GOP Senators want Trump to back away from Mexico tariffs

GOP Senators want Trump to back away from Mexico tariffs


  1. Does anyone really believe at this point that the GOP isn't just the party of the rich who cares not one whit about America or Americans? If anything, Trump's election has unmasked the GOP as nothing but the servants of the rich and corporate America.

  2. Who is that bozo suggesting our POTUS pass a law? The legislature creates law, not POTUS. Send him back to a high school civics class. There are NO "legal asylum seekers" at the US border. By law, anyone trying to cross from Mexico is obliged to seek asylum in Mexico, NOT in the USA.

  3. you would think Mitch knew something about negotiating… the establishment rolls belly up for their doners who want an endless stream of cheap labor, and to keep wages from rising any more… even if they screw the country in the process…….. these republicans at the podium should be ashamed of themselves………

  4. Nobody's coming up with solutions, she asks Austan Goolsbee what would be his solution and his answer was "what he (Trump) should not do". MORON.

  5. An urgent message from We The MAGA People to Mr. Mitch McCON ALL and all the rest of the RINO’s….”You’re fired!”

  6. Of course the corrupt GOP senators want our president to back off tariffs. The tariffs are endangering thier illegal dealings with Mexico.

  7. GOP deep state want Trump to back away from Mexico Tariffs because it will hit their personal pockets and political pockets … simple … DC Mofia at work …

  8. Notice the GOP Congress and Senate haven't mention why he is putting the Tariffs .. IT"S ABOUT THE BORDER AND SECURITY NOT ECONOMY !!!!! GET REAL Congress !!!!!!!

  9. Sit down Mitch! You are being carried. We don't need your fingers in the pie. You can take the man out of the establishment, but not the other way around. If you throw a wrench into this, innocent people will suffer and die and the problem will go out of control. Even more. You might as well announce your retirement because you'll only brand yourself a RINO, and the swamp is draining.

  10. We need to do something since the democrats won’t. Go ahead and use the tariffs and close the borders. The politicians are worthless and the ones from his own party need to be also voted out. President Trump didn’t start the cages Obama did. Where do you get your statistics that three quarters of people in America don’t want the wall please more want it then don’t.

  11. By my count Trump has tried five different tactics to address the immigration problem: congressional money to build a wall, pentagon money for the wall, closing the border completely, persuading congress to change asylum laws and tariffs. Congress has opposed him at every turn. The corruption is deep on this issue.

  12. Come and take a puff off of this you been smoking something pretty strong and it ain’t common sense. What you guys need to do is shut up and do your job the best way you know how and maybe next election we can get someone in there that knows something.
    You go Trump don’t listen to those ancients that have been hanging in a closet for the last
    40 to 50 years.

  13. Who cares about prices for American consumers? Who cares about the economy anyway? Slap 100% tariffs on now! The Mexicans will pay just like they are going to pay for the Wall as our President said they would.

  14. Don't confuse the democrats with hard numbers. GOP senators also sit on their hands about this. Work with the POTUS and border states.

  15. ALL of the things that TRUMP's done…..HE hasn't wanted to do…BUT has to…in order to get things in order.! HE has to use any and ALL tools HE has…to fix this crisis.! HE doesn't want to hit Mexico with terrifs…..BUT they shouldn't allow them to just pass on through to THIS COUNTRY.! Just shouldn't. He knows what could happen….in the long run. Long long run….but….what else can HE do?! Just let them ALL in….and allow this country's economy to fall and fall HARD.?! NO.! Until THIS changes……go for it Mr. Trump

  16. All the way Trump has got to do this America is tired of the sleepers in the Republican Party and definitely sick of Congress

  17. GOP is wrong in this case and they only care about tariffs because it hurts the investor class. Workers in US manufacturing are hurt more by labor surpluses than tariffs. Two Americas.

  18. At least our President is trying to do some actions in his power while Congress is not. 👍 Brilliant President in my time.

