Devika | দেবিকা | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Ranjit Mallick, Aparna Sen

“How do I tell you, what I feel.” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “I don’t know how,
but what to say to you.” “The days pass and
the nights pass too.” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “I don’t know how,
but what to say to you.” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “But I am still here without
any words to say to you.” “But I am still here without
any words to say to you.” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “How do I tell you..” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “How do I tell you..” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “How do I tell you..” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” “How do I tell you, what I feel.” Amazing! You? Oh my just look. You can see that it’s
me but you still get amazed? Why shall I not be? Which direction
did the sun rise from today? Oh but why? – How are you
here out of your busy schedule? I had come for some office work. So the workers are working. I am giving them instructions
and they work accordingly. But I had to come. And it was for you.
So I just had to come. Joking are you?
– A little bit? Oh come, come. Remember,
I had told you’ll about Kisan? Well, he is the only brother-in-law
of mine. This is the engineer. Why are you abusing me brother? Hey, what else do I call you eh? Oh so early? You didn’t get to spend much time
for the music session today did you? Oh no, come on then.
Who is it? You here? Suddenly? So tell me then, how are you? Hey, talk nicely,
I’m your elder sister remember! Just two years elder
to me and you want respect? You’re still the irritating
child you were before. I feel so nice seeing you. You stay so far and don’t
bother about us at all! You’re the same too! Just came to get your Puja saree
in advance and then you were gone too! I got stuck, what to say? And so, how is uncle
and aunty and all? Good, good. Very good. They are searching for
another monkey for this monkey. And if they get a chance,
they will get her home. For your wedding?
– Oh yes yes. Oh yes, you must be very happy. Mother said that she
hadn’t heard from Usha.. .. for very long,
who knows how she is. Has she become thin or fat?
Tall or short? I’ll just slap you!
Calling me by name? Usha? Oh stop stop, okay, I’ll stop. Listen.
– Yes? How come you here?
– Just like. So why did you drop by,
for this I guess. I thought you actually missed us. No no, I give you my word
I will stay for 2 days before I go. Why don’t you stay for a day more,
it’s Holi, and you will love it here. Have you gone mad?
Play Holi in the city? Oh stop now, I am very hungry,
I drove 70 miles to come here. Just get some hot tea
and some food for me please. Okay, you rest and
I will just get your food. Will tell your brother too.
– Alright then. I met him.
– You did? How can I not meet him when I am here. Oh my my. It takes so much
time to get all his demands right. Madam, sir’s suitcase.
– Oh Kartik. Keep the suitcase in that room.
Sir will be staying there. Okay. Debi? Come. Oh sister-in-law! Going to the temple?
– Yes. Alright, will just join you.
Have you seen Cleopatra? Yes, she just went inside that room. Oh, now brother will be irritated.
– Irritated? He is meditating.
No one can break his concentration. Can you not hear that voice?
– Oh stop now. Don’t make fun of his
knowledge and practice. Oh my my such hurtful words! Cleopatra? Cleopatra? Cleopatra? Where is he gone? Cleopatra? Hey Cleopatra? Cleopatra? Cleopatra? Cleopatra? Cleopatra? Come Cleopatra? Cleopatra! Oh just wait.
– What? You named the cat Cleopatra? You named the cat?
– Yes. Do you know who Cleopatra was? Queen of Egypt. She was a great ruler and the most
beautiful of the land during her time. Alright? May I go? What is this madam Debika? You skipped the morning rehearsal
and are out for a morning walk here? Oh no no, that stupid cat
Cleopatra is driving me crazy. And she ran into that room.
– Which room. That one. What a great choice.
Straight into Antony’s room? Oh come on. So sir?
– Yes. What is the update?
– Yes. Good. Look at me and say so.
– Oh no no. Brother, who is she?
– Yes? Yes yes, come to the point my son,
come come. No no, just that she
has named her cat Cleopatra? That’s why.
– Oh, that’s why. She is doing her MA. Studies and
stays in Calcutta University Hostel. Oh really?
– Yes, very good choice. Good. We have a teacher here,
Janaki sir, she is his only daughter. Her name is Debika.
– Debika Rani? Yes, Debika Rani. Rani? What?
– Now what? Don’t like? Oh no no no.
– Let Rani go, what then? We will get rid of Rani,
how long will that take now eh? Look here, Usha is here with the tea. Have the tea and I will get your food. Debi, get the tea please?
– Debi is gone. Do you know Debi then?
– No no, not like that. But he wants to know her soon. So stupid. I think I’ll
just stop correcting these papers. Why, what now? Look at this answer. The
question is who is Debi Chaudhurani. And he’s written Suchitra Sen.
Idiot! Oh my, have you had some food? Huh, what an idiot!
– Father, have you had some food? Oh my, no.
– What, no food yet? Aunty? Oh aunty? Debi! Oh Debi! Did you get my book back?
– Your book? But, that Cleopatra.
– What did she do now? No, she didn’t do anything else. I’ll get you the book tomorrow,
alright? Alright fine. Mokkhoram Aunty? Uncle is home?
– Yes. What an idiot, really! Who? Oh Prakash! When did you come?
– Just by today’s morning train. And the work?
– I got the job at the Supply Chain. That’s very nice.
