How the Australian Senate Works Explained by Game of Thrones

How the Australian Senate Works Explained by Game of Thrones

This is unexpected. What is it? The news is not good. Elections are coming. Elections? What does it mean? Well, it’s getting closer to the time for the rulers of the land to be chosen by the people. Hey clean that up! Yes my liege. How? Well there are two houses, the house of the lower and the house of the upper. The lower is where you vote for the ruler and its ministers. And the house of the upper which is also known as the senate. But why do we have to have a senate? The senate is a house of review. The health of a democracy depends on the senate to keep the power of the leader in check. Otherwise, the king can do whatever he desires. Go to the senate, tell them I want to burn down Canberrafell. Yes my liege! I think not. We’ve only just finished building it. He is as useless as nipples on a breast plate. My king, the senate denies the request. But if the kings decision is good for everyone… then the senate can’t find any reason to deny a request. Every village in the kingdom shall have a water wheel. This is just a cynical election stunt to appease the voters of Westeros Sydney. However my constituency is in need of such infrastructure. Me too. Mine three. Tell the king that he has our blessing. Well what say they? The senate approves. YES! So in order to represent all of Australia, the senate is comprised of 76 senators. Four from each kingdom across the content and two from each territory on the mainland. But how do they become senators? You don’t become a senator, you are chosen. By who? By you, me, anyone else who is registered on the electoral role. The senate ballot paper has all the state’s kingdoms listed. All you have to do, is put 1 above the line, or number all the boxes below the line. But that’s too many, I’ve got things to do on my day off. Like your brother? Exactly. Well if you vote above the line for a party that represents your interests, and then don’t get enough votes to win. They’ll pass on your vote to another party of their preference. That way your vote is never wasted. So young Stark, who you going vote for? I want to vote for someone with balls! Well that rules me out. Literally. Laughter I have no balls. Laughter Help. Help. Somebody. I’m bleeding.


  1. All i got out of this….Sansa and Cersei were confused and became the same character. Australian political parties cant even get something as simple as tv characters right. We're fucked….

  2. Australia owned Telecom* we stupidly sold on the condition that money made (like min-$5,000 week per street- now for over 20 years) would go back into a better service. So why is it that Telecom will not removed the copper hubs? ! Please note. Every day in every suburb there is a Telecom* crew – ‘'Gold plating'’ the same old Copper Hubs , and still we have the worst internet connection. 96% OLD phone lines still.
    Please call a Royal Commission into this corrupt group!
    they have not put back!

  3. Even worse, even with NBN taking years, Liberals want the connection to end BEFORE our homes and use the copper AGAIN!

  4. ?> Keep the Copper Hubs .wtf!
    I can not believe the Liberal/National co-insane club, can think were that stupid.
    May be they know we might be!
    Telephone lines, from the 50s are still been used in 98% of houses with desk top connections .
    *If we do not fix this now, the cost in the future will go up 700%
    Remember. no matter what server you chose You still have to go through Australian Telstra*

  5. Australia didn't have a medieval period. It started with abos and convicts. The context is just too UNAUSTRALIAN MATE

  6. Get Up are a controlled communist front organisation. One subliminal message is the dead bodies everywhere, that everyone ignores. They are laughing at our expense on how dumb the public is, no-one can see what's going on because they are all so self-absorbed. The Get Up flag is modeled on Capital Hill (Washington, Canberra & Rome) and the pyramid at the bottom supports the flag which is the controlling undercurrent. There's a reason why they give you pencil at the polling booth you know.

  7. The election is the illusion of choice, and the illusion of the election is that yes the candidates that win are chosen, but after he says that there is a pause. They are chosen by the New World Order to promote collectivism which is nice word for communism. Communists, Leninists & Marxists killed more people than Hitler, & China are harvesting organs from Falun Gong prisoners. Our govt has passed a law that implies consent of organ donation here. We are run by communists. WAKEUP people

  8. How does this comment of yours display any intellect whatsoever? All I see is the whining of a butt-hurt Liberal supporter.

  9. Everyone please check the $1.1 million donation GetUp received in 2010 from the CFMEU to fund an anti-Abbott advertisment (they were also supporting a ban on donations from business and unions at the time). Not to mention Simon Sheikh repeatedly lying about his political affiliation and giving a politically motivated lecture at his wives university (unbeknownst to the university themselves).

    One of the original board members of GetUp was BILL SHORTEN… Say no more.

  10. Hi John, everyone is entitled to their opinion, including yours. This ad is meant to educate people the importance of their vote, the political system and how can they vote in the coming election. It's about letting people make their own choice so please stop influencing people with your comments. Oh by the way, how much did LNP pay you for writing those comments? 😉

  11. Or (and funny thing about this is) as a parody of Game of thrones that is known well for it's violence and the large amount of character deaths they are poking fun at that.

  12. More precisely, Joffrey (Abbott), who will win because he was backed by powerful factions (Murdoch) and who would do better if he just shut the hell up, vs. Little Finger (Rudd), the conniving little shit who has a penchant for brothels. Er, gentlemen clubs. The rest of the houses are pretty irrelevant.

