House debates, votes and passes GOP tax bill

House debates, votes and passes GOP tax bill


  1. This shit isn't fucking funny anymore. The Republicans are obstructing justice. The Republicans are corrupt.Republicans don't have the best interest of the United States in mind. Their actions, if these are the things they do..Prove it. After all Trump has done… They try to discredit an organization like the FBI….. These people give their lives for the country. Republicans and conservatives are ALL conspiring to prevent Trump's crimes from being revealed. Right wing press is aiding and abetting.
    He lied to the people and stole money from the middle class and the poor to give to the rich.the members of Congress involved in all this should be arrested on charges of Obstruction, the RICO Act, conspiracy, witness tampering, treason and terrorism for threatening our FBI patriots, Homeland, CIA, & NSA and creating roadblocks to keep trump & his Russian cousins from scrutiny

  2. Incase your interested the Axe and Wood around the sides of the speaker's chairs are the signs of Fascism XD

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