GOP senator on 2016 election: Dumpster fire

GOP senator on 2016 election: Dumpster fire


  1. He put it out there because he knows his party would never take up one of these things..He is trying to look like a human, now…ask him his opinions after the midterms and see how he reverts back to the same old snake he has always been

  2. This guy is positioning himself for the Oval Office by being a man that takes action on things bi-partisan people don't want to face. Smart move. I only advise that he doesn't be like Paul Ryan that took Speakership and lost steam.

  3. He's McCain Lite – another guy who is all about talking a big game, while saying "both sides" this and "both sides" that, then quietly voting for all of Trump's insane cabinet appointments and voting for all of his insane legislative priorities. Outlets like CNN love this shit, because they get to label him a "moderate" irrespective of his actual policy beliefs, because he manages to clear the incredibly low bar of at least acting like a normal, moral human being who sees Trump for what he is.

    Much like McCain is going to be immortalized as "The Man Who Stood Against A Tyrant" for putting out a bunch of statements with no actual action behind them, and having the decency – ONCE – to vote against an ACA repeal bill so cynical and haphazard the machinations to get it to the floor were almost unprecedented, after HE helped get it to a vote in the first place. Then making sure he didn't actually resign from the Senate, so that the AZ governor could appoint a Trump lickspittle in his place. What Congressional heroes these people are.

  4. Sasse is actually worse than Trump. He's always running his mouth about how bad the GOP is and then votes with them 100% of the time.

  5. Trumps fbi have been quietly gathering evidence on these deep swamp scum for a military court.. 2018 will be a great time for America. I wonder if cnn will cover it.

  6. I like him Republican, independent… whatever. I would vote for him! I want to see what Dems are endorsing beyond this election! I want to hear from them! Besides Stormy's lawyer

  7. Yeah yeah B Sasse. Where was your principled objection to the Republicans refusing a vote for Obama’s Supreme Court pick? The claim was we can’t do that during an election year. Why do you now participate in ramming through a Supreme Court pick? Please, sir, oppose Trump with your vote. Require this court pick to be delayed until after Mueller’s report is issued.

  8. Ben Sasse…nice ideas…keep dreaming son. So you're the voice of moderate Republicans now??? Where were you these past 2 years? Gimme a break.


  10. You’re gonna see these guys coming out now because their ship is going down. Hmm, how convenient a time to go on tv right before the election. Oh please.

  11. What other senator would vote for this? How about Elizabeth Warren? She tried to introduce a bill that would prevent government officials, especially elected officials, from becoming lobbyists. This is just a watered down version of that bill.

  12. He can smell which way the wind is blowing with the Trump brand of conservatism and is positioning himself to be the GOP golden boy in 2024.

  13. Ben should put his money where his mouth is and challenge Trump in 2020. It would be great fun to watch another establishment puppet get destroyed by Trump. Bring it Ben!

  14. No backbone sasse. Fuck outta here. If you are a atraight talker swamp drainer… stand the fuck up… look trump in his fucking dumb shit face… and tell him if he doesn’t resign you are going to rally the whole party to rat pack his ass. Anything short of that… and you are worthless to us real Americans.

  15. He knows how to talk the talk. But when it comes to walking he’s on his belly crawling like a baby for Trump! He’s obviously trying to look so innocent! It’s not working Sasse!!!

  16. Sasse is a Koch-controlled globalist shill who wants to keep sending American jobs overseas, and American troops to fight in absurd foreign wars. No thanks.

  17. Still find it hard to believe that Traitor Trump got away with not showing us his tax returns. It's about time someone took action.

  18. Ben Sasse made a great speech during the Kavanaugh hearings advocating for more transparent and accountable government, for getting the bureaucrats out of the law making process and returning power to the people.

    But if he wants to drain the swamp and candidates to be more transparent then he should be advocating also for the release of Hillarys Wall Street speeches and Obamas college transcripts. The people should know exactly what they candidates think and believe and the candidates should have the opportunity to respond.

  19. If you want to get on CNN or even MSNBC just be anti-Trump. Usually CNN lets some Trump supporters on, but they grill and attack them while MSNBC rarely has Trump supporters and when they do have Trump supporters they attack. If you want to be treated fairly on CNN or MSNBC just be anti-Trump.

  20. I don't like MSNBC, but at least they don't hide that they're biased while CNN pretends they're not biased yet they always attack Trump or brainwashed their guest to attack Trump. That's the problem I have with CNN is that they pretend they're not biased just be honest like MSNBC and probably CNN would at least be somewhat credible.

  21. What happened to the squirrel that fell into the sewer? It didn't know how swim, but it went through the "movements" anyway.

