Hidden Gems London Walking Tour 3 : Millbank to Houses of Parliament

Pip pip Tally Ho! Joolz Guides here in which i wander around london and tell you fascinating facts about our city, and other places actually but it’s a Joolz Guide about London so today we’re going to be walking from Pimlico over towards Lambeth Bridge and Millbank Behind me, that building there that’s Peninsula Heights, the one where Geoffrey Archer lives I think he lived in the top ones with the big glass He was a famous politician who ended up going to prison for perjury. But he’s more famous for being a a crime novellist He wrote thrillers and stuff like that This is the Tate Britain not to be mistaken for the Tate Modern art gallery originally this is where the Millbank penitentiary stood in the 19th Century this is called Millbank after a mill which was near Westminster You did philosophy didn’t you? at university with me? We were in the same philosophy class There was this thing called a Panopticon it was Jeremy Bentham’s idea about a prison which was shaped like circular….. The guard tower would be in the middle The idea being that it would only require one guard One guard to oversee the whole lot They may not even need a guard because of the deterrant factor of not being able to see if anyone was in the guard tower Yes, it was Jeremy Bentham’s idea Although I think, to quote Jeremy Bentham It was “nonsense upon stilts!” The Millbank Penitentiary was a panopticon It was a place for holding prisoners awaiting transportation to Australia Eventually they replaced it with Tate Britain and “Tate” as in Henry Tate Who was a great philanthropist Tate as in Tate and Lyle sugar You know when you buy sugar cubes and they’re made by Tate and Lyle so Henry Tate donated a load of his own paintings to be exhibited here in Tate Britain It’s free. like a lot of museums in London and there’s loads of Turner in there Hello there I was watching your clips before I came here Are you a genuine fan? your know who he is?? That’s me! Yes!!!! See? Ye of little faith I do have fans after all! This is the MI5 building What’s the difference between MI5 and MI6? One of them’s real and one of them isn’t No!!! Mission Impossible 5 was the one wherehe goes to China isn’t it? You’re talking about Mission Impossible? Oh no sorry! I’m talking about MI5!! Completely different thing So the building over there was MI6 That’s James Bond’s building, MI6 (foreign stuff) and MI5 is home affairs The Mi’s went up to 19 originally M.I. 1 was code breaking M.I.2 was Russia and Scandanavia 3 I think was Eastern Europe and they all got joined together into M.I.5 and M.I.6 This is called Horseferry Road it’s called Horseferry Road because This used to be a horse ferryin the 16th century In order to transport people from the palace of Westminster over to Lambeth Palace where the archbishops of canterbury have famously lived since the 12th century if you had a horse and you wanted to get acros the Thames this was the only place you could do it other than walking across London Bridge are you slightly out of breath from walking up the stairs? a little bit, why? No, I was just pointing it out, that’s it. Pointing out my age or something? Yes?! I’m frozen!! Don’t you understand! That’s actually what Mary of Modena used she was the wife of King James II and she had to escape after the revolution so she escaped across this horse ferry here disguised as a washer woman I think the horse ferry eventually closed down once they opened Westminster Bridge this is Lambeth Bridge and the reason it’s painted red is to match the seats in the house of lords because Westminster Bridge over there is painted green to match the house of commons This is the one that’s featured in the Prisoner of Azkaban He gets picked up by the night bus and it comes haring around this corner and it has to shrink to get bewtween two double decker buses don’t know if you saw fast and furious 6 This is where they pretend it’s Moscow Dwayne the rock Johnson is walking along here And I recognise those two buildings They had all those Kremlin type domes at the end of the bridge but I definitely recognised those two buildings over there You probably heard me talk about this church before in my video about Captain Bligh and also I visit it in Take Me To Pitcairn just as a quick recap here’s what I said then Don’t forget to come and visit the garden museum it used to be called St Mary at Lambeth one of the reasons I really like it here is because there’s this thing called the pedlars window A pedlar is somebody who holds a pedlars certificate and goes from town to town selling his wares and this particular pedlar did pretty well for himself and he donated half an acre of land to the church but only on the condition that they remember him and his dog here you see that whole plot of land on which County Hall now stands used to be known as the Pedlars Acre and if you go there now with your pedlars certificate as I’ve tried You get thrown off by the council That’s nice , isn’t it?! Where’s the justice eh? I’ll have to come back on my own sometime to talk to them about the actual museum My favourite thing is out in the garden Have you seen The Mutiny on the Bounty? This is where Captain Bligh is buried, look, this is his tomb If you’ve ever seen the film “The Bounty” With Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins You’ll know all about the famous mutiny in the South Pacific Captain Bligh was the commander of the infamous Bounty and on their way back from Tahiti back in 1789 the crew, led by Fletcher Christian, mutinied and forced Bligh and 18 loyal men into a life boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with only a sextant, no charts and hardly any food Despite being sent to almost certain death he successfully navigated for 48 days to Coupang in the Dutch East Indies and meanwhile Fletcher Christian took the Bounty to look for a hiding place and he found Pitcairn Island and to this day all the people on Pitcairn are related to the Bounty mutineers They’ve all got names like Christian and Young Blich got back to tell the tale. Bad tempered old fellow And if you’re interested in the Mutiny on the Bounty You can watch my award winning film Take Me To Pitcairn In which I attempt to get to Pitcairn Island They’ve actually done some renovations since Imade that film and now Bligh’s in a beautiful courtyard next to John Tradescant who was King Charles’s gardener That’s the reason why they’ve got these pineapples on these monuments Because John Tradescant was the person who brought the pineapple to the UK and I think he also brought tulips and the plane tree And that’s a really beautiful Tudor arch gatehouse thing and inside there they’ve got the gloves worn by King Charles I when he was executed you can now go up this tower for a lovely view of Westminster Let’s go check it out How many steps is it? 131 all medieval steps How old is it? 13th century In fact this was also the place where Anne Boleyn confessed to Thomas Cranmer before being executed for adultery or something…. I think that those , where you can see the windows bricked in that was because they did actually have window tax I don’t know how long ago that was You’d be taxed for the amount of windows on your property People decided to save money by bricking some of them in I think some of them have been bricked in because maybe they have staircases there but some of them are legitimately to save money I think there was a beard tax at one point in Britain They should bring that in again They’d make so much money in Hoxton! This is the Millbank Studios where the BBC do their reporting, live from Westminster quite often you see the reporters over there Don’t worry, carry on! I’m not from the BBC yet…. you know when you see them standing outside Westminster doing their reporting Let’s go and stand here and recreate some political moment Today in Westminstr Theresa May wore pink socks But what exactly do pink socks represent? We’ll find out, after the break It’s usually about as interesting as that too That’s Richard the Lionheart who’s heart, I claimed, in another video is buried underneath all Hallows by the Tower church but it’s only a legend that it’s buried there, it’s actually in France Richard the lionheart spent more time outside England than in England He went over to fight in the crusades he famously slaughtered a whole load of prisoners he was proper bad ass! He was head of his own army by the age of 16 I think he rebelled against his father twice He is the 21st great great uncle of Queen Elizabeth II She must have also been related to Richard III She didn’t go to his funeral Which i thought was a bit harsh…when they found him the queen didn’t show up I would have, I mean she was queen!!.He was king… Cheers everybody if you enjoy my films don’t forget to hit the subscribe button have a look at my website joolzguides.com if you want a private guided tour of London you can find out all about me . and even buy some tasteful joolz guides merchandise and if you want, contribute to via PAYPAL or become my Patreon as if you wanted to!! Cheers!!!

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