Full Turner: Voters Should Pick Senator Sanders Because He Is ‘Consistent’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Full Turner: Voters Should Pick Senator Sanders Because He Is ‘Consistent’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Vote for Bernie for consistently voting on the correct side of history, despite the pressure at the time.
    Vote for Biden because, Obama Obama Obama.

  2. Biden is just another weak, corporate driven hack. I hope Sanders gets the nomination. We need a new direction.

  3. Bernie2020 if you care at all about yourself and your family. Noone is blinding me from healthcare and school and an actual good man this time.

  4. Americans need to be able to compete with the rest of the world…that means competing against folks who get free healthcare and education…Every American should be beating down the doors to get the best education they can, I like the politicians who understand how important it is to the future of all Americans…Achtung: we no longer live in isolation and a wall does not make you smarter…

  5. Elijah CUMMINGS stole 16 billion from the city of Baltimore in 2018 alone.. MSNBCannibalsDontWantUsToKnow!!

  6. Dems are all consistent…corrupt.
    Character is the issue…not race.
    Nothing racist has been stated.
    Wake up sheeple.

  7. I don't care about consistency as much as I care about having a plan honestly. Though I do approve of Sanders I don't think he's the one to defeat Trump.

  8. MSNBC are a bunch of lying, race baiting losers ! Ratings falling ! Trump is AMAZING and the whole world LOVES him !!! lol Biden is a Pedophile , just look at the creepy Joe videos !!!

  9. I just hope they thin the herd down before the start of 2020. It's all about marketing your favorite B.S. to us dumbed down peasants. Still none of this matters, it is just selling TV time so everyone else can make more money! But it is funny how all the russian trolls, 1% corporate slugs and ignorant Americans are out here attacking the democrats candidate, any which could be real contender against the 1% puppet in the White House. Remember all the attack against Nancy Pelosi, another threat against these traitorous criminals that have conned their way into power. You forget the old 1% propaganda, "why bother to vote" , "your vote doesn't matter!" So I guess you're still waiting for that trickle down, still believing in the soulless 1%. Sadly with the 1% controlled senate, the POS orange orangutan criminal is still needed to divide and dismantle our nation, returning it to their 1% lords & masters. But at least with Impeachment, the Democrats can exposes which traitorous republicans in the senate, have sold their souls; and have The Blood of Our Constitution on their hands. As the senate will never betray their oath to the 1% donors, and convict. So I still think that the really smart brain, traitor drumpf will start a war, declares Martial Law, and ends elections. Then you will not have to worry about self-rule anymore; the 1% donor controlled senate will back the puppet! So get your favorite Corporate Flags out, it's only going to cost millions of your children! Just close your eyes and return to your Reality TV, FakeBook and your Flat Earth. Watch as drumpf's biggest distraction is to come. MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN, I mean Great. The only question left now is, will you bow down and take their mark?

  10. I just hope that those who support whomever doesn’t get the nomination don’t do what they did in 2016 and stay home.
    Bernie supporters helped elect Trump by staying home. Good going…..

  11. Bernie divided the Dem party in 2016…..I say that as a Bernie or Bust 2016 voter. Orange Man Bad won't do anything toward helping the Dem's for 2020. We the voters have other issues, the endless vitriol at Trump is old and annoying. Every day it's a new outrage. Nice roller coaster ride.
    As an Independent since leaving the Dem's after the nomination someone tell me why I should give my vote to any one of these candidates. Bernie says he'll back Biden if he is the nominee, he said this already, I don't believe the Dem's are any better this year than when they stole the nomination from Bernie. They will have a coronation just not sure who they're choosing this election season.

  12. No no NO! No more OLD FOGIES!!!! We need youthful energy to represent us. Not these crusty old windbags.

  13. Thank you for coverage on Bernie. He is consistent, he is genuine, and he's been fighting for us since the beginning, way before the polls caught up to his ideas.

  14. Bernie Sanders Administration will reinstate We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union … our US CONSTITUTION. Yes union. Yes Unions.

