FOX News Goes After WH Aide Who Heard Trump Call Before He Testifies | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

FOX News Goes After WH Aide Who Heard Trump Call Before He Testifies | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Panna Laura (Kozak) Ingraham (Anthony) is delighted to throw aspersions at another Eastern European immigrant. Her dziadkowie would be so…..proud?

  2. The news has turned into a Soap Opera……A soap opera is a radio or television serial dealing especially with domestic situations and frequently characterized by melodrama and sentimentality. I bring to you another episode of As the Stomach Turns

  3. The day we find out Vindman charged up San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders will be the day I bow down and kiss his backside like this trope is doing. Gee, I hope he washed his backside? Brown rings don't wear off easy.

  4. 😂😂😂😂 Demonrats always find a way to parade a criminal as their savior. This traitor tried to alter records to fit his narrative

  5. I can see this bought and paid for witness is going to commit suicide before he can be cross examined by Republicans,and this man is Russianntoo boot!!!!!!!!!

  6. Until the last few days I didn't know who Laura Ingraham was. I don't live in the USA. So she attacked lieutenant-colonel Vindman on the basis of him having been born in the Ukraine and so there for calls into question his loyalty to the USA. Not knowing who she was I Googled her. Interestingly, she has adopted three children from overseas – one from Guatemala and two from Russia. Which is why I find it incredibly surprising and disturbing that she would go down that track. Will she find it acceptable that someone down the line may call into question her own children's credentials. Also what messages is this sending to her children. I just don't get it.

  7. The truth will come out…who did the Ukrainians help in the last election? Where did the Steel dossier come from and who was it to help? Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show. Do your own research.

  8. Here the facts:
    (1) this Army LTC is beholden to the powers that be in Ukraine.
    (2) He should never ever had a security clearance is insane.

  9. …mmmkayyy…Mueller Report is dead, now we have the Ukraine tapes….anybody getting impeachment-fatigue here? Where is the "there-there stuff" of high crimes and misdemeanors located exactly? Im a registered Independent….i need facts besides feelings! Come on people….this is always the next sure thing race. Im weary…anyone else?

  10. Stupid people cant seed clintons most crooked ever they are still getting away with it because most on the news is by democrat reporters

  11. COUP 

    The dims  tried to derail  Kavanaugh using no DP and inventing  / creating  witnesses with no evidence – MEE TOO

    Then the DON  devalues the MSM by calling them Fake news  and creating lies  routinely  

    Then The dims claimed  Russia  and assembled  the 

    Mueller  inquiry   made up of  dims  lawyers  and still they didn't  get any thing

    Then they claimed the emoluments clause  that was  MOOT ??

    Then they claimed  Ukraine but  forgot Bidens crime of EXTORTION  came first 

    Then they claimed  Recession but the economy won’t  comply 

    Then they claimed Impeachment with out Due Process 

    But the  fake impeachment try is DOA   as all information / evidence is fruit of a poison tree  ?

    As long as there is no cross examination  or transcript this  information is fruit of a poison tree  and the dims know this so their only reason  is to  pound him  in the press  with gas lighting ???

    All this  in the desire  to  win back the WH  with their HATE and debunked illusions ?? 

    The 2020 election will confirm  as  Nancy is sent  back to her slum in SF ,Thanks to the colored girls ??

    Illegals get Due Process but not the POTUS  ????????

    The Don is correct this is a democratic  COUP

    and it”s not working ?

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