Not all heroes wear capes, have their own
movies or are vegans. Some heroes are just out to crack some eggs. Asalaamu alaikum guys, welcome to another episode of Smile2jannah Senator Frazier of Australia is a
vile opportunist who used the New Zealand attacks, to further spew his
anti-immigration venom by blaming the victims of the atrocity. He sent a shock
wave across the planet, with his heartless and sickening words. But what
were we to do? How could we confront such an individual? Through words? Through
emails? Through violence? While we were debating and contemplating on our
predicament, our hero was at the tills with a six-pack of organic eggs. This brave and fearless vigilante managed to evade the security just so he could give
the brain of the senator some protein that he was in such desperate need of. The internet has hailed him EGG BOY. And the memes have been going through the roof. But this did not come at a price After he completed his act of Valor, This was the moment when I felt so proud to exist as a human being. Let me inform you guys, Muslims are not terrorists and
terrorism has no religion. All those who consider Muslims a terrorist community,
have empty heads like Anning. He was punched twice by the senator despite
being a 17 year old teenager and then he was pinned on the floor by four people,
and choked by one of them with threats. Despite this ordeal egg boy had no regrets. And he
wasn’t even charged by the police. What lesson do we learn from this? Sometimes you don’t need a
lesson you just need some eggs.

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