– Your letter helped a lot. Choudhury sir said that since master sir
has approved, then the job is mine. That is very good news. But I still had to bribe him.
– Bribe. And you paid it? Yes, it’s 2% but he
agreed on 1% just for you. Oh my my, disgusting. What to say now,
the world is becoming worse every day. What to say now sir,
the world is a bad place. What is this now?
– For you. It’s a dhoti for you.
– But why? Why not? Am I not part of your family? But why waste money? And you
do this every time you come home. You are getting angry for no reason. Sir, nor do I have a mother or a father,
so if you. – Fine fine. Debi, can you arrange for some tea please?
– No no don’t get worried now. I’ll go myself.
– Fine. Debi?
– Yes? I have got something for you. What?
– Glass bangles. It’s of a modern design.
I thought it would look nice on you. See it. I don’t have time now.
Keep it and I’ll see them later. Why don’t you go sit in father’s room?
I’ll get you your tea there. Oh, okay. Hurt? I am very sorry about yesterday. That’s fine.
– But so much interrogation? This and that and the other.
– Oh no no it’s fine. You know, it’s just that when
I saw you, you seemed very familiar. Is that so?
– Yes, I think I’ve seen you in Kolkata. Can you tell me where you stay?
Ballygunge or Shyambazar? Begbagan. – Exactly.
You study in Lady Brabbone right? Presidency. Yes, see I was thinking Presidency
but I said Lady Brabbonne. I saw you in
– Presidency right? I’ll be going now.
– Where are you off to now? Sit for a while please. Please wait,
I’ll just call your brother. I’ll come tomorrow.
– Come tomorrow? I wish to come with you
too and stay for a day or two. But how can I leave this house and go? And you know your brother too.
He won’t move a bit even. And how do I leave him and go, say? Next time you come,
I’ll go back with you. What, you’ll be back right? What is it,
why are you looking like that? I don’t know,
my eyes are hurting a bit. I cannot see properly. If so then how will you
drive such a long way back? But I have to.
What will mother and father think? And I have a lot of work at the
office. Just settle my suitcase first. I will not let you like this.
Just lie down there quietly. I will tell your brother to send
a telegram right away. – Okay. Kartik, come up and get sir’s suitcase.
– No need. No he’s not going and you have
to send a telegram. – Telegram? Send the telegram to uncle that
he cannot come, his eyes are hurting. His eyes? But he was
just fine before. What now? His eyes are hurting, burning or something.
– Alright, go on now. My brother? What’s wrong? Brother? I cannot see. My eyes.
– What’s wrong brother? My eyes are hurting. And watering too.
My head is paining also. Look at me. Here.
– How to look at you? How can I? Oh my my, just lie down here.
Don’t move a bit at all. Let me see what can be done. Just lie down quietly.
And it looks quite serious. Yes, seems very serious. What do you think dear? Serious. And your brother’s
problem is not of the eyes. But is of the heart.
– What? Oh yes. Oh wait wait now, let me show you.
– Oh no no, let me do! Go go, fill her face with the colors!
– Oh no no. Wait now, wait.
– No! “Oh monsoon,
come fill my eyes with your beauty.” “My heart craves for you.” “Come and rain on my soul
and fill my heart with love.” “So that it may cleanse
all the negativity.” “And come so that
it may cleanse me fully.” “So that for the rest of my life, may
I be able to spend this life with you.” “Oh monsoon,
come fill my eyes with your beauty.” “My heart craves for you.” “Come and rain on my soul
and fill my heart with love.” “So that it may cleanse
all the negativity.” “And come so that
it may cleanse me fully.” “So that for the rest of my life, may
I be able to spend this life with you.” “Oh monsoon,
come fill my eyes with your beauty.” “I have waited for so long
to feel the beauty of your face.” “I will come to you
through all problems.” “I have waited for so long
to feel the beauty of your face.” “I will come to you
through all problems.” “Fight to be with you
through all ages and times.” “Leaving behind all
things just to be with you.” “Oh monsoon,
come fill my eyes with your beauty.” “With your dreams
I will fill my life.” “I will meditate forever
to have you for me.” “With your dreams
I will fill my life.” “I will meditate forever
to have you for me.” “With my whole heart
I have come to know you.” “I surrender my heart at your feet.” “Oh monsoon,
come fill my eyes with your beauty.” “My heart craves for you.” “So that it may cleanse
all the negativity.” “And come so that
it may cleanse me fully.” “So that for the rest of my life, may
I be able to spend this life with you.” I told you to get the 2 books the
other day, you have forgotten today also. I’ll get it tomorrow.
– Tomorrow won’t do. I have referencing work to finish. I’ll get them back, just eat first. What is it?
– Sweets. Sweets? Who got them? Prakash got them in the morning. That boy just over
does it all the time. Hey, I think someone’s at the door.
– Who else will it be? The same one with the sweets. Get Prakash. Why didn’t you come?
– Father is here. But you promised? Father? Brother has sent the books for you. You have to meet
father and then leave. Please come, come on, please. And he is? – Father,
he is Usha sister’s brother. Kishor sir. Oh yes yes, hello. He got you your books.
– Oh yes thanks much. That’s fine fine. Make some tea then dear? Yes yes, come on in now son. Come inside son. You said you are Usha’s brother?
But I recall, she has no real. Yes, I am her cousin. – Cousin brother?
