GOP Senator ‘disturbed’ by McConnell’s impeachment approach

GOP Senator ‘disturbed’ by McConnell’s impeachment approach


  1. Please, Murkowski is a Democrat shill in very BAD republican attire. She is the one that Feinstein had backed up to a wall during the Kavanaugh hearings, shaking her finger at her!

  2. Murkowski needs to come out of the liberal swamp. She is due for some attention as she needed in the Kavanaugh hearing. She has been forgotten about and she needs to scratch her itch.

  3. It seems a lot of you are under the misapprehension that Murkowski is a Republican.

    SHe is what is called a RINO, Republican "in name only."

    It's a wonder she doesn't caucus with the dumbocrats, and I'm aghast that Alaska keeps re-electing her!

  4. lol right wing propaganda machine is the reason why America is divided. If you want unbiased news then read the dailymail, they call out bs on both sides and don’t have to worry about political blowback.

  5. Murkowski is a lefty rat traitor career politician hypocrite. And McConnell best handle biz for “justice for the people” or his legacy will be 🚽🧻

  6. Murkoski ever since you are a Senator we are sick and tired, pls. Pls retire now , PRES TRUMP/PENCE "MAGA" GOD BLES YOU

  7. Murkowski , a real looser she has been investigated and as expected she is in fact, deep state.The things that people will do and go through in the name of greed, power, it just never seems to amaze me

  8. Don’t lend legitimacy to the Dems SHAM. They don’t get to have their cake and eat it too. R Senators better rally behind the peoples choice or else! Stay out of our way, dam RINOs.

  9. She is never in line with the party! I will not vote for her again. We need someone who will stick up up for the party instead of doing her own thing everything on her own.

  10. Spineless Republicans will always capitulate to the Democrats, further eroding more of our rights and liberties in the process. Nothing changes.

  11. IMPEACHMENT based on Democrats OPINIONS and hear say is SEDITION! Democrats have gone
    FULL blown Soviet on American Voters … DUMP DEM Soviet menace in 2020!

  12. Well I want to witnesses,, I want to C people testifying under OATH,,I want to know the WHO,WHAT,WHEN,AND HOW this "" WENT DOWN"" (🇺🇸)

  13. Lisa Murkowski, part of the DEEP STATE..SURPRISE we are bringing them ALL OUT OF THERE HIDING PLACE after SO MANY YEARS!!! So Vein they just HAVE to expose themselves because they HAVE to get their FACE and their OPINIONS on the CAMERA. Welcome to the world of Adam Schiffless!! All of you belong together and together YOU WILL GO……

  14. Doug Wead YOU ROCK!!! Of course the rest of the world have Intelligence (looks like they are ahead of us) checking all of this out. This entire thing could cause changes around the world. Beyond any doubt, they have all checked out this IMPEACHMENT FARCE and know it is just that; A POWER STRUGGLE which may reflect poorly on us!! DITSY DEMS have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING with the entire WORLD MAKING THEMSELVES LOOK LIKE COMPLETE FOOLS… However, MAYBE this is what "Q" planned all along…hehehe

  15. I learned in Junior High that the 3 parts of the

    governing of the United States; The House , Senate and the President were formed to create a check and balance system so no ONE entity would have more power. IF THE SENATE DOES NOT HAVE A FAIR AND IMPARTIAL TRIAL …WE ALL LOSE NO MATTER WHICH WAY THE VOTE GOES

  16. Could it be dear Diane has been talking to Lisa beside the elevator door again? Where is dear Diane by the way? Patriots know all about dear Lisa, she should step back from the limelight and retire quietly. Your welcome, no charge.

  17. Side note, Democrat gov In Virginia has declaired gun confiscation bill vote jan 8th 2020 2nd amendment sanctuary counties on the rise. The gov Has threatened citizens with national guard and has increased the states prison fund to house those who dont comply Look into it "Guns and Gadgets "

  18. The Bimbo in Congress bellyaching about what Mitch said seems to have no problem with the Democrats fabricating crimes. That bimbo in Congress is a right now a Rino.