  22. Who are you people from CNN are sick bitch bitch pound pound bitch bitch pound negative negative pound pound, can't wait till the revolution hopefully all you idiots will be history.

  23. Elizabeth Warren switched her ethnicity to Native American based on some family photo to get her job .
    She's whiter than I am …
    Also since I have Cherokee blood myself , and would never change my ethnicity from white …I think she is as disgraceful as Mad Maxine

  24. Do not trust this guy. He says a lot. Does nothing. Watch actions, not words. He's another Flake.
    His last interview, he mentioned "free speech on college campuses"… this is a priority for him? This a fn joke? Quit wasting everyone's fn time with your altreich nonsense.

  25. Hey Ben Sasse. Why are you just talking about this NOW? Because the mid-term elections are almost here. You cannot be trusted. You take 2 years to talk about Trump not showing us his tax returns. Go back and continue being silent about your President Pussy Grabber.

  26. Thank God for President Trump. If he had not exposed the Clinton crime family for what it was the Liberal Mental Disorder ( L.M.D. ) would not have been so easily diagnosed. And certainly CNN would still be pretending to be an actual ' News organization ". Imagine that.
    Now the Democrat's can get back to focusing on burning more cars , beating more conservatives in the name of ' Peace ' and…. Making America Venezuela Again "

  27. I live in Nebraska and sadly Ben Sasse has a history of saying one thing, but doing the opposite. He'll condemn a person then the next day vote for them. He'll criticize a bill then turn around and vote for it. He may not be a typical republican, but he sure votes like one.

  28. This guy is all talk. He votes with Trump over 86% if the time. Including voting for all the corrupt cabinet officials (that he now has a problem with) like DeVos, Pruit, Mnuchin, Price, etc. He only cares about corruption after his donors get their tax breaks.

  29. Voting for Conservative policies doesn't make you a bad person or any less American…..What Senator Sasse is saying should clearly be supported by all sane people. We need to get rid of corruption in BOTH PARTIES!

  30. Democrats have zero chance of defeating Trump in 2020. ZERO.
    Who would vote for a bleeding heart liberal who wants to raise
    taxes, open our borders and eliminate ICE? No thank you.

  31. Wow Ben, I might take you a little more seriously if you actually did one of the MOST important things a Senator can do. Place a check on executive power. Your unwillingness to do that seems to make you one of the 'broken members' of a very broken and dysfunctional congress. Why not walk across the aisle and see how many Democrats might be willing to vote with you on that?

  32. I think Trump was talking about draining the swamp that way he will employ the mud under the swamp! Look at all his senior cabinet officials, they are just as dirty and corrupt as the mud under the swamp!!

  33. Very few watch CNN on TV – FOX News vastly outstrips CNN in TV ratings. Yet we are supposed to believe that CNN legitimately has 3 or 4 times more YouTube subscribers than the vastly more popular FOX News? CNN, come now – sto buying fake subscribers, and stop buying fake Twitter followers.

  34. Shit or get off the pot Sasse!! Pick a fricken party! You are NO hero till you jump to the Dem side! Stop being a fence walker boy!

  35. I'm confused… isn't this the same bill Elizabeth Warren introduced? Sasse is no different because if he was serious he would team up with Warren for a bipartisan bill. If he was serious he wouldn't vote for KKKavanaugh

  36. Sasse, Flake, Corker not quite brave enough to speak truth to power. Certainly no guts to vote down poor nominees: see scorecard at 04:18. =x= 0v0

  37. Sasse seems to be pulling lines from a bill Elizabeth Warren has been working hard on; and on top of that, unless he's going to vote NO on Kavanaugh, I don't even want to see his double-dealing face. ✌💚🇺🇸

  38. It's too late for a republicon to pretend to be for the people! He's probably thinking about a presidential run but Americans are getting Wise to the shenanigans only to see promises forgotten or shrugged off. Forget it Sasse. We've seen and heard enough B.S. from your side of the isle. Flake, Corker, You and others talk alot but only Vote against average Americans. Please just go away!

  39. Really? Oh I didn’t see him say those comments. Why does that enable you to not comment on what jake ACCURATELY reported? Like, oh if I did not directly hear his exact words when he actually said them I cannot comment on any other iteration of them, no matter the veracity of the source. Weak!

  40. He is draining the sawmp. Wait till your forced to air the evil that has been committed till Trump stepped in… it will really upset the average person!

  41. Don't care whether Warren or Sasse get the provisions through – I just want them through. It is time for the corruption to end, so I'm contacting my senators and rep to support both.

  42. Jake Tapper is such a quintessential corporate shill. He shits on left-wing politicians and ideas while propping up establishment republicans who support Trump's grotesque policies, but only hate his tweeting. I'll say it once and I'll say it now FUCK JAKE TAPPER

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