So you must be Prasad sir’s son? Yes. I don’t know him but I have
heard his name a lot of times. But I’ve never seen you here?
– No no, I have come a couple of times but. I have never stayed back here. That’s why. That is why I haven’t
met you. What have you studied then? I have finished my engineering and
now work for a Pharmacy for testing. Engineer? That’s great! Your father was a very renowned
barrister. And so was your grandfather! So why did you leave
law and become an engineer? I don’t really
– Like law? Like free thinking
and constructive work eh? – That is right. Good, big ambitions. Now see this,
why are you still standing? Here you go. Have some sweets. Sir.
– Yes son. Come on in. Sir, and who is this man?
– This is Kishor. A relative of our dear Bholanath. An engineer too! And this is Prakash.
Like the son of the house. A contractor. Oh don’t even ask
about my life and work. I just work and work all round. And so, how do you like our sweets? Very well made.
Costs about 25 rupees per kilo. It’s very nice,
why don’t you have some? No no, I don’t like these things.
I want to have some tea. Debi, make some tea!
Do you want some tea too? No, I’ll take your leave now.
– Will you go then? It was very nice to meet you. So next time come straight here,
don’t hesitate. What a nice boy. Very nice. Educated, sophisticated, ambitious.
And has the energy of youth too. Listen. I will be
at the broken temple. Will you come then? Goodbye yes? Uncle?
– Yes? Have you fixed anything
for Debi’s wedding? – No. I have not thought
of anything like that. And that will be a money matter. How can I afford that now? Just let her finish studying.
And then she’ll get a job. And then.
– What? Job? Why will she work? So many boys will want to marry her. But I haven’t thought
of anything like that yet. Will think about this later.
– Oh. Okay. Uncle, I will take your leave then? Alright, come. Prakash brother? Leaving already?
– Yes. I just put on the tea but.
– No need. I have been waiting
for half an hour for you. Got late while offering my prayers. What did you ask god for? That I may pass my papers well. That’s all, nothing else?
– What else should I ask for? That we get married quickly, no?
– Oh stop it. Come, let’s go sit there.
– But why? I want to take some photos. What will I show my parents?
Come on now. Sit please. What is this. Smudged!
– It’s from the temple but. From the temple?
– Yes. What did you just do? We have been married today. This temple and all the
gods will bear witness to this. From today you are only mine. Come on now. Checkmate. Checkmate. Checkmate. That’s cheating,
simply cheating, start again. You have to start again. Don’t get up. You have to start again. Sister-in-law is here.
– Who? Sister-in-law is here.
– Whose Sister-in-law? Mine. I am coming. You have to start again. Let me come back! Why does
she have to call when I am playing? Do it once more. Tell me quickly whatever you
have to say, they all are waiting. Don’t you see it’s going to rain?
– Let it rain. I’ve been telling
you since the evening. It’s getting dark,
there will be thunder and storm. If it rains there
will be thundering too. Am I saying that? The locality is unknown so my
brother might get wet and fall sick. Stop the non sense
and send 3 cups of tea.. ..I want to see how
competent they are! Why are you worried? He is
not stupid to get wet in the rain. He’ll definitely
take shelter somewhere. Mt God! It’s pouring heavily! God knows when will it stop. It’ll stop at some time.
– What do you mean by that? May be whole night too! Where are you going? Home. How can I stay here all night? Did I say that to you?
– Didn’t you say that? God! You are angry on me!
But you don’t look like that. Let the rain stop then
I’ll accompany you home. Come on. Wipe my head,
I had to get wet just for you. Huh! Is it not your fault! 7 days just passed away,
how did I spend it? Are you afraid?
– Yes. Don’t worry.. .. I am there. Forever. Why are you so late today? Prasanta was in the court.
He called his relatives from Delhi. So I had to go. They are
rich and you’ve recommended too. How was it? She is a modern girl. Definitely. She is a girl
from the top society of Delhi. Moreover they’ve suddenly become rich! Didn’t you like her? It doesn’t matter,
the boy has to agree. He didn’t return, right?
I told you repeatedly to send Tinu. All you are saying is that
he is okay and will return soon. Your son is taking
rest in his room upstairs. Huh! And you didn’t even
say that to me till now! Horrible! Hey! What happened? He telegrammed that you
are sick and can’t come right now! Me! And your eyes.
– Yes, it was so painful! Where? Let me see it.
– It’s alright. Don’t get excited, please sit. Did you call Mr. Desai? Not only him,
I even called up your boss. He’ll send you to
Romania within 6 months. Why aren’t you telling it to mother?
– Let it be fixed first. What is getting fixed?
– Invitation. What invitation? Didn’t I tell you that
you’ve an invitation .. Prasanta’s house
tomorrow evening? Yes but why father? Idiot! You’ll understand
when you go there. I am telling you something.
– What? I’ll never send Kishore abroad. Why? – First he’ll get married
then he can go abroad. When did you come? Long ago. You did see me. What were you reading? Kishore’s letter. But he wrote
as soon as he reached, that’s strange. He wrote about you too.
– About me? Yes. He writes “how is Shirsha doing?” “Let her that her songs attract me so
much that I’ll come back very soon.” What happened! The day he came.. .. he said that he’ll
not stay more than 2 days! Suddenly what happened? Why did he love the place? How’ll I know?
