How The Tea Party Is Splitting The GOP

How The Tea Party Is Splitting The GOP

Since Donald Trump announced presidential
candidacy in June of 2015, his unprecedented rise has shocked most of the political world.
Despite members of the Republican establishment predicting the collapse of his campaign, he
has thus far polled ahead of any other candidate. This support points to a split within the
Republican Party, and a lack of cohesion. So, why is the Republican Party so fractured? Well, today there is a clear divide between
both ideology and representation within the Republican Party. On one side are established
moderate career politicians. Their primary focus over the past few decades has been on
limited government, a strong national defense, and the traditional family. However, in recent
years, a huge portion of the Republican base has complained that they do not feel accurately
represented by who they call “Washington insiders”. This base is more predominantly
focused on social issues, like gay marriage and abortion, as well as religious rights. During the election and presidency of George
W. Bush, these two bases were still able to work together. Bush ideologically appealed
to far right voters, while passing policy decisions influenced by political insiders
like Dick Cheney. But that changed in 2008. The Republican nominee, John McCain, was a
decidedly moderate Republican. Some say that his inability to address the far right contributed
to President Barack Obama’s victory. Following the election, a faction of the Republican
Party broke away, and with the financial support of the Koch Brothers, formed the Tea Party. Unlike the moderates, the Tea Party appeals
to its members on a populist and nativist platform. The divide between moderate conservatives
and far right Tea Partiers is clear in polling. While candidates like Jeb Bush have called
for a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, there is a larger proportion of
Republicans who want them deported. This divide has led to chaos in Congress.
In 2013, the government shut down after far right members of Congress refused to pass
a substantial funding bill as it did not defund Obamacare. There are even divisions on key
Republican issues like taxation, with considerably higher rates of Tea Partiers opposing taxes
on the wealthy. And the situation has gotten even more complicated.
In 2015, over 30 Republican members in the House branched off to create the Freedom Caucus.
The group allegedly forced the former Speaker of the House after John Boehner to resign.
And after an extended appointment period, new Speaker, Paul Ryan, only agreed to fill
the role with the cooperation of the Freedom Caucus. The success of Washington outsiders like Trump,
and to a lesser extent Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina makes sense. It points to a new direction
for the Republican Party, away from establishment politicians. With calls for the Tea Party
to officially break away from the GOP, the future for fractured Republicans seems uncertain.
What’s clear is that the two sides no longer see eye to eye. But there are issues that both moderate and
far right Republicans can agree on. Check out this video at the top to find out what
Republicans believe. And if you want to learn more about the candidates in the race for
the White House, we’ve put together a playlist for you at the bottom. Thanks for watching
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  1. The Tea Partiers are insane, they are fascists are they refuse to negotiate with even moderate conservatives, they belong in 1940's Germany, not 2016 America.

  2. Man fuck the Koch brothers. These guys are a lot more harmfull for the american people than all illegal immigrants and muslim extremists combined.

  3. Yeah I like how this is focused on the Republican Party when in reality both parties are being divided like this. It's basically moderate establishment figures versus extreme/semi-radical outsiders. For the republicans it's seen in trump vs candidates like bush and Cruz. For the democrats it's seen in sanders versus Clinton. Not just a republican issue but a national issue as a result of anger at the convoluted and inefficient systems of Washington

  4. Do your homework. This video is 100% wrong. The Tea Party is absolutely not nativist, they are just for enforcing immigration laws, which we are not doing. They are not far right because they do not focus on social issues, except at the state level or if they are "SPECIFICALLY" mentioned in the constitution. They are more like constitutional federalists. They do not oppose raising taxes on they wealthy, they oppose raising taxes on everyone!! If this video is somehow implying that Donald Trump is a Tea Party candidate, you should be embarrassed for the implication. The stimulus, the auto bailouts and the bank bailouts created the Tea Party and Donald Trump supported all of these. Tea Party members know Trump is not a Tea Party candidate but the media is dumb enough to believe him. But you are right, there is a growing split and his election to the presidency may cause the Tea Party to split from him and the Republican Party.

  5. Nothing about Ron Paul (or Rand Paul) or the fact that almost one third of the delegates to the 2012 national GOP convention were supporters of "libertarian" or constitutional conservative principles? Nothing about the political insiders in the Republican National Committee treating these younger, libertarian Republicans like domestic terrorists instead of embracing them as their best hope for a stronger and larger GOP? Nothing about how 80% of Americans (not just Republicans) wanted tougher more restrictive immigration laws, but McCain sided with the Democrats to kill the GOP-sponsored immigration bill in the Senate during the Bush years?

