Hong Kong falls into recession,GOP senators criticize Chinese government

Hong Kong falls into recession,GOP senators criticize Chinese government


  1. The people of Hong Kong need the 2nd Amendment! 🤔 Can we offer them statehood? China is painting protestors BLUE so they can arrest them later in secret! Communists LOVE to do things in secret!

  2. Chinese commie spies are everywhere! President Xi has appointed himself lifetime dictator. The commies spy on their own people. There are students who act as commie spies in every college classroom in China. Professors in Chinese Universities lose their jobs based on the report of one their students that the professor made some comment against President Xi. And the Chinese commie spies have also infiltrated the United States. Chinese citizens who have fled the repressive polices of China and have relocated to the United States speak of being followed here in the U.S. Recently the U.S. government discovered drones sent by China to the U.S. to spy on Chinese refugees in the U.S. One Chinese refugee talks about not only being followed but of mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night where her phone rings but the other party hangs up as soon as she picks up her phone. Chinese refugees here in the U.S. speak about mysterious black vehicles slowing down in front of their house in the middle of the night. If you are a Chinese refugee here in the U.S. you need seal your windows and paint your windows black so that no drones from China can spy on you. Get rid of all your electronic devices as they are probably fit with spyware. Change your phone number at least once a week. And definitely don't order Chinese food as Chinese take out places are most likely to be information centers for commie spies. China has long arms so don't think you are safe just because you are in the U.S. President Xi sees and hears everything from Beijing as his spy network is quite extensive.

  3. Capitalist Americans are waiting for China to fall so they can go in and exploit the fragments of the onece powerful country. They did this to the former Soviet Union. VIVA CPC!! VIVA PRC!!

  4. Freedom in Hong Kong? Look in your own backyard you hypocrites. You’re locking up independent journalists like Max Blumenthal for telling the truth.

  5. Bravo, senator Scott. We need more strong leaders like you in government. I appreciate your passion and dedication to our shared American values.

  6. This is what will happen if the crooked pathetic swamp rats demorats get into office. Especially since we the patriots are enjoying because of our President

  7. The Chinese are not our friends, yet we want their cash flowing into our Country pushing home prices artificially as these are investors. If they do all this close the boarders and stop inviting their investors.

  8. China is the only place in the world who has forced organ harvesting!!! Africa and Middle East still have SLAVERY in 2019! North Korea's leader is worshipped as a God! America can't fix the entire world we can only help where ever we can with out going to war with the world which we would lose!!! Hate to say it but our own house is on fire and falling down we are not in any position to help anyone right now we can't even help ourselves from the deep state!!!

  9. American people!!!! don't take freedom for granted!!!! look around the world, the people have to pay the hight price for their freedom!!! NO COMMUNIST!!! NO CHINA STYLE COMMUNIST!!!!

  10. How can normal people with moral listen to these propaganda spewing out of Americunts mouth while stealing Syrian oil in the board daylight? USA is the the new Roman empire and is going tank like MF ! Disgusting scum of the earth. Mind your own business! Free Syria !

  11. Rick scott didn't properly answer the question as to why they don't apply similar measures to other countries that take away the rights of it's citizens' he used Venezuela as an example – that's completely inadequate because that country has completely collapsed. No one ever answers for Saudi Arabia. They EXECUTE people who don't follow their very strict principles.

  12. SEE, NO DEALS with CHINA…..they do this to their own……what do you think they would do to the people in this country, USA?
    Xi silence is OBVIOUS! Body Language speaks VOLUMES!!

  13. US, do not threaten that you are going to sanction . You sanction all the time because you fear of China rising. You can sanction, we sanction back. It is happening all the time like the trade war now. Do not say it like you are powerful and you have leverage.

  14. look at all those yummy human organs being arrested! oops people I mean people being arrested. sooo can I put some kidneys and a heart of "lay-away"? Or consignment?

  15. Democrats have accepted a lot of donations from Chinese government and businesses lately. That's why you don't see much criticism from Pelosi and Co.

  16. This guy says “Communist China” more than anything else. No statistic or anything, just saying Communist China is bad, Communist China is doing this and that, Communist China cannot be trust.

    I found it funny. The thing Communist China says, you did them too

  17. When snowslide happens, no single flake of snow is innocent. Take back your dirty hand, mind your own business, you are not world policemen.

  18. Fox twisted news not even close to reality…China has done nothing to Hong Kong or the insane youth Mob destroying the City….it is unfortunate the local government even sends the Police out….but when they are setting fires and destroying subway stations and ATM machines and Blocking Roads i guess you need to. Not your Business ….Senators…Not your Country…USA…mind your own affairs and let China mind theirs….Telling the Truth would be nice too.!

  19. This is propaganda news making false accusations about China…the police in Hong Kong have done nothing wrong…the protesters are an insanely violent mob..watch all of the videos and you will see…China has done nothing to those young people. Washington is just looking for and making up reasons to Sanction China to hold them back economically and control them.

  20. Search Celine Ma actress attacked….see the poor peaceful protesters beat up and bloody a little lady….senior citizens too …twisting the truth here.

