Don’t allow political parties to use you as pawns – Hanekom to Mitchells Plain residents

Don’t allow political parties to use you as pawns – Hanekom to Mitchells Plain residents

Political parties should not use people as
pawns, nor should people allow themselves to be used as pawns in any kind of political
competition. People must join the political parties of their choice, political parties
and political leaders must serve with integrity and with diligence, but must serve the people
of South Africa, not manipulate the people of South Africa. I think those are very important
principles. When you are elected, you are meant to serve
everybody – those who voted for you and those who voted against you. Because you are no
longer now serving your own party – you are serving the society. If what has been alleged
was a conversation between the DA administration and the community of Siqalo, we are very worried.
Because you can’t have a government that goes to people and says: In order for us to give
you services you must vote for us. It’s wrong. Even if it’s done by the ANC it’s wrong, if
it’s done by the DA it’s wrong, if it’s done by the EFF… The election campaign provides
us to present our manifestos. When elections are done and dusted we must deliver our services
to people and when people are facing problems we must put aside our political differences
and stand together and find solutions for those problems. It’s a point that I think
that comrade Derek was trying to put across here, hence we are saying every political
party must have an interest when there is a problem in a particular community.


  1. ANC " wolf in sheeps clothing " in 1994 you promised free housing, free medical, free schooling, and free Tshirt and look where we are today. Jan van Riebeeck was not around then so is he still to blame for your misfortunes today? The people trusted you and voted for you, you are a embarrassment to our country.
    Seriously Hanekom next time put on a clown suit because the ANC is turning this country into a joke.

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