France: German MEP Weber booed after blasting Tsipras in European Parliament

France: German MEP Weber booed after blasting Tsipras in European Parliament

To be honest, I am grateful to the applause because it shows who is part of the extremist forces here and who wants to destroy Europe. You, Mr Tsipras, like provocation, we like compromises. You like to fail, we like success. You divide Europe and we love Europe. I hope that you get back to reason and present a programme eventually. Thank you.


  1. That's rich, coming from GERMANY – a country that has defaulted on its entire debt twice in the past 100 years.

  2. It's your country that destroyed Europe three times: WWI, WWII and now with Merkel and her friends the zio-nazi masonic banksters.

  3. Tsipras and Varoufakis have been spewing non-stop insults for 6 months.  Their supporters can't even take one speech?  Weakness.

  4. Merkel and her Bankers  try to destroy the EU Democratic principles !  We have to stop them  ! All European people included democratic Germans we have to fight against  her fascism !!

  5. Stop about this "Nazi" non-sense! There are no Nazi since 70 years. We can not give examples that are that far in the past , it is stupid , maybe tomorrow the Greeks will demand compensation for the Greco-Persian war from Iran?

  6. Just wait till the EU politicians don't have a salary and have to work together on finding a free dinner party somewhere in Europe where we use alternative measures to circumvent a total disaster of hunger and non-work. We already became experts on liars and criminals passing by with the intent of talking themselves to free stuff without helping on the daily fruit, eggs, potato and salad harvest in the "Say No To Money & Politics" communities where suits and ties are tabu issues.

  7. The Germans have shown their love for Democracy and for Europe in the last 100 years. They are consistent…..   What a fucking clown

  8. how come the germans forget the solidarity done in London agreement for the sake of the germans after the WW2?? just because they became somehow the strongest economically in europe doesn't mean to be a dictator!! shame

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