GOP Congressman Still In Congress Despite Guilty Plea | All In | MSNBC

GOP Congressman Still In Congress Despite Guilty Plea | All In | MSNBC


  1. The Like/Dislike ratio for these liberal propaganda sites is what happens when you put these sites in the recommended feeds of EVERYBODY who logs into YouTube, while putting conservative sites only in the feeds of conservative users….

  2. It must have something to about ALL THE TIMES YOU CRIED WOLF!!! First 2016 election fraud in Trump's favor with no evidence. Then, it was Russian collusion with no evidence. Or Republican are racist because… uhhhh…. ummmm… because why?

    Eventually, everyone stops listening even when it's legit. That's what happened to the little boy who cried wolf.

    I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.

  3. 😳 A corrupt guilty politician?? What!?? Lol oh MSNBC lmao always covering up the story …Biden ..Ukraine ..not going away guys…

  4. While Democrats resign at the mere mention of a scandal. It's important to take the high road but it sure is very exhausting and frustrating.

  5. All you have to do is become a congressman or a senator or a president, make lots of
    $$$ while doing nothing good for people you were elected to work for, in other words- be a PARASITE- and you are free to commit any kind of crime your heart desires with little or no concequences.
    The land of opportunities
    for white collar CRIMINALS.

    While people rot in prison for stealing a jacket or some food because they were cold and hungry…

    THESE are your true values, Merica. And you are a HYPOCRITE when you say otherwise

  6. I just heard about this guys situation but Katie Hill’s resignation didn’t have anything to do with shame or integrity. She very clearly broke a house rule, twice, that was passed last year and prohibits sexual relations between lawmakers and staffers. She had no choice so obviously she made it look like she was resigning due to shameful bongs and boobs

  7. So if I go back in your videos a few days, will I see one about the muslim that held office somewhere on the east coast that just resigned because she stole half a million from her charity? Let me go check. edit: well I only skimmed because you have a million impeachment videos up, but I sure didnt see anything about her. Funny. Must have just missed that. And before anyone thinks im defending the guy, I think he should resign, as well as ilhan who also misspent campaign cash, and tlaid, who did the same.

  8. I don't think the GOP thought this through. Turning a blind eye to lawless behavior within their party? What happens if their house gets vandalized? Their car stolen? How do they justify enforcing laws on others, if they don't enforce them on members of their own party?

  9. What about Omar and Cotex, they did the same thing. Throw them all in jail and bar them from ever running for a public office again!

  10. Yeah I’m over politics, but we as people put these “icons” in office. Hmmm, who to blame. America let’s pay attention this next election. You want to lose money go to the casino.

  11. There's also of criminals I'm Congress.. do your job and talk about all of them. Not just the ones playing for the other team

  12. Republicans have caught up with Demorats in the area of lies and schemes and treachery. Now both parties in the USA are the same. Both corrupt to the core. Both spend more than we have. Both believe they are saviors when in fact they both are ruining America from the inside. We need a pitchforks and tar and feathers revolution right now…all these people should be rounded up and hung from a big tree for treason!

  13. There are several Democrats that are charged with crimes. Why are you not bringing that out. You have a wife beater, AOC Misuse of funds, llhan entered our country illegally called immigration fraud, and misuse of campaign funds and illegally filing tax returns. Where are your reports on these Bird man???

  14. How about the fact that Joe Morrissey got elected to Congress and will take office in January despite the fact that he has been convicted of being a pedophile twice and lost his right to practice law?

  15. Take it to the ballot box – The media only gives us a sound bite with a side of bias. for real news find an independent journalist's that is local to the issue. It's time to can the corporate dynasty media machine – READ; The Creature from Jeckyl island. when you do, you will see right thru the old guard news that has had the same format for 50+ years. nothing new to see here folks!!!

  16. There's definitely a double standard so the only thing that you can do is what that guy did at the baseball game shoot these m**********

  17. Well the democrats do it and MSNBC your not exactly truthful either. So who is really the guilty one! These days government or the so called reporters cannot be trusted either.

  18. Yawnnn!!! U idiots at MSNBC!! A terrorist just shot up a naval Base and you want to talk about a senator…. morons…

  19. That's ironic, a Democrat Party shill talking about double standards! Joe Biden on record from his own mouth committing quid pro quo. The house is trying to impeach the president with no proof of quid pro quo. That's not a double standard? Bulshit!

  20. Trump is normalizing criminal politicians. Yet people on BOTH sides still don't want him impeached. USA is going down hill so fast.

    Plenty of criminals from both sides. In fact i think dems hold an edge on this list.

  22. Duncan Hunter fits perfectly in the Republican Party , if he wasn’t in congress he would flipping burgers at burger king

  23. Ilhan Omar stole campaign money and used it to finance travel plan for her boyfriend, who just happens to be a MARRIED BF. Yet, I can't seem to find that a video of you highlighting THAT situation Chris; like you did this one. Oh, that's right. Omar is off limits – she's one of YOURS !!!!

  24. A GOP congressman from California? How is that possible? His actions make him sound like a democrat, but in either case, all the House has to do is vote him out. As for Katie Hill, begone THOT!

  25. "A Federal Crime" AND STILL IN OFFICE ! ANOTHER White Privileged, Getting Away With FEDERAL CRIMES ! ! ! America This Is OUR TAX MONEY N GOP (Goverment Of Putin) Letting republicans POLITICIANS Get Away With FEDERAL CRIMES ! THIS WILL HAPPEN WITH putin's trump ! Just Watch !

  26. I hope he get voted out he took trips and paid for bookers off hard working citizens money. Republicans never hold other Republicans accountable for their actions smh.

  27. Unrelated to the content, I just want to ask if anybody else hears Chris' closing wrap up to these vids the way I do.
    When he says:
    "… "subscribe", just below me….." it almost sounds like he's saying "click subscribe, just blow me".
    I know he's not saying that, but I find it to be hilarious.

  28. Republicans are officially the party of liars, thieves (mostly stealing from YOU the tax payer), and traitors (like the Russian propaganda they are spewing on Fox/the Hill). Democrats, for all of their faults, are at least on the side of the angels – they at least want to HELP people. Vote Democrat and let's fix some roads, feed some people, and stand up to our enemies.

  29. Republicans have lost all sense of shame. They have discovered that their constituents ACCEPT the unethical behavior. Even LIKE it, when it is directed against Democrats.

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