ENG SUBS US Congress approved war against Russia?/Конгресс США одобрил объявление войны России

ENG SUBS US Congress approved war against Russia?/Конгресс США одобрил объявление войны России

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our Media Commentary. Today we will discuss a large-scale decision, so-called resolution number 758 adopted on 4th of December by the US House of Representatives. This resolution was presented by United States Senate as well as by the US House of Representatives. It provides a legal base for launching a war against Russia. This historical vote of the 4th of December, which will possibly affect lives of hundreds of millions of people across the globe, practically allows US president and Chief of Defense wide latitude. Based on this resolution, president of USA Obama may immediately and without further consent of Congress engage in military confrontation with Russia. Only thanks to a former Congress delegate Ron Paul this straight-forward declaring a war in a form of a resolution was revealed and presented to the General Public. A bill that mainstream media keep completely in dark Paul calls the worst legislation of all the times. According to official website of the Congress, Resolution No 758 has a following name, I’m quoting here: Strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination. It contains a number of clauses with groundless accusations against Russia, clearly far from reality. Without single evidence, Russia is accused in invading Ukraine. The resolution is forcefully stating that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed in Ukraine was destroyed by a missile fired by Russian-backed separatists. Disregarding the fact that the final report of this tragedy investigation will not be published before middle of year 2015. Moreover, there is multiple evidence that the airplane wasn’t struck by ground-to-air rocket but by one or more Ukrainian fighter jets. Next statement of the resolution is accusation of news representation by Russian media abroad, blaming them in distorting public opinion. At the same time, Resolution is accusing people of East Ukraine in conducting false and illegitimate elections in November, but giving green light to president of Ukraine Poroshenko to continue military operation against the regions striving for independence. Because of this reason, resolution number 758 is directly involving US government into the conflict. Namely: it’s urging president Obama to provide Ukrainian government with lethal and non-lethal weapons, services and trainings. In order it could efficiently protect its territory and sovereignty. The most dangerous part of this resolution is the statement that so-called Russian military invasion to Ukraine is a threat to international peace and security. This choice of words isn’t random. This sentence is like an implanted poison-pill which can be a base for far more aggressive resolutions in the future. This legislation resembles a lot one the Parliament decisions adopted in the past which resulted in sanctions and wars. For instance, very similar by content Liberation act was directed against Saddam Hussein and paved the way for war in Iraq in 2003. However, speed of passing this law through a legislation system is unusual for the history of American Congress. Draft resolution has been presented on November 18th. Then it was quickly discussed in Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and it was sent back to House of Representatives for the final approval. In the morning of the 4th of December, only 16 days later after deputy Adam Kinzinger presented this document it got 411 votes against 10. Thus, it was practically unanimous passage of a draft. What makes this historically important decision even more peculiar, that Western mainstream media were silent for a very long time. Obviously, mainstream media have been instructed not to reveal course of discussions and US Congress decision. And it’s still the case. All they need now is to find a relevant reason to launch a war and for a final strike against Russia. It could be facilitated by “False flag operation”, as it was often the case with wars initiated by USA. The so-called “False flag operation” is a secret military operation imposed upon enemy. While current Ukrainian news reporting is suspiciously quite, whole world reached a very dangerous point. Dear viewers, thank you too for passing the information about these important interdependences. Looking forward to our next meeting on Klagemauer TV!


  1. Блядь,да что ж это делается!Неужели уже никто не в состоянии остановить пиндостан от развязывания 3-ей мировой?Боже,спаси и сохрани!

  2. Первые ракеты должны лететь в Штаты.Что бы поняли,что такое война.

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