Exasperated Chuck Todd Tells GOP Senator He’s ‘Selling’ Putin’s Argument  – Live News 247

Exasperated Chuck Todd Tells GOP Senator He’s ‘Selling’ Putin’s Argument – Live News 247

 On Sunday’s Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd did his best to hold Senator John Kennedy (R-La ) accountable for muddying up the waters when it comes to the facts about Russian meddling in the 2016 U S. elections.  After Kennedy classified Fiona Hill’s impeachment testimony that Russia alone was responsible for the 2016 election interference as “opinion,” the host asked the senator:  “When does opinion become fact? Does 17 intelligence services saying it, does every Western intelligence ally saying Russia did this? I’m just sort of confused, at what point is it no longer an opinion for you?” Todd asked  Kennedy responded by pointing Todd towards reports of Ukrainian attempts of meddling that don’t compare in scope or sophistication to the Russian state-led effort Accusations of Ukraine interference have been used by Republicans to excuse President Donald Trump’s extortion scam of the Ukraine government  After Kennedy brought Hillary Clinton into the mix, Todd said, “I mean, my goodness, wait a minute Senator Kennedy, you now have the president of Ukraine saying he actively worked for the Democratic nominee for president I mean, now come on.”    Todd then pointed out how the senator is carrying Russian President Vladimir Putin’s water, saying, “You realize the only other person selling this argument outside the United States is Vladimir Putin?… You have done exactly what the Russian operation is trying to get American politicians to do Are you at all concerned that you’ve been duped?”  Although it has become a daily occurrence, it’s still rather astounding how the Republicans continue to do Putin’s bidding in order to defend Trump The party that for decades wrapped itself in the flag and patriotism seems to have gone away and has completely transformed itself into the party of Russia and Trump In This Article: Chuck Todd, Donald Trump, Fiona Hill, John Kennedy, Ukraine


  1. This is raw propaganda by Chuck Todd that ignores several facts. The 17 intelligence agencies turn out to be the CIA, the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence, or three agencies, and the report was written by hand-picked analysts at those three agencies. Further, their assertions were unsupported by any evidence and qualified by the phrase that the contents were not to be taken as facts but as informed estimates. No forensic analysis of the DNC has ever been performed on the actual DNC computer because the physical evidence was withheld from FBI examination by the DNC, as everyone admits. Further, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals Society has determined that the high speed of the transfer of DNC data precludes a hack and indicates a download to a hard drive by a person with access to the computer drive, such as Seth Rich. There has never been a fact-supported assertion that Russia initiated a hack and then transferred the data to Wikileaks. Never. Not even Mueller went that far. So, what you think you know is actually a part of a narrative crafted to intentionally deceive you by parties attempting to frame Donald Trump as a Russian puppet and agent. This narrative is unravelling to reveal a plot of seditious traitors within our government who will soon be brought to trial by the Department of Justice.

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