  19. Tarriff is a good choice to do..So, both United States and Mexico will wake up..Close the borders..

  20. Money money money! Shame on em!! God, Country and Family Thank You!!! We will MAGA
    🙏🏼🇺🇸God Bless America 🇺🇸🙏🏼!

  21. This lady is a joke for not correcting the narrative. Kids in cages was a policy carried over from the Obama Administration. She is a loser.

  22. POTUS is surrounded by Rhino’s, the Republican Party needs to be cleansed, get the names of the rhino’s and vote them out, they are liberals pretending to be conservatives. The problem is where do we find replacements? Are there more fake conservatives waiting? The deep state controls both parties and Trump is trying to change that. MAGA

  23. Stay hard and strong on Mexico. Shut down the border if you need to. The harm to the country is already happening. Dump these guys if they can't support the President.

  24. This is from the losers in congress who have done anything to fix this problem in years. I hope these losers join either Flak or McCain in 2020

  25. GOP Senators/ RINO's will be in the unemployment line if they don't get behind Trump in this.

  26. This is like the UK.. The swamp is on both sides.
    Scumbags like Paul Ryan are gone but there is still need for further reformation within the Republican Party.. McConnell needs to stop looking after his own Chinese-linked and global personal interests and start putting America first, if not then he is, by definition, part of the swamp.

  27. The Mexicans should straight bus the folks from central america from their southern border to the U. S border to punish Trump .

  28. Trump will just claim victory as he always does….lift the tariffs and nothing has changed. Trump voters can say he won and then go watch monster trucks. 😀

  29. Rhinos are spineless. Stand with Trump. Otherwise face losing your seats in Congress and Senate. Americans will vote you out if you do not stand with our President.

  30. Every time I hear or see a Republican go against the President and the American People, I see a spy from the Socialist Dems.

  31. IMPEACHE some republicans SENATORS who refused to built walls, to protect Americans from drug traffickers in Mexican

  32. Austin just gave a mistaken premise just to blame the President. Congress MUST act in the interest of America, and they pass the bills. The President's power is the veto. So, the President is trying a "work around" to mitigate the inability of Congress to be productive. Trump is a genius, and people like Austin are the problem. You CANT grant amnesty to immigrants BEFORE the wall is built. That would be ineffective and assinine to do so.

  33. I want GOP Senators to stop Illegal Alien Invasions of the USA resulting in lower national sovereignty,security,defense and electoral integrity.

  34. The GOP cash machine and big business is pressuring the RINOs to stop the tariffs because it will cost the big companies a lot of money. Donald Trump MUST IMPOSE THESE TARIFFS otherwise he will look weak and Mexico will do business as usual…rip off America.

  35. You do whatever you have to do to shut them people down and the other Republicans they can kiss our American asses if they don’t follow with Trump then they should go get out of office and get the hell out those tariffs are not going to hurt us so screw the rest of the Congress and the Senate


  37. GOP Senators do not understand business and they have shown it by their lack of ability to do a good deal with any country in the past. Let TRUMP do what he does! He makes GOOD DEALS! The GOP Senators need to take a class from the president on how to make a GOOD DEAL!

  38. Those invaders don't respect our country. The catch and release law has to end. This is the luring weapon used by Obama to make this chaos. And now it continues. I hope they can send them all back. They don't qualify for asylum. Asylum is not about how poor you are. This is unacceptable.

  39. What is your issue that you are ignirant about McConnel
    . Let the president decide.

    The alternative block rvery illegal with the Army, using force and live ammunatipn. A few serious sccidents will turn these shitbags away.

    Stop being a Traitor McConnel.

    Build thr Wall most urgently1 great Donald Trump, Fuk the DemonRats & GOP TRAITORS.

  40. The obvious thing that everyone seems to miss here: Presidents _dont'_pass_laws_!!! That is and always should be the job of congress!

  41. No way, Congress is politics, Our President is a business man, and good at it! Don't mess this one up for America. Focus on your districts.! Latest version of illegally determent Immigrants .Massive nation attack on Social Security Fraud, on internet!!!🇩🇰🇺🇸

  42. That stupid pos didn't say a thing about Obama putting kids in cages and separating families. These stupid Dems wanna complain and bash Trump w/o offering solutions.