  19. Article II, Sec 4: The President, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

    “The Senate, according to the process described in Article 1, Section 3, Clause 6 and 7, then becomes a courtroom for a full-scale trial, with the Senators serving as the jury. In that setting, evidence is presented both by the defendant (the impeached official) and the prosecution. A vote is then taken. If less than two-thirds of the Senators present concur in the official’s guilt, then the impeached official is acquitted and returns to the practice, responsibilities, and full privileges of his office.

    So, like Nancy I would withhold the Articles from the Senate until the McConnell and Graham recuse themselves, members pledge to honor Constitutional Law and a Manger is named.


  20. President Trump DID NOT ask for foreign interference in elections. He requested investigations into corruption of Hillary and Biden according to treaties against corruption in foreign aid.

  21. This is why Queen Cersei Pelosi is holding the articles…she needs time to go after Republican senators that are up for re-election. Her plan is to claim a cover up by GOP senators if there’s a vote to dismiss the articles, to pressure RINOs to push back against McConnell.

  22. OH yes we know she's just great. She's another's DemocRatic buy out. This can be quick and sweet or it could be drug out and the Bidens and a bunch of others will be in jail and the Dems will have their worse night mare come true. There's a reason people don't like Trump and it's because he could take all those little boys down lol

  23. Listen to that Fox News talking head talk about Mitch McConnell as if it was nothing and perfectly fine.
    Does anyone expect otherwise when it comes to Fix News? Nope!

    We're all disturbed, Sen. Murkowski.
    Anyone with a brain and a conscience is disturbed right along with you.
    Good job and thanks!

  24. She needs to be voted out. She is raising hell over nothing just to be seen.
    No good can come out of her absurdity.
    Send her packing.

  25. Murkowski needs to go!!! Come on Alaska get rid of this back stabber! She is not with the Republican party why was she elected. She is not a moderate she works for the Democrats. She is not doing anything for Alaska but collecting a salary she does not deserve. She did not Vote for Kavanagh so get rid of her!!

  26. She just proved she is part of the establishment. We know the FACTS. Get it? Where was she when it was not even a fair process in the house? Call transcript is perfect. No witnesses seen in the house have horseshit.

  27. There Once was a Senator, Moscow Mitch McConnell,
    Who had a turtle neck like a funnel.
    In the Senate in spite of all it's woes,
    He could not keep from exploring Donald Trumps backside tunne

  28. Paid talking heads talking out both sides of their mouths doesn't spell truth and democracy. YOu can find someone to pay to say anything you want. Faux strikes again. Chris Wallace and Shep Smith have a conscience and moral character. I have great respect for both trying to do the right thing in the face of overwhelming pressure to support the polluted narrative.

  29. Lisa Murkowski is fishing for an "end my career" position. Lisa has been a US Senator from Alaska since 2002 and wants something flashy as a finish. She is trying to put the strong arm on Mitch McConnell. Ambassador to the Court of St. James, perhaps???

  30. Lisa Makowsky is disturb because she’s from Alaska it’s called cabin fever and I listen every time money you people in the media speak about impeachment you should be slapped I cannot believe you all sit back and watch all of our constitutional rights to shred Donald Trump is the greatest president this country has ever had I don’t personally like his personality butHave to give him a big hug and a pat on the back thank God he is bringing our country back and he has all the real American people standing behind him he’s making a future for our children and grandchildren who is securing our nation once again and whoever does not support him is against our country sad to say but the Democrat has been brainwashed it’sAre used to think that they were decent party 25 years ago when I switch to a republican party

  31. Why do we fuss about Sen. Murkowski? She does nothing but always takes a strange path. I wonder sometimes what goes through her mind and is she aware of what is really going on? She is another politician who doesn't really think about what is best for America. People of Alaska should vote her out as soon as they can.

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