– You don’t? But I know. Why are you alone?
Where is your father? -Coming. Coughing!
– Not coughing, coming. Oh I see. Bring the photograph. Will you have some cold drinks?
– I had it just now. Offer him something.
– I just did. Do you know her? Isn’t she Manju, your sister? My God he recognized. He saw her 4 years ago
in Delhi and still remembers her! How does she look like?
– Good. Dark? He didn’t say dark, he said good. Oh good! Well, you liked her, she likes
you and your parents liked her too. Now we can fix a date for marriage. Mother. Why are you back so soon? Have you fixed my marriage?
– Yes, with Manju. But this marriage will not take place.
– Why? I’ll marry Debika. Debika? Yes, she is the daughter
of the teacher of sister. You’ll get married to a daughter
of a village school teacher? Why? Aren’t they human? It’s not about human or not,
it’s about the difference of class. What is the difference? Only
that they are poor and we are rich. That’s right. I can’t get you married
off to a poor beggar’s daughter. Moreover, I’ve given my words.
– I too have. Do you want to ruin the
reputation of the family? You’ll ruin our
reputation in the society. No, you have to marry her. Don’t force me mother, I can’t do it. Where are you my dear wife? I’ve just made tea,
I can’t do make it again. It’s not tea, read it, it’s good news. “Sister, I want to get married
to Debika, mother hasn’t agreed.” “Try to convince her
father at any cost. Kishore.” Isn’t it good news?
– Yes. But I am afraid.
– Why? Aunt is so stubborn, if anything
happens she’ll put the blame on you. Let it be so, I am not afraid. Kishore and Debika,
can there be a better match? That’s right.
– Don’t worry, I’ll make it happen. If we can make uncle agree to this. Yes, if he agrees
then aunt can’t resist? Yes, I have a plan.
– What? Well, please send tea to
the chess players downstairs first. Okay.
– I’ll just come back. Okay. What are you saying Uma Madhav?
I can’t even think about such a match! I am a poor school master.. ..and they have such a
good-looking and educated son! Sir, just because they are
our relative I won’t be partial. But Debika is also a good girl. If they are happy we are happy too.
– Yes. So why do you hesitate?
– No, I am not. But I can’t believe
such a thing can happen. I am not wealthy, I am not rich. Sir.
– Yes. I was thinking that
if I had a younger sister.. ..I would have done the same thing. So, Debika is also like my sister. So, you agree to it, right? – Right
but you’ll bear all the responsibility. Only work remains are to
discuss with uncle and fix the date. I was thinking that if you
go to Kolkata, then will it be okay? Me! Nothing special. You need to talk to them
as you are the father of the bride. Sure. I’ll go but
will you come with me? I’ll not go but I’ll write
a letter which will be enough. Okay? so, I’ll write
everything in the letter. – Yes. Okay. You have the full responsibility.
– Yes, don’t worry at all. Hey Debika.. ..why are you running away
without paying the matchmaker? So, are you happy?
– Huh! Namaste. Renu.. .. why didn’t you switch on the fan? Namaste.
– Sit please. Yes, what do you want to say? I need to see Ghosal. He’ll be late.
You can tell me everything. Bholanath told me that. Yes, I got his letter
that you’ll be coming. I came here for my daughter. Debi, my daughter,
lost her mother at a very early age. She was brought up with less care. May be i haven’t given
her much attention. But she has never let me down
with her education and sweet nature. Bholanath and Sushama
knows her from childhood. So they love her a lot.
– Yes, that’s what they wrote. I think everyone of will like Debika. Will you please come to our house? It’s better to tell
you everything clearly. This is impossible. Kishore is our only son. We want
to marry him off to a suitable girl. I could have written
this but I wanted .. to see what
family he belongs to. I get it. You are talking
about you being wealthy. It’s a bitter truth. Yes, I am a nobody compared to you,
I am a school master. I don’t even have the
right to step in your house. I just came here for
the sake of my daughter. I am sorry I have wasted
a lot of your time. My greetings to Prasad.
– Are you leaving? You please sit and have something. Don’t worry. If I leave early
then I can catch the next train. Okay, Namaste.
– Hope you didn’t misunderstand me. You never gave me a chance to do so. Truth is bitter but
nonetheless it’s truth. Namaste. Listen,.. ..who are you?
– I am Janakinath. That means you are
the teacher of Bholanath? Yes.
– Why are you leaving? I have to catch the train. But we didn’t discuss anything. It’s done.
– Done. Are you sure? Yes, she said it’s impossible. Okay, Namaste. Sir, you must be cross with Surama.
I am sorry for that. What are you saying? A mother can
express her opinion regarding her son. I am not hurt, I am not hurt. Namaste.