    Calling John "Invade the world/ Invite the world" McCain and his neoconservative cronies "moderate" is ridiculous. There is nothing "moderate" about a 700 billion dollar Wall Street banker bailout just like there was nothing moderate about the orgy of deficit spending and Federal Reserve money creation that led up to the 2008 economic collapse. There is nothing "conservative" about launching a trillion dollar, decade long "nation-building" project in Iraq and Afghanistan that will leave tens of thousands of American veterans crippled physically, psychologically, and economically.

    The "Tea Party" wasn't started by the Koch brothers, it was hijacked and turned into just another Jerry Falwell style, revival meeting. But Americans know that the D.C. politicians are destroying our country by importing third world migrants and exporting jobs by the tens of millions and saddling our grandchildren with trillions of dollars of debt that we will never be able to repay. They also know that they have nothing to gain by this system and everything to lose. That is also why they are flocking to that modern day Bolshevik / populist Bernie Sanders. Its desperation, not the Tea Party that is dividing the Republican Party AND America.

  6. What was once the party of Lincoln has become a very sick old dog, long overdue to be put down.
    The sooner it's over, the better for the country.

  7. Crony capitalist vs Bigoted dick-heads then…

    However at least some right winger agree with the left the money needs to be taken out of politics..

    that might remove some of the Koch brother fueled pollution(methaphorical) from right win politics… I seams more like smoke and fog there to distort and confuse people.

    A healthy non corrupted right win perspective not driven by bigoted dogma might actually be a healthy and useful part of a real discussion…

    But so long as people who dont care if the world burns so long as they get paid can derail democracy that will never happen

  8. Right, now do a video on how the regressive left combined with socialism is splitting the Dems. btw; As a republican, I don't see how trump is an ideological conservative much less an embodiment of the tea party, he was a Dem and he still kind of is, except for the barking on immigration.

    The divide on the GOP side is between traditional conservatives (bible thumpers) and the moderate conservatives. After the 2012 defeat, the GOP commissioned a research, the conclusion reached was that it needed to appeal to more demographics and go after the minority vote, becoming the real party of diversity while still retaining its core principles. And to me, that sounds like the way to win; the voice of the new gop is young and vibrant, not old and grumpy as portrayed in the media. The traditional wing of the party (Ann Coutler types) disagreed with that report, and want to go after the White vote, amping it up to a level which the minority vote won't matter. (Thus; trump) That's a pipe dream and ridicules, cause both ideologies (liberalism/ conservatism) cuts across both whites and minorities. But hey, its the election of radical candidates on both sides, so whatever.

  9. Republicans: Kick out the Mexicans for not paying tax. as for the wealthy who aren't paying tax, Well, they are "true" Americans.

  10. I would imagine test tube is a bit dissapointed with their comment section. since all you see is trolls, and video requests instead of actual discussions about the issue presented on the video.

  11. That's it. I've had it with this obviously Left channel giving completely inaccurate information about the Right. I refuse too support you any longer with my sub and my views. Disliked and Unsubbed…

  12. do a video on the split in the democrat party, namely, establishment vis socialists. wait… nvm. they're the same.

  13. Democrats and Republicans alike wants alternative. They do not want the establishment candidates anymore. It screwed the system so much that average Americans can't even make a decent living. There is a reason why the Tea Party in the GOP and the Progressive Movement in the Dems are on the rise. People want change.

  14. With any luck, the teabag danglers and the Freedom Koch-us will accelerate the death of the former party of Lincoln. Let us hope so, anyway.

  15. Ok, as a self-identified Tea Party Conservative (with major libertarian leanings), this video does not seem to know what it is talking about. This video seems to be guessing at what's going on rather than actually taking the time to understand what's going on. The battle between the Tea Party and the moderates is a DIFFERENT battle than the battle between the political insiders and political outsiders although some of the same rhetoric (such as the use of the word "establishment") exists in both battles.

