1. You Texans need to vote out the scum Governor that will not allow open carry without having to buy back your rights. Anybody that has to pay money to buy back their god-given rights for protection well I'm just going to leave it right there

  2. The individuals that say more guns is bad, why don't you look at the crime rates of places with loose gun laws compared to strict ones.

  3. The majority wants open carry. It is a safer way to live in our violent world these days. People would think twice before doing something stupid if they knew more people were armed.

  4. Kris Coffield of Imua Alliance needs to stop lying. Constitutional carry does NOT increase gun deaths or gun violence, sick and troubled individuals with violent ideations increase gun deaths and gun violence. Start focusing on getting people help for mental health, stop the destruction of the nuclear family, and let religion back into public society and I bet you gun violence and death will decrease.

  5. Sounds like the law is unconstitutional since there is no criteria on who is allowed to open-carry guns, it's at the discretion of the Chief of Police and he can decide whatever he wants in that regard.

  6. How do you let a police chief or anyone make subjective rules on a constitutional right. What kind of nut jobs are running that state?

  7. So lawful citizens carrying a firearm creates a arms race? Yet the cities witht he MOST strict gunlaws have the highest gun violence. I am not sure where these people get their information.

  8. Sounds like Hawaii's Elites don't want the plebs to be armed, Some things never change in hawaii

  9. Open carry in plublic is STUPID. It frightens people and leaves the carrier susceptable to having his weapon snatched. I carry daily, but I carry CONCEALED which is good, common sense. I will openly carry in the woods or while fishing remote areas, but not in public.

  10. Funny…the first guys weapon has his hammer locked back in firong position…dont know what the decocker is for I guess…lol

  11. You really want to fight? Move out of the blue states and move to a free state. Once the taxes stop coming in to the democrats who force anti gun agendas on people, they will slither away like the snakes they are.

  12. Open carry all u want, but from a tactical advantage a concealed firearm has many advantages in a social setting.

  13. Criminals don't obey the laws. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Firearms don't kill people. People kill people. Local ordinances and laws can not supersede the United States Constitution.

  14. Ya look at the rest of the country, every mass shooting happens where there are no guns. More guns mean more safe.

  15. Open carry has been around in Texas for years with no problems from that group. The people who carry openly are NOT the ones robbing stores. It's the ones that DON'T want it known they have guns that you need to look out for.

  16. You wanna tell these people how to live you follow them around and protect them. Cops think only they should have the right to defend themselves, they’d much rather find you beaten to death than standing over your attacker. I hope all their daughters get raped and ask ‘Dad, where were you?’ Maybe then they’ll see what real crime is and how it hurts people. Or they’ll just keep arresting people for pot

  17. "more guns make people less safe, just look across the country"

    Yeah.. like in Chicago where everyone is sooo safe and protected

  18. Maybe the newomarxist leftists are not winning? God save the Queen, oh wait they outlawed open carry too! I could of swore we had a 2nd amendment and that guns were bought at hardware stores with all other tools except dildos which were illegal in the south.

  19. Fuck it… i am just going to carry around a bucket of lava cause i don't know what will be worse… getting shot.. or getting splashed by a bucket filled of lava. bright side… it just comes to ur house there.. so easy to refill 😀

  20. I must respectfully disagree with Mr Gerwig, the only criteria that should be in place is I want this. Full stop.

  21. "The Constitution allows law abiding citizens to walk around with weapons to defend themselves and others, thats now a Hawaii Id like to live in."

  22. "All across america we can see where more guns is a bad thing"
    Whaaat? The lowest violent crime rate in the country is a town, in i believe Texas, which has a law that every head of household must own a gun. When law abiding citizens have guns, criminals think twice. imagine living in the UK right now where they are having an "epidemic" of MOPED crime. People are getting robbed from the back of a moped…. >.>

  23. You should never need “permission” to be a free people!!!!! This is America! Minority’s and the Weak are born with a right to self defense!!! The most peaceful places in America have the least gun laws, stop lying 🤥.