  15. I f'n love Nina Turner! Senator Turner knows how to fire up any crowd and does so brilliantly. Plus, it's kinda hard fur the corporate schill's at MSNBC to keep trying to spin the lie that suggests Bernie has had a hard time getting the minority vote when you have a fired up Nina breaking down the policies and reasons why Bernie is the best and only choice!

  16. Biden is a racist joke! Biden attacked African American children with his past policies! Where Bernie sander fought for African American rights with Martin Luther King Jr.! Bernie is the clear and logical choice!

  17. John Kerry 2004. We ran a "safe" candidate who was supposedly the only person who could defeat Bush and look at what happened

  18. Bernie sanders needs to win. The next F.D.R is right there. we need to get over the primary hump guys. the world needs Bernie sanders badly.

  19. Some politicians only step up for morality during an election, others are ALWAYS fighting for it! Bernie is one who has always fought for the public, not just himself! the evidence is everywhere, he is GENUINE! and genuine is the only way your going to stop the corruption, and once you fix the corruption, everything else is EASY!

  20. Americans that think they don’t deserve health care are like the battered wife with Stockholm syndrome that keeps going back to their abusive husband who tells her that they can’t afford to see a doctor. The wife then defends their husband/capitalism for their wrong doing.

  21. WOW! What is wrong with some people that they can't understand Bernie has been constant for decades and if they are looking for something new from him then they should be looking elsewhere.. Perhaps to those who played follow the leader..

  22. I never ever knew that Mrs. Potato Head's name was Nina… wow, You do learn something new everyday.
    #NoAgenda #JustPokingFun

  23. Biden is a republican in the Democratic Party. Bernie is truly consistent and deserves everybody’s vote

  24. Meanwhile, in reality, trump has support from the king family, and a giant group of black leadership in the Christian community…the ones screaming racist are usually the most racist.

  25. Media is trying to avoid Bernie ever since Hillary stole nomination from him. And Chuck you are not innocent in this either! It is time to make it right and Bernie is the only way!

  26. Kia Ora from Aotearoa New Zealand 🌻🌷🌻
    Bernie Sanders is one of the good guys 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  27. Where’s the lie? Chuck Todd, you’re a loser. Back in 2015, you didn’t think Bernie would be back and now look

  28. Bernie is the truth and the man of the people since 30 yrs
    Give him the power he needs to fight for the 99%

  29. Pocahontas lies on college and job applications stepping in front real native Americans and it's no big deal . If president Trump claimed he was some other ethnicity and received the advantages Pocahontas received you would never hear the end of it .

  30. Nothing Less Then Bernie Sanders As My Next President #100 This Black Man Loves Him Some Bernie Sanders #Bernie2020

  31. Bernie is all that's left of the spirit of the 60s, we need him now. If Bernie wins, we all do….except the racists.


    Bernie has given his life to fighting for the many, never for the few.

    "Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call

    Don't stand in the doorway don't block up the hall

    For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled

    The battle outside ragin' will soon shake your windows

    And rattle your walls for the times they are a-changin' "

  33. Ol' Man Bug Eyes Yelling Bernie is stuck in the USSR 1955. Warren will talk down to and bore people with 25- page policies. Easy win for Mr. Trump in ' 20.

  34. Of coarse they should. Its always been obvious from the beginning. No one else would have a chance if it wasn't for the corporate media trying to push the corporate favourite candidates especially Biden. Bernies been 40 odd years at it standing up for the people out on the streets picket lines getting things changed where he can like Nina says hes got the receipts

  35. Bernie is a great second choice. He's a great congressman!! And need Yang as POTUS to help push these great policies they have

  36. Nina always speaks truth to power just like Bernie. Always a pleasure to hear her eloquence on display. She makes me proud to be from the Buckeye state.

  37. Bernie in 2020 or bust! Milquetoast Joe Biden should stay on the porch and let Bernie run the country! No shills for the military industrial complex and the oligarchs special interests need apply in 2020!

  38. Nina Turner: "We need a Bold Vision supported by policies that help the American people"…..Chuck Todd: "Trump tweets stuff-that is Bad, and Hitchhiker Warren is like Bernie now"

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