Hank the Cat for Senate? Vote the Humans Out!

Hank the Cat for Senate? Vote the Humans Out!

through a lot of the winners when a big
losers at the election two weeks ago what a loser who i think in stockholm his head high italy and and yet he might be a winner haiku came in third in the senate
requiring us in virginia to replace but jim webb at seven thousand votes now then that
may not sound like a lot but when you find out more about him it might sound like quite a bit more
than i expected it was gotten we have a campaign ad that iran uh… that here
and let’s go to that my representatives came to congress
would be playing and that one hundred billion dollars from the budget
reach across the aisle to repair the economy net help reduce the strain on
small businesses what did we get support from the brink of financial default important legislation ignored and for
god national credit downgrade for the first time ever and the most
accomplished congress in history complain rediculous partisan games and
contentious infighting while american suffered they tried you tried it’s okay to make a
change it’s okay to do with the humans out it’s okay to re-elect don’t think it’s very hard unlike the in this country everybody
thinks we just had this two-party system but there are alternatives some of the wealthier than other
something yes so you didn’t get seven thousand
votes and he was doing this elicit some of the job to do and that
the campaign picture actually alike i don’t get that one of over that
or possibly scratches that anyway uh… you know that they have are
partly to poke fun at the fact that in order to all the the political parties
to be too close together but also to raise money out for animals and so they
did that i know you might be wondering since he
lost in this race what’s the political future make it to be thankfully he released a very long
statements face the page we have an excerpt from that he says that when i started this campaign i was just
a cap of wonderful flocking to catch without but today i now belong to each and every
one of you and i will continue to be yours for all time he continues on to say that he’s taking
a temporary break from politics was spent on this family uh… entire illiterate especially yet uh… campaign the internet’s about capitals we found a way to make the interest of a
catholic and planning with eerie sight of their fans you know it into a really read that
develop without politics had gone to the gods that sounds like it apartment dot on a roll and up uh… met and then you know i think
about it so that the other two people in the streets were obviously ten k named
george allen someplace all seven thousand bucks for
you and i wouldn’t even somebody out something and i think the cats and think
about that when you’re running and and maybe this will encourage maybe probably
not but in case people too today that their contention somewhere
seriously incompetent


  1. I wonder what would have happened if the cat won, because there is no rule saying a senator has to be human since the requirements are just, 30 years of age (doesn't say human age), be a us citizen for 9 years or more, live in the state they are running for, also background, proper reregistration and up to date taxes.
    But nothing about being human. think about that bullshit

  2. washington needs tons of kitty litter for sure ! the crap and flies all over and republicans are like shit to flies ! born n sin come on in , ! born n lust republicans turn to dust ! lol

  3. That cat could have had a brilliant political career. Damn humans not giving him a chance *shakes fist violently*. They just treat him like a "thing" not a leader! Soon enough we will have cats in senate and maybe a cat president!

  4. hank the pussy cat could tangle a fish/toy n front of fox news and they would take the bait for sure , they would be so confused that they may even report some real un biased news for at least the FIRST TIME N THEIR STUPID HISTORY LOL

  5. I think it says something about how much of a joke our political system has become when 7,000 people vote for a joke candidate.

  6. that tie alone makes me want to vote for him…..oh wait im not american. however, that kitty looks like a better PM then harper :P!

  7. Can you imagine if (Republican) George Allen had won this race…this TYT video would have been all about bashing this "stupid joke" that cost Tim Kaine the election.

  8. They'll regret their outspoken disrespect for the unthingness of cats when they find the next president of the United States to be sir Cat the Meowth!

  9. Some PETA lovin, environmentalists probably backed Hank's campaign. Hell if Hank said he would raise taxes on rich people most people watching this video would have probably voted for him.

  10. Nope. The likes of Romney, Bush, Gun crazies and religious fanatics makes people around the world think you're morons. This makes us smile – and that's a big difference.

  11. The problem with this is it leaches off democratic votes. Republicans aint too into meme culture ya know? So when the Republicans figure it out, they will blitz the youth demographic with a shitload of steve the cat knockoffs that have appealing liberal platforms (legalize pot nationwide, same sex marriage, etc…).

    But this will backfire in 2020, when a steve the cat knockoff beats Jeb Bush.

  12. I don't know but I know a dog that would be perfect for the job! Now, how to get him on the ballot… Ooh! Ooh! I know I know!! No wait, that'll fail…

  13. How was this guy able to register a cat as a candidate? Aren't there rules about the species of elected officials in the US?

  14. I dont think so because nobody ever considered making those rules 😀 I looked up how it would be in germany – in my district only (Niedersachsen) for now – and it WOULD work here 😀 Of course it would never actually pass – even if the animal would win – but still 😀 I like it 😉

  15. The US would stop the wars in the Mi. East and go to war with countrys that produce Tuna -cans and co 😀 Maybe Norway 😉

  16. To those who thinks this is stupid – all this says is a lot of people are fed up with the usual talking head candidates we get every election. Have a sense of humor for Goodness' sake 🙂 Life's too short to nit-pick

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