    According to the elections analyst, Henry Olsen (who studies conservative politics in various countries), there seem to be ideological constituentcies of the Republican Party that are important during a primary, the moderates and liberals, the somewhat conservatives, the very conservative (on religious issues), and the other very conservative faction (for secular reasons). The Tea Party garners it's highest approval rating among the two very conservative factions, but it is especially adored by the secular very conservative faction. The Tea Party is actually predominantly about advocating freer markets, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and strict constructionism. Social issues are not the focus of the Tea Party. Groups that are part of that movement such as the Tea Party Patriots and the Club for Growth are neutral on social issues. The Freedom Caucus and the Koch Brothers are both not hugely concerned with social issues and immigration (The Koch Brothers are pro-choice). The Tea Party was and always has been a reaction against the growth of government advocated by both parties (Bush's Medicare Expansion and bailouts and Obama's bailouts and healthcare law), so this video's idea of what the Tea Party stands for is just wrong.

    More importantly, Donald Trump polls equally well among all four factions of the Republican Party (a phenomenon) with a slight edge among Moderates. Wait, what? Yes, Donald Trump does the best with moderates. That statistic (which I stole from Henry Olsen) seems to disprove the concept of the video. Many Tea Partiers hate politicians, so it makes perfect sense that they would vote for Donald Trump. But apparently, many people across the GOP hate politicians, for Donald Trump has support in all four factions. This struggle is between the Republican voters and politicians, and it completely different than the ideological struggle of conservatism vs moderatism. Many Very Conservative Seculars (like me and Glenn Beck) do not support and distrust Donald Trump because he is a trade protectionist and seems convinced that he can fix everything from the Chair of the Presidency as if it was like running a business. A better example of the divide between the Tea Party and the moderates is symbolically found within the Ted Cruz campaign for President. Ted Cruz is the runner-up to Donald Trump and has support across the two very conservative factions (the same ones that support the Tea Party) with a lot less support among the somewhat conservatives (Marco Rubio is found here) and virtually no support among moderate Republicans (Hello, Chris Christie). Ted Cruz winning would be a win for the Tea Party. Donald Trump winning would be a win for the people (in the eyes of many Republican voters).

    This video completely misrepresented and simplified this issue.

  16. There's a majority faction of the Republican party that has gotten so extreme that the only person who could possibly fill the role as the person who speaks for them is the Grand Dragon of the KKK.

  17. is american become more democratic? more option with more party's.
    i for one hope the 2 party system will fade for more copromise polotics

  18. Oh come on now! The Tea Party to the Republican Party is like ISIS to Saudi Arabia! They pretty much have the same mentality!

  19. Very good video, made without any bias and just reporting the facts. I'm glad you guys make very unbiased videos about politics regardless of any ones personal belief. I have been loving your videos on all the different candidates!

  20. Important to note: when social conservatives talk of wanting more "religious liberty" what they really mean is they want Christian supremacy. The power to apply the prescriptions and prohibitions of fundamentalist christianity not just to their own lives, but the lives of others as well, regardless of whether or not other people share their beliefs.

  21. I disagree. The bailing out of wall street under Bush is what gave rise to the tea party followed by Obama's election and the ACA.

  22. Establishment- limited government, strong national defense, traditional family.Tea Party- gay marriage, abortion, religious rights.I'm good on both fronts. While I don't like the idea of career politicians and see them as too weak, these political views both appeal to me. By the way, I consider myself to be a Conservative Libertarian. I hold strong Conservative views in almost every respect, however, I do not believe it is the role of government to enforce most of them. In this way I take limited government to a whole different level. I believe the government's only legitimate role is to protect the people and their rights and punish criminals who infringe on other people's rights. They do this through law enforcement, a judicial system, and a military. Everything else should be left to the people to decide for themselves. Regarding the government, there should be a strong military, strong police force, and a strong judicial system. Leave the support of traditional family and Biblical morals of society to churches and Christians who should step up and spread them through persuasion and not any sort of government force. Get government out of marriage completely. Leave it to churches and secular organizations to handle themselves. While I'm completely against homosexuality, homosexuals are free to get "married." I just don't have to recognize their union as legitimate marriage. Abortion directly infringes on the right of an unborn child to life. That is murder (taking of an innocent life). Murder should be legal from conception to natural death. I believe people should be free to do as they please and live their lives as they see fit as long as they don't infringe on that same right of others. Don't murder, rape, steal, commit fraud, etc. and the government should stay out of your life.

