he serves are not going to want illegal immigration in this country and Trump will ride the illegal immigration train through 2020…the democrats are trying to keep illegal immigration low key…but Trump will use the videos of the invasion in his campaign for 2020….Jones knows this is a loosing party and illegal immigration…and this great economy will be Trump's song for his campaign….nobody will vote for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!!! or put anyone in office that is on the democrat side because we all know they want illegal immigrants in here by the millions…..I will "NOT" vote for democrats based on Trump's great economy and their support for mass illegal immigration….i will stay a home first…which is still a vote for Trump….

  28. White people are disingenuous and negotiate in bad faith. The only time they want fairness is when they are the subject. All of them.

  29. 25 Dec 19.
    America is getting better 🇺🇸
    President Trump is doing a great job 🇺🇸
    For 3 years, radical progressive liberal is saying life will get much harder, dark time. Instead 6.7 millions jobs, crimes are down ( except radical liberal held district eg Chicago, homelessness eg LA), human and human trafficking is down.

    Merry Christmas 🎄 2019 to all American🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸👍🇺🇸KAG🇺🇸🎁🎄

  30. If he chooses to vote with the Republicans then he should not be allowed on any Democrat committees and be relegated to no man's land. Kind of like what we do here in Canada. If a member of Parliament goes against his or her party, they are sent to the back, and are " backbenchers" and no longer part of the caucus.


  32. Donald trump a lot of suicides in the United States.Us cinema is expensive at once.Through year realistically look and the quality of.My personal income is 3 times lower than others.For 10 years he received an allowance of 850 rubles per month.Competition.39,000 suicides .The police are working.Work in the US for my team really give.1,300 times in 10 years.The U.S. government is denying my team a job.1 suicide and 10 jobs in the police.Equal rights.Competitors Rob our work.Suicide is unprofitable or profitable.Business plan suicide and maximum benefits for the people.Why shoot competitors.The world benefits pimps.Florida. Ca. 6 wounded and 3 killed.

  33. I like Doug, he just barely beat a pedophile. Trump plays on the weak minded racist Alabaman's. No offense , History shows your State is real stupid about being racist. Most Alabaman's know in there heart theirs been travesty to people of darker skin. it's fact. Most Alabaman's are not going against Trump even though his moral presentation includes accused rapist, accused obstructionist of justice, violations of campaign election laws and betrayal of allys Kurds and Ukrainian's in war with Russian, Moscow, Putin backed invasion. It amazes me Saban can recruit his out of State players to Uncle Tom's cabin state attitude.

  34. Cable Nonsense Network has no right to exist as a news outlet. Light entertainment, but not news. 24/7 you present total left wing bias. Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full view. How do you sleep at night? Hypocritical, hysterical, biased, pathetic. CNN is a joke.

  35. CNN is indeed a VERY FAKE NEWS! Can't imagine how people watch 24hours propaganda on CNN thinking they are watching news.

  36. Well impeachment inquiry in congress is bipartisan against impeachment. It will be the same in senate. Sooner or later crooked hillary would claim senator jones is a russian asset like her claims with congresswoman from n.y

  37. Hunter Biden files for divorce when his wife gets tired of him blowing money on drugs and strippers, he then starts banging his dead brother's wife, cheats on her and knocks up a stripper, running numerous scams, selling influence through his vice president father, and Trump gets impeached for it.

  38. The Dems shot their wad by filing that impeachment charge of obstruction of Congress before the Courts had even made a ruling on whether executive privlege protects the witnesses or not. With the Watergate matter the Courts had made their rulings and once they ruled Nixon had to turn over everything, right after that he resigned.

  39. Trump is a criminal. He has been abusing power since day 1. He has been obstructing since day 2. He has been caught since day 3 by Meuller. He has been a liar, criminal, traitor and racist ALL his adult life. #IMPEACHED

  40. As if kissing the Dotard's ass will somehow give him a chance in hell of getting reelected. That aint happening as there is virtually no chance whatsoever that he'll end up opposing another candidate like Roy Moore.

  41. We are living in a huge kindergarden, playing games.
    If they flag is on red today we jump to the red one. Is it blue to the blue one. We are getting a pretty good idea what is going on in your government. Chaos, chaos and chaos.

  42. here is the problem with Americans they always lie bj os like sympathie nouw In The World is and all over Again Big Lies Years Long nobody's shit anymore Around Around This World totally boelshit

  43. If that senator wusses out, it would be the equivalent of a cop ratting out one of their own. he literally would ostersize himself forever.

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