Employment Letter Sample for Saudi Council of Engineers |TechniciansEngineers

Employment Letter Sample for Saudi Council of Engineers |Technicians\Engineers

assalamualaikum today i will tell you that what to mention in SCE letter which is sponsor letter or employment letter you can see the sample in the video if you didn’t subscribe the channel up to now then please subscribe for future updates and like the video if its useful for you and share with your friends who need let me zoom in first of all the subject is employment letter, salary & experience and this letter is address to Saudi Council of Engineers whats mentioned in the letter your name, nationality, occupation, the occupation of your iqama iqama number, date of joining in the company, basic salary, housing allowance, transport allowance, other allowances and total salary these are the main things which need to be mentioned n the letter so this is the letter’s sample let me zoom out the letter so that you can take a screenshot and chamber of commerce is necessary as this letter is attested in 2018 manually now you have to get a new chamber electronic letter you can ask your HR to provide you that letter upload the letter and INSHALLAH your membership will be approved like the video if it was useful for you and subscribe the channel if there is any question please ask in the comment section i will reply you back asap Thank you. ALLAH HAFIZ


  1. for the time being I have register in SEC by company provided experience letter with 1 yrs membership but I have arrange my diploma related to my profession i.e. Telecom Technician.
    how can I submit that diploma now ?
    because it seems that this type of registration upon experience letter is not long term and one day they will force us to either change ur profession or provide relevant qualification.
    I also noticed that even I applied for 3 yrs membership, but the bill they produced was only 1 year which means experience based memgership will not be long term.
    help please.

  2. What is the procedure for editing Saudi counsil of engineering profile , how to change uploaded documents , how to delete profile

  3. Salam , i registered in SCE i paid 500 and 200 fees but still "Is Yaqeen Verified" & Is Jawazat Updated showing Red Whe nthis sign will change to green imy iqama is near to expire in few days i need your guidance. they give me temporary membership numbers on Thursday.

  4. Sir i have microsoft certificate and my iqama profession is computer technician so this certificate is enough for this profession Please reply as soon as possible

  5. I have a degree in BS(Computer sciences). Iqama profession is Mechanical draftsman. Is my degree valid for my profession? or i need to get experience certificate?

  6. I have submitted all the documents….and also paid 500 sar… Now want to know tht the employment letter i have submitted is almost same like in the video… But most of the friends are saying that in that employment letter it must be mentioned that "the employee need to change the profession"… Is it necessary to mention this statement because this statement in the sample letter in the video and the employment letter i have submitted is not mentioned…. Is ot ok???

  7. which page of Passport needs to upload kindly suggest. Passport front page copy OR back page copy OR Visa Endorsement Stamp page ????????

  8. Dear Sir, our H.R. Staff attached one year Television course certificate and attached other all documents and paid 500 riyals for verification 10 days before. until now not received any sms or message . it showing auditing your request. How many days will take for audit. Looking for your support

  9. Hello
    In my iqama My profession is operation analyst (محلل عمليات) but I am doing cost controller job and i have MBA finance degree attested from all departments. My HR can't renew my iqama. Kindly tell me what I will do? For change my profession on iqama , I have to upload my degree on saudi engineering council? Pls advice me

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