  43. lmao we import 208b from mexico every year. Whats 5% of 208b? THE WALL!!!! lmfao go Trump! he said mexico will pay for it.

  44. Getting wet feet bunch of idiot I bet that if everything works out well for Tump these same fools are the first one to jump back on the Trump train! Only when it benefits them!

  45. these supposed GOP leaders, should behold in no uncertain terms they are to back President Trump or lose their support from the Party in their next election cycle. Some of these so called leaders have never supported President Trump. Support the President or get out and let someone else who will. McConnell has been there far too long.

  46. Well, now what are these guys saying? maybe Mexico is just playing for time by acting as if they are actually going to stem the flow of central american immigrants, but at least they know that trump wasn't bluffing.
    Austan is an idiot, btw.

  47. How da phuck is the Mexican govt gonna provide jobs for Central American migrants when they can't even provide jobs for their own Mexican citizens. LOL!

    Besides, quiet as it's kept… white Americans ain't makin' babies… 26 states are presently experiencing more white folk deaths than births, according to demographers. Thus, white America needs to recruit Caucasoid-looking immigrants to supplant a dying race of white folks here in the USA…. as well as hiring cheap labor.

    Trump doesn't want no g'damn wall built… his constituents afterall send manufacturing jobs to China. The USA business model, it must be understood, has been and will always be wage slavery… wake up white folks,

  48. It’s a know fact Mitch and family are on the Chinese government payroll, now it appears he’s on the Mexican payroll

  49. Even the Rhino's need to know if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Do your job or get out so we can get someone that will do the job they are elected to do. Stop being afraid, you only look like snowflakes.

  50. You want to slow or stop this crap at the border? Make it a forcibly felony to cross the border. Put up signs that say "YOU WILL BE SHOT" if you are caught attempting to enter the United States illegally. And issue all border agents M16's or shotguns. A load of buckshot up their asses just might do the trick.

  51. Well, well well it looks like Mexico is finally doing something…the problem is, he should have done this on Day-One of his administration.

  52. How in the heck can you pass a law dummy when the House is doing NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING except go on a witch hunt against President Trump??? That was the lamest thing I have heard to date Austin LOLOLOL….Your a a demon rat looney for sure hahahaha

  53. Support the President 100%. Independent voter refusing to join the Republican Party due to the west knee Republicans refusing to support a get tough negotiations agenda when the out of control border situation is denigrating the safety and security of the US. Precisely the reason I stay Independent. These Republican Senator's are cowardly. The President has one thing wrong. The Republicans are the do nothing party while the Democratic Party is anti American values and pro Socialist hinging on Communism. Remaining Independent until Republican party gets a back bone. President is the one supporting American tax paying citizens. Republicans are weak but must take the lesser of the 2 evils.

  54. Of course, the Establishment Republicans would be against Tariffs for Mexico. They are the ones who gave us NAFTA and have destroyed the manufacturing in this country while filling their pockets from their Rich, Globalist Donors. They are worse than the Democrats.

  55. Trump is just bluffing at the moment. Although he might cause sanctions of Mexico does not help us. He wants to let Mexico know this is important and they need to try to help out more. Mexico has the ability to at least reduce the amount of people coming through. Fact 132,000 people just got caught trying to come through. There's no way Mexico can help reduce those numbers. And anyone that fights that is big a patriot and can not see past there hate for trump enough to see the clear picture infront of them. You know you are able to support something Trump is doing without technically liking him. Too many people are worried about their left-wing buddies thinking that they're keeping in or that their supporter of trump so they believe in the whole theory of it's not right to cage children. The point is the parents should have not illegally brought them into our country they are the ones that put them in the situation of being detained don't say they're being put in a kennel like an animal they're being detained and then sent home with a meal in their belly. It's the parents fault and shame on you for trying to portray the border patrol and people doing their jobs to protect our country as no more than racist prison Masters.

  56. Sounds to me the top breaking news is really the Hemorrhoid flare-ups from all these Senators sitting on their butts and doing nothing

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