  13. also mate after tax rebates, you are losing about 2 cents a week from carbon pricing… 2 cents!!! to help save the environment through forcing large carbon producing companies to innovate.. how backwards and ignorant can you be..

  14. GDP is not revenue. It will take 10-30 years to pay off the current debt. Many countries in the world are on the verge of collapse due to the practice of exponential borrowing to pay for liabilities.

  15. As a slight side note. Congrats on managing to completely avoid any of the freaking dinosaurs at the Castle.

    Man that annoyed me when the new owners put them in.

  16. Left Right Left Right. You mindless knuckle dragging slaves will bitch about which slave master you would prefer until you wake up HOMELESS and DESTITUTE in your own country. Haven't you learned anything you MINDLESS FOOLS?!

  17. Actually, he's right. If you take into account the amount of debt, to the population, we actually have a higher rate of debt. Australia, is what, 4.5 billion dollars in debt, with a population of 23 million. America, is 16.5 billion dollars in debt, with a popular of 316 million. Let's just do some simple maths here..

    16,600,000,000,000 / 316,000,000 = 52,531.65
    4,500,000,000,000 / 23,000,000 = 195,625.

    Notice, how the bottom number is bigger? That means more debt.

  18. lol wut. this is nonsense.

    What people seem not to understand is that a nation is essentially a business. The Liberal party focuses on creating a profitable business, and the Labor party focuses on looking after the employees, or citizens.

    Both parties are crucial to the nations success, however at the end of the day if the business isn't making money, it cant pay employees or look after its citizens.

    Liberals tighten our belts now, so we can live better in the future.

  19. It's sad that a 3 minute video taught me more about voting than anything else constantly broadcasted during the weeks before the election.

  20. I don't like either, but are you serious? It's not about the leader, it's about the party and their record. Labor has a shittier record than Liberal does for pulling that shit, and going back on their word. Yeah, tony Abbot should stop being a conservative fascist, but you should stop being a fucking bigot. Have a nice day.

  21. You are so misinformed regarding Policy and who is doing what. Do you understand that your very own bills and cost of living has sky rocked under this broken down Government. Then maybe you don't pay bills because you live with your parents. Plus as a LABOUR Right you wouldn't understand anyway. GOOD LUCK tomorrow night you will need it.

  22. Fancy this "getup Australian, Afghan refugee trying to teach us how we should vote in our democratic elections, when he didn't have the guts to fight for his own birth country.
    Shame on you, shame!

  23. That's exactly my point.
    Liberals make us competitive as a nation in the international market place.
    Its important for Labor to protect the people, but we do have Unions and employment laws.
    At the end of the day you want business minded people running a business.

  24. I only watched the entire video because it was based on Game of Thrones. Can I just say, that the Sansa actress looks a lot like Carice Van Houton?

  25. Fuck me, it took me 37 seconds to load this page, and an additional 18 to load your comment… if only I was connected to some sort of national fibre broadband infrastructure that allowed me to load pages in less than a minute…

    *sigh* A man can only dream, I guess.

  26. Go and live in a country like Afghanistan and then come back and proclaim how easy it is to stand up to the government and not get your fucking head cut off, you ignorant piece of shit.

  27. actually all that stuff broadcasted are election campaigns that treat you like you are smart enough to know all this basic stuff anyway

  28. It's not a matter of intelligence. You need to either be taught it at school or be interested enough in politics to seek out the information. Also immigrants may be new to it all.

  29. Victims of class division are typical Liberal supporters. You either have the Rich and the Greedy, or the Brain-dead fucking dumb and stupid who have no idea about geopolitics or socioeconomics. Which would you be?

  30. #TheJRealest

    – Mind is restricted to AFL and Women, nothing beyond that.
    – likes, Southpark, Family Guy and Cleavland Show.
    – Beliefs. America is one of the greatest nations and could never do anything wrong. Also believes Muslims are taking over Sydney and Melbourne and has no qualms with closing the boarders to asylum seekers.

    – Is (obviously) a Liberal supporter.

  31. Load of Bollix! No one is held accountable for shit. They are all in each others pockets, and in the end their purse stings are held by the international banksters.  
    To which you respond: 'At least we serfs get a choice between the douche or the turd-sandwich.'  
    [Government-The entity which holds the monopoly on force.]
    (A) No Gods, No Rulers, No Slaves

  32. Kinda funny watching this now. After the last election we get a stack of freaks with stuffall votes to hold the nation to ransom for their own needs, if it was not so serious it would be really funny.

  33. Why has George Christensen, the Federal member for Dawson (Qld) hired a big titted bikini model to provide policy advice on Islamic Law ? It sounds a bit ironic that a big titted bikini model, who absolutely loves to flaunt her physical assests, is hired to provide advice on Sharia Law. It is said that this young big titted bikini model is also a Phd student of politics, but surely there would be a more knowledgeable person in this field to provide such advice. Yet another tax payer funded joy ride for yet another self righteous indulgent politician. Enjoy your “eye candy” Georgie Boy…..

  34. thanks a lot for this video i will have a citizenship test next week i could not find out what is different between the senate and parliament i think i know now

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