Fish Out of Water- By Carole Holliday Animatic based on my book available on Amazon

“Whale sings” Coda: From a long time ago in a place far away, starts now my story I have here today. Of the sweetest of girls with the kindest of hearts, With the biggest of dreams but she only saw part. Marguerite told her friends, a dog, three birds, and a rat she named Ratt, Marguerite: I love playing my horn and that is just that. I’ll play in my room or any old place. To blow and to blow brings a smile to my face! Happy dog bark. Coda: But her old Uncle Earl had his own thoughts on this, Earl: Stop wasting my time and tend to your biz! Coda: And the business he meant was to work in his shop. To sell slimy fish. Marguerite: (over women talking) Whats that? I’m sorry. How many of those do you want again? Coda: While her cousin just talked. Cousin: Gossiping Coda: Marguerite did her job with fumbles and flails. She struggled and bumbled while scraping the scales. Concerned animal noises Coda: But her birds and her rat and her dog, oh they frowned For they knew she was better than where she was now. Then a big gust of wind blew a blustery blast. With a magical paper that almost flew past! Well almost I say cause it stopped there instead, and wrapped itself right round the old hound dog’s head. And there on the sheet was as bold and as grand, “Wanted, a leader to come lead our band!” As quick as a gust in the shop flew her friends, with a flier in beak, they new she could win! Women screaming But a rat and a dog and three birds under feet caused a riot and ruckus and a woman’s stampede. in the swirl and commotion, before she could act, Earl towered over her and was on the attack! And taking one look at the flier there he glowered, Earl: You’re planning on leaving at this very hour? Marguerite: No no, uncle Earl, its not what it seems! Coda: Her cousin no help, saw the rat and she screamed! Cousin: EEEEEK!!! Earl: Enough is enough! It’s time that you know, girls don’t play music, this thing has to go! Marguerite:Please Please, Uncle Earl! Coda: Meg begged with regret. Yet he wouldn’t listen and took her little cornet. So lost and so helpless her hope disappeared. Not even her friends brought her any cheer. Concerned animal noises But that’s when I came and brought her the news, Marguerite don’t lose heart. It’s me, I’m your muse! If he told you no your dream is not dead. Go out in the world and try there instead! Meg crept to his room while Earl did not look. And the dog fetched the horn and away it was took! Marguerite joined the crowd at the club where they stood. Marguerite: Scuse me. Pardon Me. Coda: As they watched Red play piano, and boy he was good! Her confidence drained I saw the girl shake! “To try not at all would be a mistake!” I cheered on the the fear soon was past, but Red saw her there and he was aghast! Red: A girl cornet player? Don’t be so absurd. Go play with your dollies, jazz is a boys world. Coda: Meg mounted the stage with her her shoulders all curled, afraid as she was just by being a girl But then she started to blow and boy could she play! She literally blew the judges away! But that wasn’t all that was still more to go. Judges: Come back for the final and you’ll do a show! Coda: Contestants were chosen the best of the best! iI was Marguerite, Red, and a few of the rest. Marguerite: I look a wreck in my apron and slacks. You all wait here and I’ll be right back. Coda: Then she left them to wait at the club where they sat. Except for her sweet little stowaway rat! But while getting her dress the worst thing occurred, her cruel Uncle Earl blocked her way with his words, Earl: Just what do you think you’re doing here girl? I told you that horn’s not for you. Coda: Poor Marguerite tried with a scared little voice to tell him, Marguerite: It just isn’t true? Coda: But Earl wouldn’t stop he thought he was right and so he continued to say, Earl: You know in your heart you cannot win. In fact you’ll fall flat on your face! Coda: And right then and there she bought his cruel lie instead of believing may be. The fears in her head drowned the hope in heart and told her, Marguerite: I’ll never be free… Coda: Then her old Uncle Earl smiled his cold and cruel smile, while turning and closing the door. And her cousin, she laughed while Marguerite sat all alone without hope or the floor. Marguerite cries softly Coda: Oh sweet Margaret don’t give up your hope. Remember your dream just to play. Whether here are their matters not where don’t let them take that joy away. Though people may say you’re destined to fail remember this one little speech, there’s magic and just keeping on with the thought that your gift is what makes you unique! Marguerite: And just like that I finally knew– that I was destined to play. So I took my horn and I stood and I stood and I blew the sweetest it sounds on that day! Coda: The best and so pure was the song for herself while playing her own serenade! “Stop it! Stop it!” Earl pounded and screamed. He hated that she had found new strength to dream. Then all of a sudden a rumble, a crumble and crash!! and Marguerite’s friend brought hundreds of rats! They poured int he store and streamed down the stairs and Earl and his daughter were caught unawares. They opened the door and set Marguerite free. Earl:Take your horn and your rats, just please leave us be! As quick as a flash, Meg went back to the stage where Red had just finished and got his hurrays! With her head then held high and without a care, Marguerite raised her horn to her lips and she shared! Crowd cheers. (Crowd cheers) Animals cheer The winner was obvious, the crowd they were wowed. And Red turned away while Marguerite bowed. Right then I was proud of my meek prodigy. But that’s what she even blew this muse away! Marguerite: Please stop! Coda: She called Red and saying with grace, Marguerite “I need a pianist if you want the place!” Coda: (laughing) Keep hoping, keep striving, no matter what seems to tell you stop trying to follow your dreams. And if you start feeling those doubts and those fears, just think of this story that I’ve told you here! Now if you take the A train to old Harlem town in the far away magical land, You’ll find there each night six days a week, Marguerite blows in front of her band!

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