How Sen. Mazie Hirono became Trump’s toughest Democratic critic

How Sen. Mazie Hirono became Trump’s toughest Democratic critic

MAZIE HIRONO: Just so I can
restore my soul and my sanity, I have Trump-less Sundays. So on Sundays, I
don’t watch any news. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
Trump-less Sundays? MAZIE HIRONO: I’ll call
it Trump-less Sundays. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: You don’t
watch the Sunday talk shows? MAZIE HIRONO: No. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
That’s amazing. You’re the only
person in this city. MAZIE HIRONO: I
have been promoting Trump-less Sundays
to a lot of people who think it’s a great idea. Because then you can
do that on a Sunday. And you don’t have to
feel guilty at all. Because, believe me,
Monday, it’s all there. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: We’re here
with Senator Mazie Hirono. Thank you so much
for taking this time. MAZIE HIRONO: Yes, thank you. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
In the last year, you’ve become an
increasingly vocal voice for progressives in the Senate. And increasingly, you’ve
found critics on the right. MAZIE HIRONO: Definitely. You knew you lied. And now we know. BRETT KAVANAUGH: And I’m not– MAZIE HIRONO: Well,
the answer’s no. Have you ever– BRETT KAVANAUGH: Well,
if I could elaborate– MAZIE HIRONO: I think
that’s a complete answer. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: What does it
feel like, in the age of Trump, to be a spokeswoman
for Democratic values? MAZIE HIRONO: I’m not seeking
to be that, by the way. I’m not looking for
all this attention. But, definitely,
this administration has given me a lot
of opportunities to be so much more vocal. And that’s partly because
this administration is so horrible that I think
it’s important to speak out and to fight back. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: Let’s
talk about the Barr hearing. There was some criticism
of your exchanges with the attorney general. And some people even said you
embarrassed the hearing room. MAZIE HIRONO: I do not think
that I was slandering anyone. Mr. Chairman, I am done. Thank you very much. LINDSEY GRAHAM:
And you slandered this man from top to bottom. So if you want more of this,
you’re not going to get it. If you want to ask him
questions, you can. MAZIE HIRONO: You certainly
have your opinion. And I have mine. – Thank you, Mr. Chairman. MAZIE HIRONO: I don’t know
what they mean by embarrassing. I don’t know what they mean. You know? So I pretty much
decided that I was not going to get a straight answer
out of the attorney general, and that he would just
take up everybody’s time. And so I decided
that I was going to say some things about him. And I think that we
can use a hearing for those kinds of
purposes, to articulate our reasoned perspective. And that’s what I did. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: Do you think
Barr lied in his testimony? MAZIE HIRONO: Well, he did
lie to two of the members, and I said that, to Chris Van
Hollen and to Charlie Crist. Yes, he lied there. And then the rest of
the time, he would either evade, obfuscate, or– I knew that I wasn’t going to
get a straight answer from him. And I don’t think we did. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
Do you believe that he willfully misrepresented
what was in the Mueller Report? MAZIE HIRONO: I think he
framed it in such a way as to make the president
look really good. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
In your opinion, the president did engage
in obstruction of justice? MAZIE HIRONO: I
think there is enough there in normal circumstances. And these are not
normal circumstances. Under normal times, for example,
you wouldn’t have a president who lies every single day. You wouldn’t have a
president who makes decisions on foreign policy without
talking to anybody, including, by the way,
Jim Mattis, to resign. These are not normal times. So under normal
circumstances, there’s a lot in the Mueller Report
that one could conclude would lead to an obstruction. But these are normal times. This is why I very much
support what the House is doing and all their investigations. Because I think,
if they’re going to go down the path
of impeachment, they need a lot of ammunition. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: Mattis was
considered one of the adults in the room. MAZIE HIRONO: Yes. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
Now, he’s obviously no longer in the administration. Is there anyone in
that administration in the senior cabinet
level whom you trust and who you believe is
a responsible custodian of American democracy? MAZIE HIRONO: That
would be a person who can stand up to the president. And he doesn’t have people
like that around him. They’re gone. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
Not a single person? MAZIE HIRONO: I can’t
think of a single person. Because my criteria
would be, are you going to stand up to the president? Are you going to tell him
the truth of the matter? And with Mattis gone,
I have grave concerns. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
What, specifically, is horrible about
this administration? MAZIE HIRONO: Where do I start? Let me count the ways. It started with the Muslim ban. And he’s just been
totally on a tear against immigration, against
immigrants, and usually from certain countries, though. It’s basically a brown
and yellow-skinned people that he’s not liking. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: And
you are the only immigrant in the Senate right now.
does it feel like personally, never mind politically? MAZIE HIRONO: Coming
from the president, I find it totally
appalling, unacceptable, all those kinds of descriptions. But it goes to show how little
he cares about other people. Basically, he is a