  21. 你们真好笑,只把警察当坏人,有没有看到那些"保护" 和 "和平" 的香港人, 利用炸弹!
    You people are so funny, for looking through a pinhole to see the full picture. These protesters AREN'T peaceful. Is the usage of fuel bombs peaceful? Is vandalism peacful? Is crash and bashing others peaceful? Just to clarify,I do not side with either party. Police brutality shouldn't be supported either. You either tell the news story objectively, or don't. Siding with either side to sensationalise your news channel, breaks the trust between nations and people. We should pray that Hong Kong recover from this unprecedented crisis, and sieze the ongoing destruction of their own nation.

    Tldr: This crisis should be shown in an objective light, instead of siding with one party, which creates unnecessary tension between people.

  22. The British need to confront this ,, main land China and America will back them up and Trump I aware of Hong Kong he trying to deal with this but the democratic are holding thing back from getting something done but if nato gets involved then we have to come to there aid.

  23. Fox … I had hope for better future for jurnalistic news media … but I guess all big corporate news media is all fake … "Peaceful protester" … I understand you hate communism, but to smear facts for political gain …. No different with cnn and the dems … Where's the vid protester throw molotov, where's the vid protester stab a police on the neck?

  24. Who cares what the misguided double speak US politicians say. Maybe they should stick with supporting theft of $30million of Syrian oil a month. Which hypocritically is in violation of all money laundering policies ever created. Banks supporting these illegal fraud transaction would be a good news story and anyone benefiting from it is in violation of proceeds of crime act and their assets should be frozen. I guess Fox Business is not interested in "real news" which is in the public interest hence they will neither investigate or report on it.

  25. I'm an atheist. Do NOT lump me in with those CCP thugs, my ethics and strong feelings for American constitutionalism put me solidly against them.

  26. TRUMP S INFLUENCE IS ALL OVER THE WORLD. This is the begining of the END of the New World Order. God Bless Our President Trump & Great family 🇺🇸😀

  27. OMG, Established American Media is a PROPAGANDA MACHINE!!. Why no one sees it as it is. When did people become blinded by the english language until that they do not recognise that the use words is at play?

  28. AMERICANS, all must vote for ANDREW YANG!!. Not just only that, need to vote out all those in Congressional & Senatorial position that do not agree with Andrew's policies. If not, it will be another 4 years of not having anything done cause all those useless lawmakers are just going to block each other without even considering or trying to do things in a new way. VOTE!

  29. Do the Obvious, Ship Hong King, a million rifles and handguns, and rent some shooting ranges to train Grandma to shoot a Chinese Soldier down, like a dog. Watch the Communists, eat out their own Guts. Hey, it worked for the US.

  30. what the hell is wrong with that guy is he drunk or something right on the news yeah he asked the question is our president playing good cop bad cop what's he talking about he acts like he's high

  31. yeah the police are torturing the peaceful protesters go back from the first day they started protesting they've always been peaceful about it the police are causing them to defend ourselves so what we're going to see on video is violence because if I was out there protesting and the police were torturing me I'm going to fight them back


  33. There you have it folks a first hand look at tyranny. Vote democrat and this could be you everyday protesting in the streets instead of going to work to the beach fishing ect. This is what the new democrat party wants for us. Guns God and good whiskey is what made our country great and i like it just the way it is. Vote republican and lets keep America great. Don't believe the media either as most of you know they are no more than bottom feeders for the democrat party.

  34. Yes senator American government keep interfering and making chaos to terrorist all countries to inject their political business

  35. Hey it's rly annoying when the senator kept saying Communist China, demonizing a country to make urself look better is just too Trump

  36. Senator ??? The Chinese not even scare the Russian Nu , what Senator you talking about??? My president said FAKE NEWS ! NOT THING HAS HAPPENED IN HONG KONG!

  37. Hong Kong's police are Chinese communist in disguise who are employed by the corrupt government officials in Congress, they are not real Hong Kong police. They are taking instructions from main land Chinese not Hong Kong. Police.

  38. HKers have to watch closely HK's reserves, HK$ & US$, stop china criminal party from stealing from HK DAILY! CCP is completely broke, rely on printing RMB and stealing from HK to import soya bean, food, fuel to survive!

  39. UN, US and World are urged to send peace keeping army ASAP to replace the brutal inhumane commie police wild dogs to prevent more innocent empty handed civilians and journalists getting fatally injured!

  40. look at them if they are freedom figthers! they destroyed hong kong! if someone destroying your home, what will you do?? bias media!!!!

  41. And here's what happens when you have the Democrats communistic socialism in action, it will fail every single time. Just look at the past !

  42. These rioters and terrorists do not fight for Hong Kong right or freedom, but only their own selfish interest. They are afraid to compete with their peers in Mainland after having fallen behind in recent years and are simply jealous of the success of others.

  43. Promises and Treaties are meant to be broken the way USA breaks it worldwide. Get off your high horse USA. Dont preach what you dont practice. USA genocided the red indians and stole their lands. We all know USA wants to plant missiles in HK. The senator is not giving the true story of rioters destruction and attacking normal citizens.

  44. Trump, all the GOP and DEMS in office, Biden, Obama, Peloski all use socialized meidcal insurance. They
    use tax payer funded insurance plans. IF htey dotn support the rest of
    us using it they need to get off the free health care plans and use
    what everyone else uses.

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