– Sir, I can’t let you go like this. There is nothing called
the last words in a family. How much time does it
take to change the opinion? I’ll drop you at the station
myself but please come in. Surama, can you guarantee that
our choice will be the best for him? I don’t want to know anything,
do whatever you feel like. Take this, your mother-in-law
has send this to you. “Bangles don’t make any sound now,
don’t make any sound now.” “Make sound when
my beloved comes home.” “Your sound will make my heart skip.” “I’ll offer him everything then.” “Bangles don’t make any sound now.” “Don’t take away this
joy and my words then.” “Don’t tell him my secrets.” “Don’t laugh at my stupidity.” “Don’t take away this
joy and my words then.” “Don’t tell him my secrets.” “Don’t laugh at my stupidity.” “I am living in his dreams,
why don’t you understand it?” “Bangles don’t make any sound now,
don’t make any sound now.” “When my beloved is in his dreams.” “Don’t even try to make sound then.” “Don’t you know that
people will hear it?” “When my beloved is in his dreams.” “Don’t even try to make sound then.” “Don’t you know that
people will hear it?” “I have lots of dreams in my eyes.” “Bangles don’t make any sound now,
don’t make any sound now.” “Bangles don’t make any sound now,
don’t make any sound now.” Debi, I heard you are getting
married on 25th of April? I am very happy,
it’s a very auspicious day. What are you doing?
Can’t you sit properly? Why are you taking so much time?
Can’t you hurry up? Seems you can’t wait at all. Don’t
worry your bride will not run away. Is it done?
– Just a bit more, say 5 minutes. Hurry up, it will take 3 hours by car. We have to reach on time. Yes, you are right.
– Hurry up, hurry up. I am off. No, not now.
– What? You don’t want to wear it? No.
– But you have to wear it. What do you want me to look like?
– A monkey. What a nice bangle?
Who has given it to you? My mother-in-law. My God! Before getting married
you are calling her mother-in-law. How does he look like?
– I don’t know. What’s his name?
tell us please. I can say. He is Kishore, he was
running after you during Holi, right? Not only did he run but
also put the color on me. We are getting late, drive fast. What are you saying!
– Yes, we’re ruined. They met with an accident
after crossing Rajnathpur. No one is alive.
I send Bhola after I got the news. Please be steady, sir. I’ll call for the hermit.
We’ve to make some arrangement. I understand how you feel. I don’t know where
our fate is taking us. He was such a nice
boy and look what happened! Dear, the hermit is saying
that if you don’t marry.. .. now then you can never get married. Such a girl is not accepted anywhere. No one will get married to you. We have to bow our head
in shame in front of the society. I don’t have means
to take you elsewhere. Prakash has agreed to marry
you and we have all agreed to it. No one knows the fate,
maybe this will be good for you. Please agree to it,
at least for my sake. Hey, play the crouch! Aunt, the operation is a success. Dr. Sengupta and Dr.
Lahiri both have said that. Thank God he fell on the field,
otherwise. Aunt, go home. I am here, Bholanath is here.
You don’t worry, you go home please. Usha. You take aunt home and give her
2 compose tablet and put her to sleep. Tell me truly, will Kishore live?
– Yes, he will. Then telegram master
that Kishore is alive. How did you find him to be? Good.
– When will he be discharged? Will discharge him soon. Did you explain everything about Debi?
– What? Did you tell him that she was helpless?
– Yes. What has happened to you?
– What? Your face tells me that you
are hiding something. Please tell me. It’s nothing.
– Swear on me. What non sense is this? Listen. If you don’t swear on me I’ll
definitely leave you tomorrow morning. Listen, we’ll never
ever go and visit them. What are you saying? I didn’t say it because
I didn’t want you to get hurt. Their doors are closed to us forever.
– No. It’s good. May be I would have
told about Debika .. ..and ruined Kishore’s life too. I have one regret.. ..we failed to unite two great .. ..lives but we failed, Usha. We have lost the game. I can’t show my face in the society .. the bride is still
in her parents’ house. But why is she not in her in-laws
house? She doesn’t even talk to me! Do you know that she didn’t
talk to me since our marriage? Why? Why is she so proud?
Is it because I am not well educated? Or just because I am
not a barrister or engineer? Well, didn’t we get
married according to custom? Don’t get agitated.
Take rest and have some food. – No. I hate to have even a drop
of water here. Both of you are same. Prakash! Wait, see what I do to you! Debi! Debi! I don’t need medicine, just put
your hands on my forehead. I am hurt. I am hurt. I am hurt. Everything is ruined! Everything is ruined! Why are you so quiet?
Why don’t you talk? Please talk, I am begging you. I am begging you to talk, tell
me that I am responsible for all this. Tell me that I’ve ruined your life.
Please don’t be quiet. Don’t stand like a stone! If you stay like this,
I won’t be at peace even if I die Come near me, my child. Being a father how could
I ruin your life like this? So, how are you? Tarun, when will I be discharged?
I feel suffocated. We’ll do it after a
few days when you get well. I don’t have any news of them.
Even brother-in-law isn’t coming. He came but has gone off. How could he do it without seeing me? Well, aunt was to agitated. Moreover, what will
he do even if he visits you? What will he say?
– Why? Tell me, what happened? Debika got married. Don’t get excited kishore, lie down. That night itself Debika
got married to Prakash. They got the news that you are dead. So, her father was forced to do it. Who are you thinking about? Just remember that you are mine,
only mine. You have to give me everything,
your love and everything else. Okay, I’ll see to that. Sit. Where did you go? To get the tickets. Tickets?
– I Have some work. You didn’t tell me before. No, but if I don’t go now
then I’ll miss the opportunity. I knew it. I can’t face the society.