person with no empathy. And I call him– he’s amoral. He lies every single day. He is very malicious
to our immigrants. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: Do
you think you a racist? MAZIE HIRONO: It’s hard not
to come to that conclusion. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: Do you
think he’s a white supremacist? MAZIE HIRONO: It’s hard not
to come to that conclusion, either. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: When you
speak to Senate Republicans, do they tell you privately that
they support the president? Or do they express disgust
or disappointment with him? MAZIE HIRONO: I
don’t know that it’s going to do me much good to
have that kind of discussion. Because it’s clear to me
that they may know that it’s not what they should be doing. But they do it. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
So what is that? Is that cowardice? MAZIE HIRONO: You can
name it whatever you want. But in my view, they’re turning
their backs on the middle class and so many people
who actually need them to stand up for
these families, and women, and children. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: And
why are they doing that? MAZIE HIRONO: They’re very
afraid of not being re-elected. So the of Trump, there
is no Republican Party. There’s a Trump party. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: There’s
no Republican Party? MAZIE HIRONO: I don’t think so. And if there were, those who
maybe care about the Republican Party as a Grand Old Party,
way back when, they’re pretty silent about it in public. And what does it matter
that they say certain things behind the scenes? Well, you know what? If you’re not
willing to stand up for what your party should
stand for in the public arena, what’s the point? So I’ve described that effect
as the moral dead zone. You enter the moral
dead zone, and suddenly, apparently, your ability
to stand up to this person is out the window. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: We have
several states, Ohio, Alabama– MAZIE HIRONO: Mm–hm, Georgia. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
–Georgia, Missouri, moving to enact increasingly
harsh anti-abortion measures. Is this moving
towards a Roe repeal? MAZIE HIRONO: These
are all states that want to give this
Supreme Court a chance to overturn Roe v. Wade. And I think they have
a good shot at it, especially with Kavanaugh there. And I think that Alabama
action gives the Republicans some pause, as they have
to explain, oh, maybe that went too far, all of that. There’s an all-out attack on
a woman’s reproductive choices by the Republicans. And this gives all of us a
chance to talk about it openly. And there are a lot of women who
are awakening to the prospect, as I put it– they’re awakening to
the prospect, one day, they’re going to wake up
and realize they no longer have control over their bodies. All the women, in
particular, who are very engaged
and motivated, they need to stay upset, and
concerned, and angry, and take that to
the polling place. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
Do you think we’re losing our standing in the world
under Trump, because of Trump? MAZIE HIRONO: Yes. He doesn’t seem to pay that
much mind to our allies. We should be, in a time like
this, of heightened conflict in so many places, we should be
really relying on the strength of our alliances, NATO. And we should be really shoring
up our diplomatic resources rather than cutting
back on the people at the State Department
who have the expertise. But that’s what’s happening. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN:
I’d like for you to talk about the speech
you gave discussing your cancer diagnosis. MAZIE HIRONO: Why
are we here voting on a bill that will probably
mean that people like me, millions in this country who
are now in the ranks of those with preexisting care– or
pre-existing conditions– will not get the
health care we need? Why are we here tonight? Where is your compassion? Where’s the care that
you showed me when I was diagnosed with my illness? A lot of people called
my office to share with me their own health
care stories, and cancer. And I would be at the airport. And people would walk up to me. And it’s not something that
one usually says to a Senator, I have cancer, too. But I realize how much
it had impacted people. The fact that I’m an immigrant,
and know what it’s like to not have money, to not have
health care, all of that really impels me to do what
I can to make a change. They wanted to get rid of
the Affordable Care Act. They were willing to do that and
knock off millions like that. And that’s why I thought, maybe,
I have something more to say. And I really sat there
thinking, is there something more I can say about
how important health care is to all of us? Is there something more I
can say that I hadn’t said? And one thing that
went through my mind was my own family’s experience
in not having health care, and how afraid I was growing up
that my mother worked in such a low-paying job that provided
no insurance or anything, and how I was so scared
that she would get sick, and she wouldn’t be
able to go to work. There’s no food. There’s no money. So I thought about that. And I also thought
about my sister, who I’d never talked about, publicly. And I thought, maybe I
have something more to say. But it required me to
become very vulnerable. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: Can I ask
you about your health today, if you don’t mind? MAZIE HIRONO: Mm-hm. I’m not cancer free. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: But
the prognosis is good? MAZIE HIRONO: I’m not going
anywhere anytime soon. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: Good. That’s very good to hear.


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