House votes to impeach Trump

House votes to impeach Trump


  1. 0:13 It's Not Congress , its the Democraps ~! PRESIDENT TRUM WILL NOT BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE, It's a Tactic for the Next election

  2. This Victory is just compensation for a man who would not release his taxes , the longest government shutdown in U S history, for siding with Putin in Helsinki, for doing nothing about Mass shootings, for putting children in cages at the border , for racially divisive tweets . Impeachment was long over due for this loser.

  3. President Trump all the way! He’ll not leave office and he WILL be re-elected 2020! Demtwats just showing their true color and it’s NOT RED, WHITE and BLUE!! It’s YELLOW!! Good thing they don’t have the final say but they do need to remember 1 thing… when you stir the shit pot, you have to lick the spoon!! This is going to be fun… 😛

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