  24. So you telling me I have to do this in N.Y. too? Why can't the feds just up-end all these local restrictions? Smh

  25. Wait so they already have the ability to get permits but they need to be signed off by police chief and he doesn't sign anybody else but police… Okay

  26. If More People Open Carry around the world then you would have a more polite public and a lot less crime…Who in their right mind wouldn't want that??

  27. 2:39, yeah if you look at the rest of the country, the places with the strictest gun laws are the ones with the worst crime. states with relaxed gun laws are safer.

  28. It's funny how the federal court is so brain dead retarded that it doesn't even know it's own constitution. There is absolutely not right to OPENLY bear arms.

  29. If you don’t like our constitutional rights then then don’t live in America. It’s called freedom you communist. Stop voting against people’s freedom.

  30. Something I've always been ambivalent about has been falling into this weird pseudo-stereotype of a seething American screaming about the Second Amendment, but for once… I will not be infringed upon!

  31. It's so stupid that Hawaii thinks this is bad. In many states it's common to see guns carried openly. The biggest study every done, which studied every county in the country and published in the book, "More Guns, Less Crime" proved, against the preconception of the study author, that the title of the book is true.

  32. "We don't think more guns on the street and make people safer" "all you have to do is look across the nation see how it's played out"

    Really buddy so then why are gun free zones the highest reported crime areas statistically ever Across the Nation. Why are all of the states with the most lacks gun laws the safest in the nation. I forget if it's Vermont or New Hampshire but per 1000 people there are only 23 or 25 homicides a year versus The Thousands you find everywhere else.

    Facts are our friends please learn to read them.

  33. They need guns ESPECIALLY since they’re in the muddle of nowhere in the ocean and need to protect theirselves from invaders

  34. People are afraid to see other people walking down the street with a gun because they know if they had a gun and they got mad they would use it unlawfully I honestly think we need to have some kind of psychiatric test to tell whether or not a person is mentally fit to carry a gun

  35. "see how that's played out across the nation", I'm sorry is he referring to the millions of lives SAVED with guns as per the obama $10 million funded CDC report???

  36. “Look how that’s panned out across the country” ……you mean more freedom loving states having less crime?……

  37. "Look at how that played out"

    Yeah, the places that allow open carry seem to have alot less gun violence.

  38. I guess nobody in Hawaii ever visited any of the rest of the states like Georgia that have open carry..

  39. The Hawaii Attorney General needs to be removed from office. By force if necessary. He is the EXACT REASON the Second Amendment exists.

  40. Someone olease SHOIT the frickin IMUA alliance. That idiot has never "looked across the nation" once in his ignorant life. There are more guns STOPPING violent criminals than violent criminals hurting people with guns.

    The Second Amendment is not about hunting, sport shooting, or even personal defense from robbers and molesters…

    … The 2nd Amendment exists because of corrup politicians and foolish governments thinking they control their people.

    WE THE PEOPLE means WE THE PEOPLE are YOUR bosses jack*****. Not the other way around.

    WE employ YOU. You do not control our rights.

  41. 1:05

    If open carry is banned. More bad guys can walk down the street with a gun strapped to their hip. That's not the type of Hawaii that I would like to be in.

  42. I'm not against guns, but you don't need to publicly holster a gun like what was shown in the video. You can carry concealed, sure, but in my eyes, the only reason someone would carry a gun so openly is because they want to appear tougher than they actually are.

    Oh boy, I'm excited for the replies on this one.

  43. "That's not the type of Hawaii that I want to be in",…. So move f*** head 🙂 You are not the only person who lives in Hawaii 😉

  44. Daummm…. born and raise in hawaii but didnt know how stupid our gun laws are….. how the fuck does the police chief have the right to choose who and who isn't allowed to have guns. Smh….

  45. Just to show you that the most popular opinion isn't always the right one.

    P.s I'm talking about people who are against the 2nd amendment.

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