Hello ( হ্যালো ) | Official Trailer | Raima Sen | Priyanka Sarkar | Joy Sengupta | Hoichoi Originals

Hello ( হ্যালো ) | Official Trailer | Raima Sen | Priyanka Sarkar | Joy Sengupta | Hoichoi Originals

Hello !! Are you not ashamed of your lies? When the husband is adulterous
that isn’t an issue, But when the wife is having an affair Sleeping around that’s a problem! Have you appointed an investigator? But I haven’t appointed anyone. Who could have sent the video? Give her a divorce. I won’t. Your wife has appointed a detective, why are you blaming me? A man came and gave this for you. If Dada Bhai (Brother in law) didn’t, then who send it? Debol Shome? It’s a skill to keep your husband in your control. What lured him to the girl, that he left me? How did she get to know me? Hello remember me, I need you. You can’t do adultery if you are to stay in this house. I want to feel your wife within me.


  1. Bangla te amon web concept just wow… Different & Difficult. Acting er tarif kortey hobe..♥♥

  2. "swami k dhore rakhte jante hy" 😂😂😂 kno bhai dhorar dayitto meyeder aar charar dayitto kar? Bullshit

  3. No doubt bengalis are very good but why also sex included they r many people who want good movies. Whenever come across bengali movies it's some how related to sex. U better than that.

  4. Hello web series r baki 6ta episodes ki keo YouTube e dite parben??hoichoi e subscribe chara dekha jaina..so YouTube e diye dile valo hoi

  5. এত্ত স্বার্থপর মানুষ আমি আর একটাও দেখিনি 😑

  6. This is the most misogynistic and homophobic TV series I have ever seen. It has only females getting bad mouthed, being subjected to domestic violence, being murdered for being a lesbian and even a wife being humiliated by the husband, who had been cheating on her, and his family (who knows about his affair and blames the wife for it)!

    They may have made a series with enough suspense to keep one hooked but the mentality of a traditional Bengali family has been portrayed so horribly that I can only tell people that you should not believe that Bengali households are like this. This is straight out of Bengali soaps, rather than actual Bengali families.

    Also, in an era where females are getting uplifted, this is the worst kind of show to be made. Do not make just anything in the name of a thriller, please. Have some respect for the female characters.

    I didn't expect Raima Sen to play such a spineless female character, and I am very disappointed in her and the person who made this into the horror show for females and homosexuals!

  7. কলকাতায় খালি বৌদীর ভিতরে কিভাবে গরম পানি ডালা যায় সবাই সেই ধান্ধায়,ফিল্ম-সিরিয়াল গুলা এগুলো নিয়াই ব্যাস্ত!বলি সেক্সুয়ার চিন্তাভবনা ছাড়া কি মাথায় কিছু আসেনা??!!

  8. So called hindi language ppl are telling to upload it in hindi but if u guys uses the sudh hindi instead of urdu then u can aslo understand bengali mabe not completely but atleast u understand the concept.

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