  23. Immigration- Easy. 1) Build a fence from the Pacific to the Gulf along our boarder, with checkpoints at various locations along it. 2)  Find all illegal immigrants currently within the boarders. If they are otherwise law-abiding people, offer them a path to citizenship. If they are criminals in other areas or refuse to be legal citizens, then deport them. 3) Streamline the process to citizenship at the boarder. Make illegal immigration impossible and legal immigration much easier. Problem solved. It is the responsibility of the government to secure our boarders.

  24. Taxation- Easy. 1) Eliminate all illegitimate government spending (everything except law enforcement, a judicial system, and a military) while keeping taxes where they are temporarily. 2) Use that extra revenue to pay off the government debt. 3) Once these two things are accomplished, eliminate all taxes and replace them with a single flat consumption tax (kind of like a universal sales tax on consumer goods) that is the same for everyone. This would pay for those few legitimate government expenditures and it does not harm economic growth like an income tax does. There is concern that it would harm the poor because they must use whatever income they get to buy mere essentials. So, I would have many staple items exempt as they often are with sales taxes now. I would also not tax every step in production. Just tax the end consumer. A consumption tax would be a flat percent taken off consumer goods. It would cause much less harm to economic growth, and it would be harder for the government to abuse. As Alexander Hamilton said, consumption taxes are also harder to raise to "confiscatory" levels than incomes taxes.

  25. Trump's formula is quite simple… "An entertaining no-nonsense authoritarian who echos the secret sentiments of older poor whites and gives them simple feel-good answers to very complex issues". Just like the Tea-Party, he's the public expression of far right's extremist views.

    Given his comparisons to Hitler, the violence at his rallies, and KKK endorsement, it will end badly for him in a general election and the Republicans are right to fight him. For example – McCain was a decent moderate who had the far right vote by default. There was no need to alienate the middle by picking Palin. It's too bad we are locked into having only two parties. Republicans would do well to shed it's extremist elements.

  26. I don't care about Establishment or Anti-Establishment, at this time my only prerequisites for getting my vote are:

    1.) You're not Donald Trump
    2.) You can beat Hillary.

    I voted for Ted, he comes closest, although I don't know if he can beat Hillary, he at least has a better chance than Trump.

  27. The so called establishment moderates in the GOP are by any reasonable measure right-wing , rigid, doctrinaire, hardly moderate in any way.

  28. For our foreign reader
    there are three political parties.

    The conservative party Democrats
    The ultra conservative party Republicans
    The insane party Tea party

    I hope this clear things up.

  29. The split will cause what is known as the spoiler effect, it literally hands democrats victories on everything, because of the split parties being weaker separate, America uses fptp, which caused this horrific 2 party system. If stv was used the Republican Party would likely split into 4 pieces, and the democrats split similarly ,

  30. This video has been brought to you by the Democrat party. Note how many times the jerk calls Tea Partyers "far right" vs the "moderate" GOP establishment!
    Apart from reversing the actual positions of the two sides, he's perfectly on point! LOL!
    The most important issue for Tea Partiers (and the issue that was the genesis of the Tea Party) is Limited Government, NOT social issues! They were outraged by the "crony capitalism" inherent in the Bush/Obama bailouts.

  31. Seeing how, this Now This News, does not have one issue correct in this video. First Off, GOP stands for Grand Old Party, the Republican Party, got it !
    Second, The Republican Party is not divided, they united with the Democrat Party and voted to sell out America to TPA Legislation, which is the police makers for TPP Legislation.
    3rd, there is no established politicians in America, The Bush family is a joke, their NWO nutty remarks on tv got them the boot. Plus most of the politicians in America come from families from England, so go figure.
    4th, The Tea Party was not created by any Incorporated Companies, these companies invested into the rise of the Tea Party, to find a way to control something that was expanding. Growing out of control, members of the Tea Party exposed the investors.
    5th, Obama Care, its all over the net, search it, Frank Hester is the founder of Obama Care, a Universal Healthcare program for the world. Frank Hester is also the founder of TPP Legislation, of London England. So get your facts right Mr.
    6th, Before you attempt to make the news, research your information first, or someone else like me will step in and show your viewers you do not know what you are talking about.

  32. What is this background music in the video? I keep shazaming it, but it keeps giving some random classical music that sounds nothing like the background music of this video.

  33. 1:27 and that's where your narrative fell apart. The Tea Party was started by Ron Paul supporters.
    I know…I was there. Do more research.

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