Forget impeachment, let’s talk about the Nats: Congressional Hits and Misses

Forget impeachment, let’s talk about the Nats: Congressional Hits and Misses

GRAHAM: This is the most screwed up decision
I’ve seen since I’ve been in Congress TRUMP: Sometimes you have to let him fight GRAHAM: This is about this president’s policies TRUMP: Like two kids in a lot you gotta let em fight JORDAN: Mr. Volker was clear no quid pro quo KURT: You just described is a quid pro quo. MULVANEY: We do
that all the time with foreign policy JORDAN: No quid pro quo whatsoever MULVANEY: And I have news
for everybody Get over it. There’s going to be
political influence in foreign policy I’m talking to Mr. Karl. McCONNELL: How many of you went to the
game last night? BLUNT: Certainly normal for baseball fans to be
excited about a great baseball game BLUNT: There’s nothing normal about the Nats
beating the Cardinals McCONNELL: Pretty exciting BRADY: there’s Pete Olson that is an Astros fan. GO STROS! I know it was great. COTTON: LeBron James said that Morey’s support for Hong
Kong was quote misinformed COTTON: Often known as King James,
perhaps Chairman LeBron would be a better honorific today. TITUS: The House will be
in order be in order Nobody wants to be in order. DURBIN: Let’s start with math. Basic math, Andrew Yang math. KLOBUCHAR: I have bold ideas. I did one time try to play golf and I kind of misfired and the ball
hit a duck in the head and yeah it appeared to perish. BIGGS: Bring disrupt disrupt bring disrepute upon the House of Representatives. GOSAR: My friend and
Western caucus member Mr. Curtis one of the best-dressed members of Congress CURTIS: Thank you uh— PELOSI: Anybody else want to put all
the Republican talking points on the table because we could just get rid of
them all at once. HOOK: I have not heard any proposal to enable Iran to
take oil fields in Syria DURBIN: Mr. Chairman I’d like to make a general observation
here WHITEHOUSE: Look at that, such a nice big hug DURBIN: Some of the people who come before us have
literally never ever entered a courtroom in there lives. WHITEHOUSE: Isn’t that sweet? DURBIN: May not have ever seen a Perry Mason show and certainly
didn’t stick around for the second half of any Law and Order episode. WYDEN: Mr. President parliamentary inquiry? With that action has this bill now been
passed? BRAUN: It has. Thank you, Thank you Mr. President. REPORTER: Trump called Mattis quote the
world’s most overrated general MATTIS: I mean I’m not just an overrated general I am
the greatest the world’s most overrated WATERS: I don’t know it is shaming or shading or
whatever it is. MATTIS: I’m honored to be considered that by by Donald Trump
because he also called Meryl Streep an overrated actress so I guess I’m the
Meryl Streep of generals. TRUMP: Billy do an auction for the same auction the team yeah come on come on over here Billy. LONG: All right gonna buy the Stanley
Cup here hi hey until you’re 25 when you get $30,000 howboutit 30 35 40 able to buy
a 45 45 50 get that satisfied look off your face you’re out 65 70 have sold at
$65,000 MULVANEY: That’s that’s that’s just bizarre to me


  1. I appreciate the Russian classical in the background, but Tchaikovsky doesn't deserve this — the symphony is too innocent and pure..

  2. The American 🇺🇸 People Are Tired Of These "Fake Political Distractions"… We Need Real Agendas & Real Problem Solvers (Jobs, Housing, Education, Homeless, Incarceration, Healthcare, Unemployment , Etc)…. America 🇺🇸 Known Of This Nonsense Puts Money In Our Pockets Or Food On Our Tables… Jesus Save Us From These Fools…✝️✝️✝️

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