Everybody is laughing at me. That’s why I am leaving
so that no one laughs at you. Only regret I have is
that I couldn’t make you happy. Why do you have to
ruin your life like this? She is happily married. Why is it that you are suffering? Who is that? You unfaithful woman!
Tell me who is it? Tell me who is it? You never liked me but got married
to me. Now I understand that why. You wanted to put the
sin on my head, right? I’ll kill that sin.
– No! You disgraceful woman!
I’ll bury both you and your sin. Here, what are you doing? Work fast. Hey, see whether the leveling is okay. Yes. I’ll see it, don’t worry at all. Start the other work after this.
– Okay. Come on! Come on! There.
– Do it proper. Hey, do your work. Sir, there is a letter for you. will I make the tea for you? I’ll do it. “Kishore, everything is in
its place but still you are restless.” “You went abroad,
I never opposed to that. “Now you are working outside, I
never had any objection to that even.” “I thought that if you get
married you’ll be normal on again.” “But now I realize that is a myth.” “Months again you don’t
write or come home.” “What do you want? You’ll not
be happy nor will you let me be so.” “Do you want a divorce?” “I don’t understand anything,
I can’t fight anymore.” “I don’t understand anything,
I can’t fight anymore.” “The meaning of life,
the path to follow.” “The meaning of life,
the path to follow.” “I can’t find any one of them.” “I don’t understand anything.” “The flowers die and spread
sweet smell everywhere on your side.” “Here, the eyes are
filled with tears only.” “The flowers die and spread
sweet smell everywhere on your side.” “Here, the eyes are
filled with tears only.” “May be they become
one with time unending.” “I can’t say any more,
I can’t walk anymore.” “I can’t say any more,
I can’t walk anymore.” “With unsaid pains
and with fabricated words.” “With unsaid pains
and with fabricated words.” “I can’t walk anymore,
I can’t understand anymore.” “Where did it start
and where will it end.” “In what way will this
endless puzzle will be solved?” “Where did it start
and where will it end.” “In what way will this
endless puzzle will be solved?” “I thought I could answer
everything with my song.” I can’t sing anymore,
I can’t ride it anymore.” “The boat of my life
is filled with sorrow.” “The boat of my life
is filled with sorrow.” “I can’t ride it anymore.” “I don’t understand anything,
I can’t fight anymore.” “The meaning of life,
the path to follow.” “The meaning of life,
the path to follow.” “I can’t find any one of them.” “I don’t understand anything.” Oh the pots! What will you do with it? Let’s go
to Kolkata we can buy it from there. Look at her. Hey, wait please, wait. I seem to know you.
– I think I know you too. Aren’t you Kishore?
– Aren’t you Anju? So, what are you doing here? – We came
for a ride and the car broke down. 1 minute. Let’s go.
– Play? No, I can’t play now. It’s not play,
I am telling you to come with me. Why are you getting hurry? Come on. Kishore!
– Prasanta! What a surprise! We came for a ride and the car broke
down in the middle of the jungle. We were terrified.
Then all of a sudden you, Kishore! Where are you going?
– Where are you going? I am going to Dr. Gupta’s house.
– Chandra Gupta? Yes.
– What a situation! We live so close
by and know each other. And we still are ignorant
that that you know them? Anju is my cousin.
Yes, that’s right. And this man. Please don’t request me,
I have loads of work to do. I can’t stay any more. I’ve brought Anju here,
so my job ends here. I am not talking about that.
I am asking how you know Kishore. What?
– I am asking how you know Kishore. With Kishore?
– Yes. It’s a long story.
It’s a 7 year long story. To tell you in short it’s
man proposes, God disposes. By God’s grace you would have been
his brother-in-law, do you get it? Both of them are good,
so why didn’t it happen like that? What?
– Why didn’t it happen? Marriage!
– Yes. It’s fate. Engagement was to
happen but he decided to call it off. She was mad hearing it. She felt
insulted and vowed never to marry. She is still a spinster. This was going on and on,
then suddenly I met aunt. By aunt, I meant Kishore’s mother. She said that Kishore
is transferred here. I said Khurda!
That’s where Sankar lives. Everything was settled
and I brought her here. Now everything is up to you two. Here comes Anju.
We were talking about you. Aunt has sent it for you.
– Thank you, I’ll take your leave. Oh! You want to freshen up, right?
I knew it. You go and freshen up. We can discuss the whole
matter elaborately after that. Go, take him inside.
What are you waiting for? He wants to go. Wants to eat?
That’s very natural thing to do. Just see! If he is hungry
won’t he ask for food? He doesn’t want to eat,
he wants to leave. Leave! How can it be so?
You should have food with us. We had so much to talk about.
– I can’t, Pal is waiting for me. Pal! That’s a problem! So, you
should have lunch with us tomorrow. There we can ease the things. So, weren’t you surprised? It’s a very nice place. How long do you have to stay? It’s not fixed, I’ve just landed here. Aunt wanted me to do a job. I’ll have to take you with me.
– What’s the use? I can’t do what she wants. Didn’t you forget her till now? Why do you have to
remember a married woman? Come, I’ll drop you. Uncle, 4 birds! Hey! Raju! Raju! Raju! Raju! Raju! Don’t be afraid! It’s okay.
