How Powerful were The Republic Senate Guards? [Legends]

How Powerful were The Republic Senate Guards? [Legends]

The Senate Guards of the Republic were an elite security force stationed on Coruscant whose purpose was to protect the Senator’s representatives and chancellor of the Senate, as well as police the Senate district. Senate Guards were renowned across the Republic, and becoming one was one of the highest honors one could achieve next to Jedi Knighthood. So exactly how powerful were Senate Guards? Not only as warriors, but also in regard to their political power. Well, not only were they tasked in protecting the senators from assassinations and the like, but they were also to keep them in check reporting to their superiors if they suspected bribery or treachery among the senators. Their sole loyalty was to the Republic as a whole, rather than any individual or group of senators, and Senate Guards arresting corrupt senators and representatives wasn’t unheard of. Which is one of the main reasons Palpatine created the Red Guard who were solely loyal to him, and allowed him an easier time commanding his servants in his alter-ego as Darth Sidious. However, as the Republic grew older and more corrupt, Senate Guards became more suspect to corruption, and were known to turn a blind eye whenever they witnessed bribery take place within the Senate. Recruits for the Guard were selected from the most respected and hardened law enforcement agencies from across the galaxy. Usually from planets within the Galactic Core. The selection process made sure that the potential recruits were superb fighters, and were completely loyal to the Republic. Once chosen, the recruits were sent to the Senate Guard Academy on Coruscant were they trained for years. At the Academy, they learned Hijkata martial arts, which focused on deflecting and countering attacks of your opponent’s, turning their attacks and maneuvers against them. They also became experts at using blasters and melee weapons. Once they graduated, they were assigned to headquarters where they were to start their service. Although the Guards were some of the best that the Republic had to offer, they did have a hard time keeping infiltrators out from within their ranks nor were they trained in resisting mind control as there were two cases where Senate Guards actually attempted to kill the ones that they were protecting. The first case was when the Senate Guard was under mind control and tried to kill a visiting Baroness. The other case was when apparently two assassins infiltrated the Guard and attempted to assassinate the Chancellor. In both cases, the other Senate Guards failed to protect their target and the nearby Jedi were forced to step in and do their job instead. When it comes to equipment, the Senate Guards wore their ceremonial robes and helmets whenever they were within the Senate or executive buildings. Under the robes and ceremonial helmet crests, the guards were lightly armored wearing what seemed to be light armor weave at best along with shoulder pads and a regular unmasked combat helmet. Their weapons varied, but while in their ceremonial garb they were armed with either a Force pike, or the MK II Paladin blaster rifle. The Paladin Rifle was a signature weapon of the Guard, and was renowned for its power and accuracy. It had single fire and fully automatic settings as well as also having a wide stun setting that was effective against large crowds. Under the robes they seemed to also carry a heavy blaster pistol. Senate Guards were also given access to speeders and assault vehicles which they used when pursuing culprits. The best of the Senate Guards were promoted to the Senate Commandos which was even more of an elite subunit within the Guard. Senate Commandos went through even more training and were given full body armor which allowed them to better fight against heavily armed foes. With that being said, the commandos seemed to be unprepared when dealing with snipers or ambushes as seen with their fight against Cad Bane and his crew. Overall, the Senate Guard was a renowned unit within the Republic that became as incompetent and corrupt as the Senate they swore to protect nearing the end of their history. Once the Empire was formed, the Senate Guard was disbanded with most of its members either retiring or joining the ranks of the Imperial military. Thanks for watching this video. Be sure to subscribe for more videos like this one, and as always: may the force be with you.


  1. As a thai boxer, just having a good fighting sense in general is good enough to start with. Just because you know a martial art doesnt make you john wick, but assuming that these guards are chosen because they’re very advanced fighters, Im assuming you’re up against people who fight like mayweather

  2. It makes sense for senate guard to have light armor considering they were highly unlikely to see combat so wearing heavy cumbersome armor wasn’t really that practical.

  3. These are basically space navy seal SWAT teams on steroids with laser beams attached to their heads; the best of the best from 69 million colonized worlds.
    They are the absolute best of the best of all lawmen, that are selected, vetted, and rigorously trained, and then further selected, vetted, and rigorously trained again. They would know how to counter force wielders, bounty hunters, and assassins. Because these are the greatest threats to the Senate.
    Senate Commandos are much better than your average bounty hunter or assassin and a significant threat to even the best bounty hunter. Multiple commandos would easily destroy any bounty hunter if he fought them in open combat.

  4. imperial royal guards vs. senate guards. what would be outcome be?
    could you do that please?
    also, if you could make a design on your own super star destroyer/dreadnaught. what would it look like and what it be able to fight against?

  5. Ohhhh so these guys are literally the Praetorian Guard of the Star Wars universe. (This is posted before the release of The Last Jedi so those Praetorian Guard in that movie are not being referred to)

  6. hard to believe someone who sits around guarding senators all day could do much of anything in a fight. completely believable they would get rekt by a few bounty hunters with sniper rifles.

  7. "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" (Were they like a branch of government? How did the public view them apart from the norm?)

  8. In miniatures game they do 30 damage have 70 health so they're pretty strong although they can't move and attack on the same turn

  9. I really dislike their portrayal in the CW. Like anytime they showed up it was against legendary characters with plot armor thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

  10. What happened to the Senate guards after the Empire took over or did they get turn into the red Senate guards

  11. I like the senate guard and I find it a shame that they are presented like bags of sand in the Star Wars the clone wars

  12. The Senate Guards' martial arts training was focused on a style that "focused on deflecting and countering attacks of your opponents." This describes just about every martial art in history. :'D

  13. Wait, since Palpatine is the senate, doesn’t that mean the senate guards are actually Palpatine’s personal guards??? Lol

  14. Not To Loyal To the Republic After a Senate Guard Betrayed The Green Company.

    Mr.Ugly-Ass HairStyle

  15. it feel like the senate guard is actually a writers crutch. They are often referred to as this incredibly elite unit so that when the bad guy wipes the floor with them it looks super impressive, even though it happens every single time.

  16. Ok not to be rude but if yall take information from star wars the clone wars it is technically called conon not legends even tho Lucas film have announced this

  17. this is all nice to hear, but just watch how they responded, when bounty hunters infiltrated the base. They went down toooooooo easily.

  18. These guys were so awesome. Wasn't there like a whole army of them for the Galactic Republic just like with the clone troopers? Also, weren't there Jango Fett clones that became Senate guards and warriors? Also, weren't there any non Jango Fett clones that became clone troopers because I am sure there was tons of them because if three bounty hunters could become clone troopers then so could others.

  19. Also it's most likely that all the non Jango Fett clones that became clone troopers were all from strong army and military backgrounds that were very obedient, strict, and well experienced unlike most of the stormtroopers.

  20. I love the senate guards but I hate the purpose that they where used I wished they where an army and just used as soldiers before the clone army

  21. I dont think it would be too far out of left field to think that the guard killed by the bounty hunters were the corrupt placed by palpatine,i mean this is the guy that played decade long scheme,i dont think palpatine would be that sloppy,also if they were hired by the CIS that would be another factor

  22. were Senate guards ever turned in to royal guards because of there loyalty to the republic and training would make them good candidates for royal guards and may thing the empire is just the Republic in a new form.

  23. If they had Mandalorian armor, combat training, and equipment
    And had clone weapons along with some stun Barton’s and they’d be great

  24. Were Senate Commandos clones? Like in The Phantom Menace the senate guards were regular people

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