– Lot of… You didn’t eat in the afternoon,
you must be hungry. What are you thinking? Nothing. You were thinking about the boy,
right? Thank God he fell there! Otherwise it would have been fatal. I still am scared to think about it. Sankar has gone a long time back,
so why is he not coming back? You have to give this tablet
to him after every 4 hours. Do you have the medicine
that you take? The sleeping pills? So, Raju, will you wander
around the lake anymore? If you do it again then instead
of injection, I’ll cut your hands off. Why is it so less in number? How many do you take every day?
2 tablets, right? Don’t take more. If he can’t sleep tonight
then give him half of a tablet. Mother, I’ll take your leave now. Okay doctor. I’ll have to Kishore’s house now. Raju was a kid when he came
here with Bholanath a Debika. Who is Bholanath? He is a sort of brother to her.
He loves her very much. He brought her here after
he got the job in our convent. He is a very nice person, he
was a guest living next to our house. I know him well.
He told me everything about Debika. Very sad! Her husband was illiterate,
drunkard and of ill-character. He used to beat him up. She was in love with a very
nice boy and was to get married too. But it was fate that he had a road
accident while he was going there. They got the news
that the groom was dead. What happened?
– Are you feeling sick? No, I am feeling suffocated. That is so natural as you have
gone through much strain today. So you take rest and I will
take your leave. Come on Anju. I will take your leave now sir,
good night. Come now. I’ve told the servants,
do eat quickly and sleep. I’ll come in the morning
tomorrow. Bye now. Kishore sir? Sir? Oh sir? Did you sleep outside
for the whole night? Jaggu? Jaggu?
– Yes? Did sir have tea?
– No. Then make some and get it please.
– Alright. We will have tea outside. You? Is everyone alright?
– Yes they are. I don’t know how to.
– Oh I will just call him for you. Please come in. You have to come out for a bit. Raju’s mother is here. Debika? Debi? Debi? Debi? Debika? Oh my, where did she go?
I just asked her to wait outside here. And went inside to call you. Why did she come if she
had to leave without meeting you? May I ask something? Is she the one? That Debika? What is this? Everyone has left and
you’re still here? What is the matter? Oh nothing, just leaving now Mother. Were you waiting for me?
– Oh no no. Then what dear? And I’ve told you to take a
leave till Raju doesn’t recover fully. No, Raju is fine.
– Alright, go home now. And they play like this?
– Yes, just like this. And then the monkey
came down from the tree. And then came and shook my hand! He asked me,
hello mister, how do you do? So chimpanzees talk? Oh can chimpanzees talk? Of course, why not? So I shook his hand too and replied,
I’m fine Mr. Chimpanzee. And then he said to me. Said that. He said ‘lampua ugampa tung-tang’
– And what does that mean? It means that I am
very happy to have met you. And then the chimpanzee
took out a chocolate from the.. ..pocket of his pants and said to me,
kindly give this to Raju. What? Chimpanzees don’t
give you chocolates! What? Not just chocolates,
but chocolates from Cadbury! Come then,
let’s go to the chimpanzees house? Oh no no, not today it is
very far and deep into the jungle. If we leave now we will reach
late in the night and there.. ..are a lot of tigers
in the forest on the way. I’ll take you tomorrow morning.
– No today! Oh dear, not today please. No, today.
– Sure I’ll take you tomorrow morning. Oh no no no. Raju dear, calm down or I will tell
mother that you irritate sir a lot. Your name is ‘sir’?
– Yes, like it? Very nice name.
– Your name is very nice too. Raju! Eats nuts! What time is it sir?
– 5:30pm. 5:30 already? She is never late. The school must have
got over long before. Must be stuck in a meeting,
might be late. Alright Raju,
I will take your leave now. But I want to go to the chimp’s place.
– I will take you tomorrow I promise. Oh no no. – Hey, don’t fuss.
If you do, then I will never take you. I will come tomorrow in the morning
and take you to the chimpanzee.. ..alright? Fine. Sir? I had come in your absence. I could not help the temptation
of decorating the empty flower vase. Do forgive me for any intrusions.
We will have to leave today itself. I don’t have much hope
that we will meet again. May you live in happiness always.
From Anju. Debi? Why did you leave
without meeting me the other day? Debi? I had something
to talk to you about. Just let me go. Come on. No, we will be going tomorrow. No no no, I want to go today but! It’s very late today,
I will come tomorrow. I will send the car for you tomorrow.. .. and you can come
with Raghu uncle here. And then we’ll go to the waterfall.
– Very good! It’s a game of fate.
Destiny’s turns. Or else why would you have
to meet Debika after so many years? I kept all aspects of
her life a secret from you.. ..because your mother asked
me to do so for your well-being. And I did so for the longest time. But if I turn a deaf ear
to the call of destiny today.. ..then I will never
be able to forgive myself. Don’t misunderstand her. Don’t take her words at
face value and misjudge her. She has not forgotten
you nor can she ever do so. That is her life’s biggest misfortune. Sir?
– What is it Nandu? The Rai Bahadurs are leaving. Leaving? I will not accept your resignation
under any circumstance.. will have to
tell me what is wrong. You have to tell me why
you want to quit this job. Nothing like that Mother. You call me Mother and
you hide stuff from me too? Why won’t you tell
me what the problem is? It is critically important.
I have to go. Please, let me. I don’t know why you just have to go.
Anyway, go ahead. If you ever want to
come back then the gates .. ..of this school will
always be open for you. Are you going today? Tomorrow early morning. Can you just torture
me anyhow you wish to? No. I cannot. And if I have ever
caused you any harm.. .. please do forgive me. Amazing. Amazing how each day in your life
comes back with the tide of time.. .. to haunt you. Today was the same day, 25th of April,
that we were to be married. That day I couldn’t understand you.
And today? Today you wish to go away from me. And then? Some years passed, you were far off .. ..and I too drifted away. But Debi,
have you really forgotten it all? Have you really forgotten everything? I want to forget it all. I want to wipe it all clean. Why? Tell me, why. Why? Why do you have to go? Why can we not meet? No no no, that cannot be, no no. Why not? Were all those days and emotions fake? All a game? Did you lie to the gods then?
– Oh no no no dear. All true.
All of it. That’s why I’m going away. That’s why I hurt
you and insulted you. That’s why I turned
you down time and again. But I have felt more pain
than I have caused you to feel. But I still wished for you to hate me.
To forget about me. But you never left. So I am going myself. I cannot cause harm to the person
in your life now. No way. Not at all. Debi? I have no one
in my life but you. Except for you,
there is no one for me. You have been through a lot too. We have faced much hatred
and insults to meet and be together. No one can separate us now.
No one can. This cannot be Kishore.
This cannot be done. Why not mother? I have been waiting for 7 years
for you to change your decision. So that this dead house
can be filled with some life. And this is what you say? Debika is a widow, and that’s
why you cannot accept her right? No I cannot do so. And how can I accept
another man’s son as yours? But Debika has no
existence without Raju. And if you can accept
Debika then why not Raju? And i know very well
what this marriage will bring. One day you will
understand your mistake. And your heart will
be filled with regret .. ..and you won’t even
be able to say a word. Society, neighbours, family
and relatives will look down upon you. So shall I deny myself
for other people? Do not what my heart
wants just because of people? And what they might say or not? Listen mother,
if society cannot respect my wife.. ..and child then I don’t
care for such a society. I could not save you 7 years ago,
neither can I do so today. If it were so then
I would not have been .. .. a widower for that I’ll-fated girl. She killed your father,
and her husband and now you too! Are superstitions and
taboo important to you? Do my wishes and wants
and hopes have no value? Fine then, I will only come
back the day you call for me. Bye mother.
– Kishore! Oh Kishore! We will have to go to the
temple at 6 to meet the priest. I’m taking Raju to the site.
And I will bring him from there. I’ll send the car and
Nandi will pick you up. Alright? I want you to wear this saree. You have wiped away all my
sadness and insults. So beautifully. I don’t know if I will
be able to keep you happy. If not, then do forgive me. Alright. Bye now. I never thought that one
day I would have to come to you. But I had to come today
to save my son from disaster. Disaster?
– Yes disaster. For a widower who has a child,
this is surely sin! If it were any other girl,
she would hang herself! – Mother! Don’t you dare call me mother. Even the women waiting on
the streets are better than you. They don’t demean themselves
for money to this level. What are you saying!
– The truth. Do you not know what you truly are? You have finished your own parents
and husband too. Your own marriage! And now you want my son too? Jaggu? Hey Jaggu?
– Jaggu isn’t here sir. Where did he go? – Your mother has
come from Kolkata so he has taken.. ..her to Raju’s house. Mother? You have finished your own parents
and husband too. Your own marriage! And now you want my son too? Then listen, you will have to pay
for the mistake you are making today. You only have poison
filled in your luck. And you will destroy all with that! Debi? Debi? Oh Debi?
– Mother! Mother open the door! We are here mother.
– Debi! – Mother? Debi! Debi? Debi?
– Mother? Debi? Debi? Mother open the door please. Mother open the door please. Debi? Debi? Debi? Mother? Oh mother! Oh Debi? Sir, why isn’t she talking? Sir? Sir? Raise her feet a bit. Put a pillow. Sir? Sir? Doctor sir,
please save my mother, please sir? Don’t cry dear, I’m trying, I am. Listen. What did you tell Debika, mother? What did you tell her? What did you tell her that
it made her poison herself? Did you not even think of me once?
Not once? For someone I waited
for my whole life? How could you mother? Read this. ‘Debi, just got your letter. Are you really leaving this
job to get away from Kishore? Prakash was just an accident,
you had nothing to do with it. Don’t forget that Kishore
put the mark of vermillion .. ..on your forehead,
keeping the gods as witness. You are his wife,
by soul and body and mind. And only because of your promise,
I never told anyone that Raju is.. ..actually Kishore’s son.’ What have I done,
oh lord, what have I done. Kishore sir? Nothing to worry, the danger is over. Doctor, I will never
be able to repay you. Oh no no, this is my duty. Mother? Oh mother, look who’s here. You must have suffered
a lot last night, yes dear? Get well soon,
I want to take you home dear. Everyone must be starving
since last night. Come my dear grandson, let’s go to
the kitchen and see what can be done. “Come into my eyes like
the scene of the sun setting.” “Come into my heart, like new love.” “Come like the praise to
the gods of the morning, come to me.” “Come into my life
like a new life-force.” “Come to me in every age.” “For I am yours forever.”

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